CVP Proposal: Hermes V2

Introducing Yield and Concentrated Unified Liquidity Omnichain Marketplaces.

Bringing power back into the hands of the DeFi users.

Hermes V2 will offer multiple DeFi services compared to V1, while improving capital efficiency and user experience:

  • Bridge-less omnichain environment, powered with concentrated (Uni V3) and unified liquidity.
  • Decentralized Uniswap V3 Liquidity Management.
  • Uniswap V3 Liquidity Incentives.
  • Refined ve(3,3), becoming a fungible ERC-4626.
  • Improved UX and UI.
  • Omnichain Yield marketplace.

A Decentralized and Permissionless Yield and Liquidity Omnichain Marketplace packed with a Concentrated and Unified Liquidity AMM and more.

Read our Medium announcing Hermes V2.

Watch our Video.

Read our Hermes V1 Docs.

Explore Hermes V1.


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Here is the correct link to our video.

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