CVP Proposal: Metis Bot, specifically tailored for Metis users


Metis Bot, specifically tailored for the Metis chain, is a Telegram-based trading bot that seamlessly integrates advanced trading strategies with user-friendly functionality. It addresses the complexities of modern trading, offering an effective platform that caters to both new and experienced traders in the Metis ecosystem.

Bot Setup:

The setup process for Metis Bot is efficient and user-friendly. Initiating with a simple ‘/start’ command in Telegram, it allows users to either import an existing wallet or create a new one. The emphasis on security, especially for newly generated private keys, underscores our commitment to user safety and a seamless start in trading.


Real-Time Information:

Metis Bot stands out for its ability to provide real-time market data and analytics, crucial for making informed trading decisions. This includes detailed token information covering market performance and historical data. When users place orders, they receive immediate updates on market values and key movements, enabling them to track their investments with precision.

Proven Impact in the Metis Ecosystem:

Metis Bot’s journey within the Metis ecosystem is marked by significant achievements and robust user engagement.

Let’s delve into the key indicators that showcase the effectiveness and growing influence of Metis Bot:

- Growing User Base: Metis Bot has rapidly grown, now boasting over 2,000 active users, demonstrating its appeal and reliability in the Metis trading community.

- Impressive Trading Volume: The bot has facilitated over $150,000 in trading volume, showcasing its robustness and the active engagement of users.

- Community Trust and Reliability: These milestones reflect the trust placed in Metis Bot by the trading community and its role in enhancing their trading experience.

- Continuous Evolution: Metis Bot’s growth trajectory illustrates our ongoing commitment to innovation and adapting to user needs.

Trading Features:

Metis Bot offers a suite of innovative trading features designed to cater to the diverse needs of the trading community. Here’s an overview of the key functionalities that make Metis Bot a powerful tool in the fast-paced world of trading:

- Sniping Bot: This feature allows for quick acquisition of tokens, giving users an edge in fast-paced trading environments.

- My Tokens Dashboard: A centralized dashboard where users can manage and view all their token holdings, offering convenience and a comprehensive overview of their portfolio.

- Automated Trading Strategies: Utilizing advanced algorithms, the bot automates trading strategies, helping users to leverage market trends.

- Upcoming Advanced Features: In development are features like customizable exchange selection and limit orders, which will provide users with more strategic control over their trades.


The roadmap for Metis Bot is a forward-thinking blueprint for continuous improvement and expansion. It outlines the strategic advancements and features we’re working on to enhance user experience and performance.
Let’s explore what’s on the horizon for Metis Bot:

- RPC Performance Enhancement: Improving RPC performance for more efficient bot operations.

- Referral System Implementation: Introducing a system to reward users for growing the Metis Bot community.

- Customizable Exchange Selection: Developing a feature for users to tailor their trading experience by choosing from various decentralized exchanges.

- Limit Order Integration: Adding limit order functionality for strategic trade executions.

- Chrome Extension: We’re developing a Chrome extension for Metis Bot, allowing users to interact with the bot directly within their browser. This addition aims to provide unparalleled convenience, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

- Bridge In and Bridge Out Capabilities: An upcoming feature will enable users to bridge assets directly into and out of the Metis chain from other chains. This functionality streamlines the process of asset transfer, making it seamless for users to move their holdings across different blockchain ecosystems.


Metis Bot is more than a trading tool; it’s an evolving solution designed to meet the demands of today’s trader in the Metis ecosystem.

With a focus on user-centric features, continuous improvement, and community-driven development, Metis Bot is shaping up to be a pivotal player in the DeFi trading space.

To stay updated on Metis Bot’s developments and features, visit:

Our website:

Our Telegram: Telegram: Contact @MetisBotPortal

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Great initiative to build a trading bot native to Metis, but I’d like to know if the only feature is sniping or there would be others features like staking, and referral bonus

Interesting… Loving the initiative

However will love to ask few questions.

  1. In case of any technical issues or user facing any challenges does the bot provide any assistant in solving the issue or users will have to reach out to the team for assistance or solutions?

  2. Should incase there are higher number of users actively using the bot at the same time, will that affect the bot, like slot down it performance.

  3. Regarding to this Bridge In and Bridge Out Capabilities is there any form of risk of losing funds while transfering assets across Blockchain

Metis Bot looks interesting so I have a lot of questions for you;

1-Can we learn more about Metis Bot’s security measures, in particular what is being done in terms of private key security and user data protection?

2-What are the most popular or effective trading strategies offered by Metis Bot? How can users access these strategies?

3-How does Metis Bot help users manage their portfolios? Can we get more details about the “My Tokens Dashboard” feature?

4-How do you assess the bot’s achievements and community trust so far? Why is it considered such an attractive and reliable option among users?

5-What advantages will features such as “Chrome Extension” and “Bridge In/Out Capabilities”, which are among the future developments of Metis Bot, bring to users?

6-Can you tell us more about the referral system implemented to support the growth of the Metis Bot community and reward users?

7-Related to the user-friendliness of Metis Bot’s platform, can we find out if traders need any technical knowledge to understand and utilize the key features offered by the bot?

8-Can we learn more about Metis Bot’s capabilities to automate trading strategies? How can users customize or adapt these strategies?

9-Can we get more details about Metis Bot’s ability to trade on various decentralized exchanges?

Hello Metis Bot Team. It’s very cool that developers are always looking for new interesting solutions. I cannot help but note the importance in our time of Telegram itself, which is very quickly gaining popularity, and it is the timely integration of Metis through the development and implementation of bots that should bring a positive result to the development of the Metis ecosystem and push towards mass production in the crypt.
I have a few questions.

  1. For me, it is not only the quick opportunity to purchase Metis that is important, but also its price. What data does Metis Bot refer to when determining the price of a token?
  2. The ability to quickly create liquidity pools, with convenient functionality for changing ranges, and maybe even automatically configured ranges.
  3. Protecting such pools
  4. And a very important question that interests me: Integration of Metis with Telegram Wallet. The way this is currently implemented looks very cool and will bring a lot of users to the Metis ecosystem in the near future if integration works out.

Thank you for your attention.

Uffff, this project blew my mind. I really liked the innovation!
I have some questions:
Is the wallet created by the bot non-custodial? That is, it will give us the seed safely and we will be able to guard it?
In case we load an existing wallet, what security does it have to prevent it from being maliciously drained?
Who designs automated trading strategy strategies and where can we find more information about each one? I would like to have more information on their website about each of them to investigate the algorithm and the performance it has had so far.
Thank you!

Welcome to the world of decentralization but i have couple questions to ask.

  1. Telegram bot has some loopholes in some hacking areas, How secure is this Telegram bot in terms of asset possession?

  2. What happens to my assets or my account if my telegram account gets deleted by telegram? Is there any option that allows for easy migration from my main telegram account to an alt account??

A very good and important question! Even in the official telegram wallet, if you lose access to your account, access to the wallet automatically disappears.

I was wondering about the roadmap. Tentatively when will the bot support bridging from other networks? Is it a matter of a month, quarter, year?

Hi @Andromedo

I wanna ask a few questions:

  1. Is the Metis Bot project audited? If yes! By whom?
  2. What are you using to secure the private keys generated for users? Amazon KMS or which one (or more).
  3. It seems there is a buy-and-sell tax. Do you plan to remove it or make it standard forever?
  4. When do you plan to start or initiate the revenue sharing from the tax? And I expect there should be a detailed explanation of the revenue sharing.
  5. Last question, are you doxxed???

Expecting your response… Thanks

Great product as I have used myself!

However, just for some clarity; how much percentage do you charge per trade and also how can I be sure that the Devs have no backend to my bot wallet keys to compromise my funds in the bot?

This is an incredible idea, but we know the Solana ecosystem has most of these trading Bots. My question is, what unique feature will the Metis Bot possess that will make it stand out from other existing Bots?.

Absolutely, we’re not just stopping at sniping!

We’re buzzing with excitement over the host of new features we’re prepping for Metis Bot. Imagine diving into advanced trading with Limit Orders, mirroring the moves of pros with Copy Trading, and safeguarding your investments with our Anti-Rug features.

Plus, there’s a whole lot more in the pipeline, including staking and referral bonuses.

1 - At the moment, users will need to reach out to our support team for any technical issues or challenges. However, we’re actively working on developing an AI chatbot that will provide assistance directly within the bot, making the resolution process more efficient and user-friendly.

2 - We are currently utilizing the best RPC available on Metis and are constantly on the lookout for any technology that can help us scale effectively. Our focus is on ensuring that the performance of the bot remains top-notch, even with a high number of users actively using it simultaneously.

3 - We’re diligently working on the Bridge In and Bridge Out Capabilities. Our priority is to ensure that these features are implemented correctly and securely. We understand the importance of fund safety during cross-blockchain transfers and are committed to minimizing any risks associated with these transactions.

  1. Security at Metis Bot: At Metis Bot, we take the security of your private keys and data seriously. We’ve implemented advanced encryption and follow strict data handling protocols to ensure everything stays safe and secure.

  2. Effective Trading Strategies: Metis Bot offers various strategies tailored to different trading styles. Our users have access to sniping, limit orders, and other strategies, all easily accessible through our user-friendly platform.

  3. Portfolio Management with My Tokens Dashboard: Our My Tokens Dashboard is all about giving you a clear and concise view of your portfolio. It’s designed to make it easy to keep track of your assets and their performance.

  4. Community Trust in Metis Bot: The trust we’ve built in our community comes from our commitment to reliability and continual improvement. Our users appreciate the simplicity, security, and the cutting-edge features we bring to the trading table.

  5. Upcoming Features: Our upcoming Chrome Extension will make accessing Metis Bot a breeze. Plus, our Bridge In/Out feature will open up new avenues for asset transfers, making your trading experience even more flexible.

  6. Referral System Benefits: Our referral system is here to expand our community and reward you. It’s a simple way for you to earn by bringing new traders to Metis Bot.

  7. User Experience at Metis Bot: You don’t need to be a tech guru to use Metis Bot. We’ve designed it to be straightforward and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to start trading right away.

  8. Automating Strategies with Metis Bot: Metis Bot allows you to automate your trading strategies, adapting to your needs. Whether it’s setting up a sniping move or a limit order, you can tailor these strategies to fit your trading style.

Wallet Security: Yes, the wallet created by Metis Bot is non-custodial. We prioritize your security and autonomy. You’ll receive the seed phrase securely, and it’s entirely up to you to keep it safe. This way, you have full control over your wallet and funds.

Security for Existing Wallets: When you load an existing wallet into Metis Bot, we ensure the highest security standards. The bot is designed to prevent unauthorized access and malicious activities. Your wallet’s security is paramount, and our system is built to protect your assets.

Automated Trading Strategies: The trading strategies in Metis Bot are designed by a team of experienced traders and developers. We focus on creating strategies that are effective and user-friendly. For more detailed information about each strategy, including their algorithms and performance history, we are working on providing comprehensive resources on our website. This will allow you to investigate and understand the specifics of each strategy thoroughly.

Certainly, I’m happy to provide some clarity on your queries:

Regarding the fees, we charge a minimal fee of just 1% per trade on Metis Bot. This fee structure is designed to be affordable while supporting the ongoing development and maintenance of the platform.

As for the security of your wallet keys, I want to assure you that the developers of Metis Bot do not have backend access to your bot wallet keys. Your security and trust are paramount to us. We’ve implemented stringent security measures to ensure that your funds and wallet keys remain solely under your control, without any possibility of compromise from our end, and also we are working on account abstraction that is going to be implamented really soon.

That’s a great question, and I’m glad you’re interested in what sets Metis Bot apart.

Our key differentiator is our commitment to community-driven development. In Metis Bot, we believe in the power of our community’s ideas and suggestions.

This means that everything our community has in mind, even the most ambitious or unconventional ideas, can be considered and potentially integrated into the bot, provided it brings value to our users.