CVP Proposal - Holdstation Wallet

1. Introduction
Holdstation is a cutting-edge Smart Contract Wallet tailored for Futures Trading. Our platform provides a user-friendly experience tailored to crypto enthusiasts, aligning seamlessly with the visionary goals of the Metis network. Holdstation Wallet offers an intuitive interface for users to seamlessly interact with decentralized applications (dApps), facilitate token swaps across Layer 2 and EVM chains all accomplished within seconds.

2. How Does Holdstation Ensure Security and Privacy
Holdstation places paramount importance on user security and privacy, aligning seamlessly with the characteristics of the Metis network. As a non-custodial wallet compatible with EVM-compatible L1/L2 networks, Holdstation ensures the safety of user funds and data. Our commitment to security is highlighted by the absence of custodianship, eliminating any risk of fund storage on our platform.

To enhance security, Holdstation has evolved into a mobile-based application, reducing vulnerabilities associated with traditional web-based interfaces. The exclusive connection to decentralized applications (dApps) through WalletConnect serves as an additional layer of protection, mitigating the risks of interacting with fraudulent sites or dApps.

Moreover, Holdstation introduces a dedicated dApp browser section within the wallet, offering users direct access to vetted and verified decentralized applications. Our stringent security verification process ensures that only trustworthy dApps are whitelisted, providing users with a secure and controlled environment for their interactions within the Metis ecosystem. This multi-faceted approach reflects our continuous commitment to enhancing user security and privacy within the Metis network.

Security Audits
Holdstation prioritizes the safety of user assets and has undergone rigorous security audits by industry-leading firms, including Certik, Peckshield, and Verichains.

3. How does Holdstation Stand Out From Other Non-Custodial Wallets
Distinguishing ourselves within the Metis ecosystem, Holdstation emerges as a standout non-custodial wallet, offering a range of features that set it apart:

  • EVM-Compatible Networks: Holdstation is uniquely positioned as a non-custodial wallet that seamlessly operates across both Layer 1 and Layer 2 EVM-compatible networks. This broad compatibility ensures users can engage with a multitude of blockchain assets and decentralized applications effortlessly.

  • User-Centric Design: Holdstation places a premium on user experience. Its mobile-based application ensures security, and the integration with WalletConnect and the provision of a secure dApp browser add layers of protection against fraudulent activities. The whitelist for dApps, verified through a stringent security process, further demonstrates a commitment to user safety.

  • Comprehensive In-App Functions: Holdstation goes beyond conventional wallet functionalities by providing users with a comprehensive suite of in-app functions. From seamless token swapping, sending, and bridging, to a full-suite of NFT capabilities, users can enjoy an all-encompassing crypto experience within the Holdstation app when experiencing on Metis ecosystem.

  • Community Strength: Holdstation boasts a robust and engaged community, adding a social layer to its offerings. The strength of the community enhances the overall user experience, fostering a sense of solidarity and collaboration among crypto enthusiasts.

Twitter: 112K+ Followers
Discord: 42K+ Members
Telegram: 15K+ Members

In summary, Holdstation’s unique features, trading capabilities, innovative solutions, user-centric design, and strong community collectively position it as a distinctive non-custodial wallet within the Metis ecosystem.

4. Strategic Partnerships
Holdstation has established meaningful collaborations, joining forces with key players in the industry such as Chainlink, Ankr, MatterLabs, Kyber Network, Dextools, ViaBTC, and K300 Ventures. By fostering a widening network of strategic partnerships, we’ve extended our presence throughout the blockchain sector. These alliances not only elevate the capabilities of the Holdstation platform but also bolster the credibility and visibility of our brand within the ever-evolving realm of decentralized finance.

e.g Holdstation joined Chainlink BUILD Program

5. Value Proposition of Holdstation & Metis Deployment
The integration of Holdstation with the Metis blockchain signifies a powerful collaboration aimed at elevating the strengths of both platforms. This partnership leverages the scalability and efficiency inherent in the Metis blockchain to enhance the speed and overall performance of Holdstation Wallet.

Users can now enjoy a seamless and accelerated swapping experience, benefitting from the optimized capabilities brought forth by this deployment. It aligns with our commitment to innovation and user-centric design, fostering a robust ecosystem that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in decentralized finance.

6. Current Deployment Status

Holdstation Wallet has successfully completed its deployment on the Metis mainnet, ensuring a smooth and operational experience for users.

7. Key Metrics of Holdstation

  1. Total download of Holdstation App: Over 140K downloads from both IOS and Android platforms with over 18K DAU (Daily Active User)
  2. Total Swap Volume of Holdstation Wallet (EVM-Compatible L1/L2s): 100M+ Volume
  3. Total Swap Transaction of Holdstation Wallet: 300K+ Transaction
  4. Grant by zkSync (Matter Labs) on Account Abstraction & Chainlink BUILD Program.
  5. Top in Fees Generation & Stable Yield Project on zkSync Era (Stable APY 30%+)
  6. Invested & Backed by Chainlink, Dextools, Ankr, ViaBTC, K300 Ventures

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Discord: Holdstation- DeFutures Wallet
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @HoldstationW_EN
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