CVP Proposal: Marketland - Web3 Infrastructure for Creators (Automated & Decentralized)

Marketland Overview: A Visionary Approach to Web3 Solutions

Marketland, a collective of technology, business, and innovation enthusiasts, is committed to pioneering avant-garde web3 solutions. Our mission is to empower creators and businesses with seamless access to the blockchain ecosystem through an all-encompassing platform. This platform meticulously addresses technical intricacies, graphical aesthetics, functional aspects, legal compliance, and audit-related considerations.

Vision and Commitment to Evolution: In the evolving global economic landscape, Marketland positions itself as a pivotal player, supporting both emerging web3-native enterprises and facilitating the adaptation of existing “web2” businesses. Our commitment involves necessary technical, functional, and philosophical adjustments. Key principles guiding our efforts include staying at the forefront of market evolution, addressing fundamental needs, and establishing functional and technical standards in alignment with the dynamic reality of the 21st-century economy.

Web3 Infrastructure - A No-Code Solution: Marketland’s web3 infrastructure serves as a true embodiment of a “no-code” solution, catering to creators unfamiliar with the technical intricacies of blockchain and web3. This decentralized and automated blockchain solutions platform introduces an “All-in-One” approach, streamlining access to web3 through multiple login options such as email, Google, and decentralized crypto wallets like Metamask.

User-Centric Features:

  • The intuitive “Dashboard Manager” ensures secure access and management.
  • Smart contract creation is associated with a decentralized wallet, segregating login credentials for maximum security.
  • The Graphic Elementor Creator facilitates the effortless creation of graphic elements for NFTs, collections, or tokens, enhancing user customization.
  • The Smart Contract Creator Manager simplifies contract creation through user-friendly interfaces, supporting ERC721 and ERC721A standards across 10 blockchains.

Post-Deployment Ingenuity:

  • Automatic generation of a customizable webpage linked to the smart contract enhances the user experience.
  • KYC verification, facilitated by ShuftiPro, ensures security and transparency, with verification seamlessly integrated into the platform.
  • A meticulous audit process, both internal and external, guarantees the integrity of smart contracts.

Decentralization and Inclusivity: User connection and management are facilitated through external decentralized wallets, supporting industry leaders like Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger, Trezor, and Binance Smart Wallet. Crypto-FIAT interoperability and swap capabilities, in collaboration with Transak and Switchere, provide a frictionless experience for users unfamiliar with decentralized wallets.

Integration of Ethereum L2 Blockchain Opportunities: Marketland is committed to integrating Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) blockchain solutions, aligning with the opportunities presented by innovative projects such as MetisDAO’s Metis EDF. The focus on Ethereum L2 reinforces Marketland’s dedication to enhancing efficiency and capacity while maintaining security and decentralization.

Potential Funding from MetisDAO and Expansion Plans: In the event of securing funding from MetisDAO’s Metis Ecosystem Development Fund (Metis EDF), Marketland is eager to utilize the resources to integrate Metis blockchain into our ecosystem. The funds will be instrumental in expanding and interconnecting the Metis blockchain with our existing ecosystem and all the other blockchains already integrated into Marketland. This strategic integration aims to enhance the overall functionality, interoperability, and scalability of our platform.

Current Milestones: As of now, Marketland is in the final stages of completing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and is gearing up to commence BETA testing, tentatively scheduled from the 5th of February. We are excited to invite users and stakeholders to actively participate in shaping the future of web3 solutions.

Future Roadmap: Marketland’s roadmap outlines a meticulous journey, including the completion of the MVP, beta testing, the launch of the Marketland Platform and Utility Token (MLAND), and Marketland 2.0 - a Decentralized and Automated White Label Marketplace. New smart contract standards (ERC 20, ERC1155, ERC 3643, ERC 4337) will be introduced, with a focus on tokenization niches in diverse industries.

Collaborative Ecosystem: Collaborative efforts form the bedrock of Marketland, encompassing partnerships with blockchain networks, decentralized wallets, gateways and payment processors, verification and external audit companies, marketing firms, and token launchers.

Marketland stands as a beacon of innovation, combining user-centric design, technological sophistication, and collaborative partnerships to shape the future landscape of web3 solutions.

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