CVP Proposal: League.Tech, SocialFi on Metis

League.Tech, SocialFi on Metis


In the landscape of Web3 SocialFi platforms, the current challenge is the need for the user-friendly experience characteristic of popular Web2 social media platforms like X and Instagram. League.Tech sets out to not only bridge this gap but also address fundamental design flaws related to user retention, platform engagement, and incentives within the creator economy.

Our innovative approach not only enhances user engagement and retention but also provides a novel solution to the prevalent issues faced by content creators and consumers in current Web2 economies. Simply put, content creators are incentivized to engage more deeply with their followers, while followers are rewarded for their loyalty to a creator. Fostering a symbiotic relationship wherein both content creators and followers can derive benefits within the League.Tech ecosystem.

This comprehensive solution marks a pivotal step towards enriching the creator economy by amalgamating the best features of Web2 user experiences with the potential of Web3.

Key Features:

  • Tiered Access: Ensures inclusivity, a premium user experience, and an opportunity for rewards sharing.
  • Unique key shorting Mechanism: Introduces a direct way to take a short position from the bonding curve without introducing counterparty risk, fees, thus resulting in expedited price discovery.
  • Dynamic Reputation Badge System (Nuvo): Have fun with badges and avatars for completing specific tasks while simultaneously building trust and credibility within the ecosystem.
  • League Creation and Betting: Like-minded content creators come together to create “Leagues”, within these leagues users will compete with each other for rewards. May the best, win!

Value Proposition:

League.Tech aims to be the de-facto Metis SocialFi platform. By introducing an elegant Web2- esque social media experience within a Web3 SocialFi platform, League.Tech will not only be able to take significant marketshare within the DeFi native userbase, but will be able to expand very quickly to more traditional brands, markets, and users who are not currently users of blockchain platforms. The specific features of the dApp were designed to promote on chain activity and fee generation. League.Tech will directly infuse the Metis L2 chain with significant on chain transaction activity, generate substantial fees, and ultimately bring a strong foundational platform that will spur collaboration across the Metis ecosystem.

League Tech Design & Functionality:


  • Q4 2023 Seed Round

  • Q4 2023 MVP Launch

  • Q4 2023 GTM Phase 1

  • Q1 2024 League Creation

  • Q1 2024 zkREP Alpha

  • Q2 2024 Series A

  • Q2 2024 Perpetual Condition Rewards

  • Q2 2024 GTM Phase 2

  • Q2 2024 Business Onboarding

In Summary:

League.Tech will disrupt the SocialFi space by bringing Web2 social media’s ease of use and design to Web3. Current platforms such as Friend.Tech and Stars Arena lack more in-depth ways for content creators to engage with their users. Without a key shorting mechanism there is no way for proper price discovery to occur, preventing new users without significant means from participating. While the competition may be successful within the realm of crypto native users, they lack the reputation credibility system that scales beyond speculative crypto trading. Users of traditional social media have come to rely on such systems (trust scores and account verification, among others) as a way to grow their follower base and feel comfortable promoting the platform to others.

Pitch Deck:


Quantstamp is currently auditing our core blockchain contracts.



UX Demo:


Welcome new builders :clap:

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How does League.Tech plan to leverage unique features like Tiered Access, Dynamic Reputation Badge System (Nuvo), and League Creation and Betting to promote on-chain activity and fee generation within the Metis L2 ecosystem?

Impressive strategy by League.Tech to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 in the SocialFi space. The incorporation of a Web2-like experience, coupled with innovative features like Tiered Access and the key shorting mechanism, sets it apart.

Impressive proposal for League.Tech on Metis! The integration of Web2 ease with Web3 potential seems promising. How do you plan to address challenges faced by content creators in Web2 economies and ensure a smooth transition to Web3 for traditional users?

  1. How do you plan to acquire and retain users beyond the initial crypto native audience?
  2. Are there any regulatory or compliance issues that need to be addressed regarding the incentive structures or betting aspects?

ey League Tech team! congrats, nice project! I have a question. Can we use our NUVO profile that we have already created to already have some of our identity data loaded?


How does League.Tech plan to differentiate itself from existing platforms by addressing the need for reputation credibility beyond speculative crypto trading, especially when targeting users familiar with trust scores and account verification from traditional social media?

League.Tech’s approach to merging Web2’s user-friendly experience with Web3 potential is commendable. Addressing design flaws and incentivizing creators and followers fosters a symbiotic relationship. Features like tiered access, unique key shorting, and a dynamic badge system enhance inclusivity and engagement. The concept of Leagues and betting adds a competitive edge. League.Tech’s goal to be the go-to Metis SocialFi platform and infuse on-chain activity showcases a strategic vision for growth. Exciting times ahead for bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain users!

What strategies are in place to encourage the adoption of League Tech within the broader Metis ecosystem?

Hello there, great proposal.

As a content creator who looks to expand my audience, I must commend this initiative.

Web2 social media platforms promise users free speech, yet censor our posts in some way. Our posts are occasionally deleted and sometimes not allowed to have a wider audience reach… Can you tell me how will guarantee users’ freedom of expression?

I’m really intrigued by the potential of reputation systems in SocialFi. What measures will you implement to prevent abuse and manipulation within these systems?

The concept of “Leagues” and the dynamic Reputation Badge System (Nuvo) are fascinating additions to League.Tech’s design. How do you foresee these features enhancing user engagement and fostering a sense of community within the Metis SocialFi platform, and how will they contribute to the broader adoption of Web3 among traditional users?

Other social media platforms as mentioned above has been in existence gor years and people have gotten really used to them.

  1. How do you intend to catch their attention and make the platform as interesting as the others

  2. What long term features do you think would keep users always coming back to your app and not get bored. E.g snapchat uses snap scores to keep users snapping.

So what would be that feature that keeps the app going after the first 2 years of launch.

Exciting roadmap, @LeagueTech! The integration of zkREP and perpetual condition rewards in Q2 2024 seems promising. How do you plan to ensure the security and scalability of the platform as it expands, especially with the introduction of new features? #LeagueTech #Web3Expansion

My question is: How do you plan to onboard and attract traditional brands and users who are not currently users of blockchain platforms to League.Tech?

How does League.Tech plan to ensure seamless adoption among traditional social media users who might be new to blockchain platforms, considering the emphasis on features like reputation credibility systems and the Web2-style user experience?

Could you elaborate on the key components of League.Tech’s Value Proposition, particularly regarding its strategy for expanding to traditional brands, markets, and users who are not currently users of blockchain platforms? What are the specific features designed to promote on-chain activity and fee generation?

Does League.Tech employ any machine learning algorithms for personalization or predictive analysis?
What measures does the League.Tech take to ensure technical support and maintenance for its users?