CVP Proposal: Metaverser

Welcome to Metaverser, the premier virtual shared space for socializing, gaming, and more. As the only multi-platform metaverse in the web 3.0, Metaverser is accessible from any device with an internet connection, making it easy for users to join in the fun from anywhere. Metaversers native token is $MTVT, and is listed on PancakeSwap, LBANK, and Bitmart.

Metaverser is the only blockchain game that doesn’t sell NFTs and only players can bring the NFTs to life by the free-to-play in order to use them for more income inside the game or sell them to the other players on the marketplace. This makes the Metaverser the only game that you can genuinely make money compared to the other metaverses.

This $BABA token can then be used to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in our NFT shop, which can be sold on our marketplace with $MTVT. And with many of our users earning between the range of $500 - $1000 per month through gameplay, Metaverser is a proven way to generate income. In fact, our users have reported earning more in Metaverser than in other popular metaverses.

Our play-to-earn model doesn’t stop there. $MTVT can be swapped for USDT on exchanges like Bitmart and Pancakeswap, allowing users to easily convert their earnings into real-world value.

In addition to all of this, Metaverser is also the first metaverse to integrate Binance Pay into our platform, allowing users to easily and securely make transactions. We also run on the Binance Smart Chain, ensuring lightning-fast and cost-effective transactions.

With state-of-the-art technology, a wide range of engaging experiences, and the added convenience of Binance Pay, Metaverser is the best choice for virtual reality entertainment. Join us today and discover all that our Metaverse has to offer!"


:white_check_mark: Token burn every 3 months.
:white_check_mark: No NFTs are owned by Metaverser.
:white_check_mark: New season/game every month with incentives.
:white_check_mark: High quality game play, environment and games.
:white_check_mark: Passive income of up to $2000 per month through our play to earn strategy.

We’re excited to build on Metis and introduce MetisDAO to a game that offers a passive income opportunity. Get ready to earn while you play! Mark your calendars for June 20th as we deploy Metaverser, our groundbreaking project, on Metis.

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Hello Metaverser Team,

What’s the integration status? When do you plan to launch on Metis Network?

What is $BABA token and why is it needed instead of just using $MTVT?

There are no details about how players can play to earn. How is this done?

Not too many details in this proposal. How will this game incorporate Metis Andromeda network, and will it interact with any other protocols in the Metis ecosystem?

It’s past June 20, has the game launched on Metis yet?

Hey there

We are thrilled to be here and we hope that we can develop and grow alongside the Metis Team and community and attract more users to the network, helping the ecosystem thrive.

We have set a number of milestones in terms of integrating with Metis. First, we plan to collaborate with Stargate so users and players can bridge their $MTVT, which is native to the BNB chain, to Metis. This is estimated to be done within the next 7-9 days. This process also needs to be done with our NFTs, which are a crucial part of Metaverser. Players might want to move their lands to Metis or might need these NFTs for special missions and games.

We also need to make changes to our Marketplace and application so it can be compatible with Metis. we estimate that all of these could be done within the next 30 days.

It is worth mentioning that our game is up and running and we are improving it by the day. At the mean time, everyone can visit our website and download the game to have a try.

And finally let me thank you again considering us to be a part of your ecosystem.

Metaverser Team

Are there any plans for a web version as well where players dont have to download resources to play?


  1. How does Metaverser differ from other metaverses in terms of income generation for its users?
  2. What are some of the unique features of Metaverser that set it apart from other virtual reality platforms?
  3. Can you tell us more about your play to earn strategy with income up to $2000 per month?

P.S. You have duplication of information in your proposition. And I have a feeling that some information is missing, such as an explanation of what $BABA token is.


Thank you for putting the time in and reading our proposal. You asked some great questions which we are more than happy to answer. Let’s begin:

  1. $BABA Token and Play-To-Earn: like many other blockchain gaming and metaverse applications, we have decided to create a separate In-game economy. You can earn $BABA by doing various activities. You could then buy different Items and potions in-game and then use, sell or rent out your NFTs. You can also refer to our docs for $MTVT. Players will be rewarded with $MTVT if they can win challenges and games. You could watch this video.

  2. Integration with Metis: The first step is to make our token available on Andromeda. This also has to be done for our non-fungible tokens too as they are a crucial part of our metaverse. In terms of interaction with other dapps on Andromeda, we cannot disclose at the moment but this will be announced in the near future.

  3. You can have a try by downloading our client on our website and give it a go.

I recommend you to have a look at our Medium page and our Roadmap.

We are here if you have any more questions.

Hi there

We already have tried that and it introduced a lot of limitations that were really far from the vision we had for our game. It might be done in the future if we find a feasible solution but this is not our priority at the moment.