CVP Proposal: Metis Reputation Scorer powered by Nomis

Nomis 101

Personalized web3 builds a personalized web3 enabling users to leverage their onchain traction as they do with real-world credentials and social networks. Imagine the next Internet, where you can not only take advantage of decentralization, but also expect web3 products to deliver meaningful experiences based on who you are onchain.

Nomis employs AI-driven mathematical modeling tech to assign a reputation score (0-100) to a wallet based on its transaction history. The higher the reputation score, the more onchain traction its owner has.

  • Friendly: no KYC or web2 social credentials required to get your onchain reputation.
  • Dynamic: your reputation score updates as you perform onchain actions.
  • Comprehensive: your DeFi, SocialFi and GameFi activities on top TVL blockchains are taken into account.

How it works

  1. Collecting wallet onchain data: we collect wallet transaction history and other related data from 45 top TVL blockchains and more than 50 sources including explorers and third parties.
  2. Reputation scoring: we leverage AI-driven mathematical models that evaluate wallets based on over 30 parameters and assign a reputation score from 0 to 100. Computations are 100% offchain.
  3. Assigning onchain reputation to a wallet: scores are available to developers through Nomis API.
  4. Delivering value to onchain reputation: users can take advantage of their onchain reputation within dapps and protocols integrated Nomis API to personalize their products and communities.


  • Nomis’ sybil prevention solutions have received 20+ hackathon awards and grants from Solana Foundation, AAVE, Polygon DAO, MetaCartel DAO, and the HBAR Foundation.
  • 105k+ unique wallets have minted 120k+ Nomis Scores in form of SBT on top TVL networks.
  • Nomis is an official wallet data provider for
  • Nomis is one of the top Proof-of-Humanity attestors for Linea Voyage.
  • Nomis hosts sybil-resistant quests for 20+ projects on its own platform (ScoreFront), trusted by Symbiosis, Rubic, OmniBTC, ReHold, eesee, and other top projects.


  • Alex Barabash, Co-Founder & CEO, is a serial entrepreneur and mathematician who led a SaaS company that provided scoring services to the HR industry and developed an AI system that automated and data-driven HR decision making.
  • Arty Shatilov, Co-Founder & CPO, is a crypto native and experienced product manager who co-founded and led product development at KickCity, an events platform on Ethereum (NFT tickets, ERC20 referral tokens), and, an AR/VR creative studio that worked with Huawei, Subway, Mazda and Redbull, and launched a profitable online course for AR developers.
  • Fedor Cherepanov, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CTO, is a senior software developer (15+ years of experience) with extensive experience in AI and blockchain engineering, co-authored 40+ scientific papers on AI, and holds 8 patent certificates for artificial neural network software.
  • Engineering team: 2 UX/UI, 2 frontend, 1 backend and sc.
  • BD & Marketing team: 3 generalists.

Metis Reputation Scorer

Nomis proposes to build a wallet reputation scorer for Metis. The scorer will help Metis users to build, manage and leverage their txs history; Metis builders with

  • developing more personalized and engaging products;
  • identifying sybils and non-sticky users within their communities;
  • distributing airdrops and incentives in a fair, onchain reputation-based, and ROI-efficient manner;
  • getting an influx of 100k+ onchain power users (Nomis Score holders) for their project.

Reference: zkSync Reputation Scorer, evaluates wallet chain activity within the zkSync network, reflects how much a particular wallet looks like a zkSync power user (degen), and helps its projects and communities highlight and engage with onchain power users.


I think this is a good project :smile:

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