CVP Proposal: Maia DAO

Introducing Maia DAO

Maia DAO is a decentralized finance (DeFi) yield powerhouse, dedicated to providing a comprehensive ecosystem for various native DeFi financial instruments. Launched fairly through bonds in January 2022 on the Metis Network, the $MAIA token is genuinely community-owned, fostering a robust trading hub.

:globe_with_meridians: Features

:white_check_mark: Maia Decentralized Strategy Vaults
:white_check_mark: Hermes Omnichain AMM and YLM (Yield and Liquidity Marketplace)
:white_check_mark: TALOS Transparent Automated Liquidity Omnichain Strategies
:white_check_mark: Ulysses Omnichain Liquidity Protocol
:white_check_mark: Concentrated Liquidity Automated Market Maker Uniswap V3 Maia Community AMM
:white_check_mark: Commonwealth Forum
:white_check_mark: Snapshot Governance

Audits: In progress

Medium Articles
Maia V1 Github
Maia V1 Docs
Maia V2 Github
Maia V2 Docs

Utility: The Role of $MAIA

Serving as both a utility and governance token, $MAIA, when locked as vMAIA, drives the coordination mechanisms within the Maian ecosystem. This approach facilitates decentralized decision-making and entitles token stakers to a portion of the profits generated by the Maia DAO Treasury.

As a DAO, Maia continuously strives to enhance its decentralized governance structure and processes. Leveraging OHM’s Staking & Bonding Mechanics during the initial distribution phase, emissions were distributed through rebases, capping the supply at 180,000 $MAIA. Moving forward, $MAIA will only be emitted through strategic bonds proposed via governance.

By offering exposure to yield-bearing tokens and a curated set of strategies, Maia optimizes liquidity provision and bribe collection within the Hermes Protocol. Each $MAIA token is backed by a basket of blue-chip and revenue-generating assets held in the treasury, such as ETH, stablecoins, and vote-escrowed Hermes or veHERMES (aka bHERMES). This backing ensures a fair minimum value for each $MAIA token.

With $MAIA, users can

  1. Stake their $MAIA into sMAIA
  2. Exercise voting rights to control a share of Maia DAO’s Voting Power
  3. Earn bribes based on their MAIA Voting Power
  4. Receive a portion of Maia’s Treasury Revenue
  5. Maximize returns from upcoming Maia Vaults

UniMaia clAMM

In conventional AMMs, liquidity providers must deposit equal quantities of two assets into a liquidity pool, such as ETH and DAI. However, concentrated liquidity AMMs enable providers to focus their liquidity within specific price ranges, resulting in higher trading fee earnings than traditional AMMs. This innovative solution addresses the liquidity fragmentation issue in conventional AMMs and allows users to achieve greater returns on their assets.

The introduction of a concentrated liquidity AMM on the Metis L2 Network offers several advantages. Primarily, it delivers a more efficient trading experience for users, attracting additional traders and liquidity providers to our network. As a result, our network’s liquidity will increase, leading to higher trading volume and revenue for our ecosystem. With the upcoming Aave deployment on Metis, we are well-positioned to capture a significant portion of on-chain liquidations.

Furthermore, the concentrated liquidity AMM on the Metis L2 Network creates new revenue sources for our ecosystem and its community members.

How does it work?

Utilizing Uniswap’s built-in protocol fee switch, our deployment allocates 10% of generated trading fees as follows:

  • 3% to veHermes Lockers
  • 3% to Maia Stakers
  • 4% to Maia DAO Treasury

This distribution benefits all community members by generating and sharing revenue, enabling our DAO to remain competitive sustainably.


In summary, the concentrated liquidity AMM on the Metis L2 Network represents a transformative development for our ecosystem and community members. We are confident that this inventive product will draw more traders and liquidity providers to our network, boost liquidity, and establish new revenue sources for all participants. We appreciate your ongoing support and eagerly anticipate offering even more groundbreaking DeFi products (V2) in the future.


I like Maia product, I hope there will be an audit for all the services that you provide?


We forked the original Uniswap V3 code, which is not only audited but completely battle tested. Our V2 is fully audited by zellic and code4rena, we are in the middle of audits at the moment.


Maia has been strongly aligned with Metis and it’s ethos for over a year, since it’s genesis.

I completely support this and believe both Metis and Maia would benefit a lot from this partnership.


They already are through one Audit and a second is underway.


This will not only benefit the Maia DAO. But also will be good for the entire Metis eco. Now that AAVE launch is on the way, with a Uniswap v3 UI/UX, whole chain could attract much more liquidity.
Huge props to Maia team either, market have gone through a brutal bear market and the team just kept built without any VCs/pre-sales/seed rounds. They have been always communicative and transparent. I think it is fair to say Maia DAO and its community fully deserves to get these incentives without a doubt. Maia DAO and Hermes have been the main factor attracting the liquidity in Metis eco.
Also feel free to come the Maia discord and ask the devs directly if you have any questions about the product they are building.


I totally agree it will benefit both Maia DAO and the whole Metis Ecosystem. Hoping this gets approved!


No comments…No questions… wait I got one: wen?


Can’t imagine a team that deserves proper support more than the hard workers at MaiaDAO

Incredibly grateful to have them in the ecosystem and see them continue to expand, innovate and prosper


I just wanted to share my excitement for Maia DAO’s latest proposal. The introduction of a concentrated liquidity AMM on the Metis L2 Network is a major step forward for the ecosystem, and I believe it will have a significant impact on our community.

One of the key advantages of this proposal is the incentives it creates for Metis users. With 10% of generated trading fees being allocated to veHermes Lockers, Maia Stakers, and the Maia DAO Treasury, community members have a real opportunity to earn revenue and increase their returns on investment. This not only benefits individuals but also contributes to the growth and sustainability of the entire ecosystem.

Furthermore, the concentrated liquidity AMM addresses the liquidity fragmentation issue in traditional AMMs, resulting in higher trading fee earnings and a more efficient trading experience. This, in turn, will attract additional traders and liquidity providers to the Metis L2 Network, leading to higher liquidity, trading volume, and revenue for the ecosystem.

Overall, I am thrilled to see Maia DAO continuing to push the boundaries of DeFi innovation, and I believe this proposal is a major step forward in achieving our goals. I look forward to seeing the impact of this development and am excited about what the future holds for the Maia ecosystem on Metis.


Where do I vote?? :sunglasses: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:


Great question sar, here’s the link!

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Amazing job, casted my vote!

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Akita estás en todos los sitios. :smile: