CVP Proposal: Integrating's Zero Trust Layer to Enhance Security and Trust in the Metis Ecosystem

Summary: This proposal outlines the integration of’s Zero Trust Layer into the Metis ecosystem to significantly enhance security protocols, ensuring a more robust, trustless environment for transactions and interactions within the network. By leveraging’s cutting-edge security framework, we aim to fortify the Metis ecosystem against a wide array of cyber threats, as well as to enable users to have clearer and better ownership over their data.

Introduction: Mind Network is one of the first tokenized startups to apply the long-awaited ‘Holy Grail of Encryption’ to Web3. Mind Network is a Zero Trust Layer that offers a security and data privacy solution that achieves true CrossFi scale, complying with regulatory requirements while staying true to Web3 principles of asset tokenization and individual data ownership.

Mind Network has two components that both leverage FHE to achieve a Zero Trust Layer for the Metis ecosystem. First, it combines Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Stealth Address Protocol (FHE DK-SAP). Second, its Zero Trust Data Lake uses ZK for input/output and FHE for allowing third-party computation upon encrypted data without the need for decryption. These two components enable private and secure value transfers, solving two problems simultaneously:

1.) The need for privacy with Web3 data and
2.) The security protocol needed for Web2 and traditional finance to enter web3 while remaining compliant with regulators.

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Proposal Details:

  • Objective: Enhance the Metis ecosystem’s security infrastructure using’s Zero Trust Layer.

  • Technology Overview: Introduction: A Quick Look - Mind Network

  • Implementation Strategy: Integration can be achieved quickly.

  • Benefits: This Zero Trust Layer for Metis will be beneficial to many DeFi projects as well as to any dapps sharing potentially sensitive user data.

  • Expected Outcomes: Our testnet achieved ~1M transactions and 400k active wallets in <1 month. We expect strong enthusiasm within the Metis community from this new feature.

Contact Information:
X: @taoofdata