CVP Proposal: Meet with Wallet

Meet with Wallet provides an easy way to share your (or your DAO’s/DAC’s) calendar and schedule meetings without any hassle or back-and-forth communication. All possible by simply connecting your crypto wallet. No registration needed, no more emails (only if you want to) - Information about your meetings is encrypted and kept private (only you have access), and only meeting time slots are public for an improved user experience. You know Calendly right? Same thing here, but for #web3!

Remote work is more than a reality and is becoming the standard, which brings new challenges to online coordination. Meeting with people in an online fashion can require a lot of back and forth communication. There are good solutions for this, but all of them are created in a web 2.0 environment.

We aim to create new standards for booking payment when it comes to people’s most precious asset, their time.

We are already live in Metis (meaning, you can subscribe to PRO using your Metis wallet and tokens), and we aim to bring much more functionalities to Andromeda.

Website -

Twitter -

Demo video -

Verfied contracts (Sorry for not adding the direct links, but as a new user to the forum I can only add 4 to the post

  • MWWRegistar deployed to 0x13B5065B2586f0D457641b4C4FA09C2550843F42
  • MWWDomain deployed to 0xECfd0052945e235a1E4aE78C02F05F802282cb74

Audits - Contracts have been audited by senior solidity developers, but as a favor, so there are no reports. We do aim to have an official audit soon.

Current Features

  • Integration with EVM compatible wallets (Metamask and wallet connect)
  • 1:1 scheduling of meetings with the user’s public calendar
  • Multiple wallet scheduling from the user dashboard
  • Guest scheduling with email (for non web3 users)
  • Notification for meetings with email and EPNS (
  • Meeting configuration and availabilities
  • For PRO users
    • Custom url
    • Multiple meeting types configuration
    • Google calendar integration


The next steps for Meet with Wallet are

  • Paid meetings scheduling - People can request payment in any ERC20 or METIS in order for others to schedule time with them
  • Token gating for scheduling and attendance
  • Booking time coordination - Helping DAOs and guilds to find a proper time to schedule a meeting

Congratulations for passing the CEG program!