CVP Proposal: Integrate Secret Network's Confidential Computing Layer with Metis


Secret Network is a Layer-1 blockchain that enables developers to build decentralized applications with encrypted data, both natively on Secret and on other blockchains (like Metis) through cross-chain communication, unlocking powerful new use-cases for Web3.

Value Proposition

Secret Network provides Web3 with a crucial missing piece in the modular blockchain stack – a Confidential Computing Layer, enabling applications to utilize encrypted data.

Whether you’re building on Ethereum, an EVM L2 like Metis, or a Cosmos SDK chain, you can access Secret’s Confidential Computing Layer to enable groundbreaking new use-cases for your applications.

Uniqueness Factor

On the vast majority of blockchains, all data must be public. But Secret Network enables decentralized confidential computing, powered by trusted execution environments.

Benefits for Users

Users can get access to unique functionality like private voting for DAOs, sealed-bid auctions for NFTs, secure random numbers for gaming, encrypted storage and messaging, and encrypted orderbooks for DeFi applications.

Benefits for Metis Ecosystem

Similar to the above user benefits, dApps in the Metis ecosystem get access to new functionality that is not available on most blockchains.


Confidential Computing Layer



To summarize, we can provide unique functionality to the Metis ecosystem, dedicated development support to Metis dApp teams looking to use our tooling, funding opportunities, and co-marketing opportunities. We are only looking for co-marketing and developer exposure in return. The Secret Network Foundation team would handle the integration work and create the bulk of the co-marketing content.

Official Links: Website, Docs, Audits, etc.


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I’ve always loved Secret Network and its innovative technology. Fun fact: I got onboarded into the web3/crypto space thanks to the Secret Agent scout program😊

Really excited to see you guys bringing that privacy by default tech to Metis. Rooting for you in the votes!

What is Secret Network’s value proposition for Web3 developers, and how does it benefit both users and the Metis ecosystem?