CVP Proposal: LI.FI


LI.FI provides essential cross-chain liquidity by aggregating bridges and DEXs, DEXs, DEX aggregators, and solvers across all major EVM chains and Solana. The LI.FI widget, SDK and API are used by >120 B2B integrations, among them big players such as Metamask and Phantom routing a large share of their bridging through LI.FI. Apart from that, LI.FI runs Jumper as a direct interface to provide smart cross-chain routes to anyone.

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Key Features

Product & Tech

LI.FI is committed to facilitating swaps across the multi-chain ecosystem. We maintain the bridges, DEXs, and DEX aggregators integrations we already support. Additionally, as new liquidity solutions launch across chains, we allocate further resources to ensure seamless integration. We extend this functionality to applications via our SDK, API, and widget.

Moreover, we also help applications build abstracted cross-chain experiences for swaps and bridging via our xChain zaps feature. Bridges, such as Stargate, Connext, CelerIM (and Across as well in the future), enable cross-chain contract calls. This feature lets us support a variety of contract calls to be relayed through bridges and executed on the destination chain.

We also offer a LI.Fuel feature. To onboard users to a new chain they need both tokens they can bridge via LI.FI and some gas to be able to submit their first transactions. LI.Fuel helps to do both in one transaction.

Security First

We prioritize security over everything else.

  • Regular audits – The LI.FI contracts have been audited 4 times and will continue to be audited regularly.
  • $1 million bug bounty program – our USD 1,000,000 bug bounty program is live on Immunefi, covering critical smart contract and web/app bugs.
  • Continuous risk assessment and due diligence – We have a full-time researcher analyzing bridges in depth. We’re publishing our results on our blog. We’ve always developed the Cross-Chain Risk Framework (in partnership with ConsenSys) for an in-depth risk analysis on bridges. We have also partnered up with Go+ Security to enrich our supported assets with their token vetting information.
  • Insurance – a product by LI.FI and InsurAce that insures the transactions going through LI.FI for a small fee, providing 100% protection for users against the risks of losing funds.

Distribution & Growth

LI.FI has been integrated by a spectrum of financial enterprises and protocols, including:

  • Wallets: MetaMask, Phantom, Exodus, Binance wallet
  • Perps: Hyperliquid, Rage Trade
  • Protocols: Oasis, DeFi Saver, Swell, StakeDAO
  • Payments Solutions: Gnosis Pay, Superfluid
  • Solvers: Wido, Enso, Valha
  • On-ramps: Kado, Stably
  • Hedge Funds: Using LI.FI for rebalancing.
  • Custodians & Exchanges: OKX (soon).

LI.FI also caters to the B2C market with (previously, enabling users to swap and bridge on and across chains. Since launch, our B2C interface has done over $2.2B in volume, facilitating over 2 million transactions for 1 million unique wallets, and these numbers are growing month on month. Additionally, Jumper is also the go-to choice for active liquidity management of protocols like Gamma Strategies and hedge funds.

Value Proposition

LI.FI will extend its liquidity aggregation services to Metis, enabling millions of users on Jumper and our distribution of 120+ partner protocols including some of the biggest wallets and enterprises, to interact with the Metis ecosystem.

LI.FI remains committed to facilitating swaps across the Metis ecosystem. We will work closely with our bridge partners like Connext to add support for Metis and further integrate DEXs and DEX aggregators on Metis to ensure a smooth cross-chain swap experience for users.

Furthermore, we will look to expand our distribution to the Metis ecosystem by extending our B2B services to applications. By integrating our API, SDK, widget, apps on Metis will be able to onboard users and liquidity from the many EVM chains that LI.FI supports, and build unique cross-chain experiences.


  • Deploy LI.FI Diamond Contract onto Metis
  • Launch with an initial set up of bridges and Dex Aggregation
  • Add Metis Support to Jumper, API, SDK and Widget
  • Allow our B2B partners to add Metis as a chain option
  • Integrate with as many Metis native projects as possible
  • Add Support for additional Bridges and Aggregators

Thanks for your proposal but i have to know answer to this question.

  1. Given the integration of LI.FI across various financial enterprises and protocols, could you elaborate on the specific strategies and mechanisms employed by hedge funds using LI.FI for rebalancing, and how it contributes to active liquidity management for protocols like Gamma Strategies?

  2. In regards to your value proposition, you mentioned something about LI.FI’s extension of liquidity aggregation services to Metis. Could you elucidate the strategic approach in collaborating with bridge partners like Connext for Metis support and how the integration of LI.FI’s API, SDK, and widget will enhance cross-chain experiences for applications within the Metis ecosystem?

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Hey no in-depth feedback on my end, but just wanted to say that from a buildooor perspective, LI.FI can bring quite a bit of value, as supported routes make it easier for cross-chain projects to deploy to Metis.

I would actually love an answer to the questions, you might actually ask the team in charge. Anyways i hope for a positive impact on the Metis Ecosystem

I’ve reviewed the proposal, and it’s impressively detailed. I love that Li.Fi is bringing a large community into Metis, especially with loads of users from Jumper and other partner protocols.

The roadmap is thorough, and considering your favorable position in the CEG polls, may I inquire about the tentative start date for the roadmap implementation? If the votes go well, can we anticipate the integration with other Metis projects before Q3?

Great to have you LI.FI. Your proposal is really intriguing and I cant wait to see you execute your plans on Metis. The succinct words on security and liquidity strategies will interest the community and I’m sure they’ll air their voices in the poll.


As a DeFi enthusiast, I’m all for projects like Li.FI. The integration sounds like a major win for both LI.FI and the Metis ecosystem! Expanding your liquidity aggregation services to Metis opens up alot of possibilities for users and applications. I particularly like the focus on B2B partnerships and building unique cross-chain experiences. This could be a good boost for user adoption on Metis!

One thought to add: how about exploring additional options beyond bridges and DEX aggregators for liquidity? Integrating with Metis-native lending protocols or AMMs could further enhance the cross-chain swap experience and attract even more users and projects.

Overall, this proposal seems very well-thought-out and I believe it would be a win-win for both LI.FI and the Metis ecosystem.

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