CVP Proposal: MetisFam NFTs - 1st original 10,000 PFP NFT collection on METIS

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MetisFam is the first original 10,000 PFP NFT collection on Metis Andromeda.
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We are revising the price back to 0.5 $METIS today, so get your MetisFam NFTs now at 0.1 $METIS before the price revision. Our new roadmap will be announced within the week.

Hey guys, please note that we have changed the Telegram group to
See you there!

Going back to the roots of how MetisFam was conceptualised, it was to welcome more people to join the Metis Ecosystem and join the Metis family, thus the name MetisFam. Really appreciate everyone’s support and we will do our best to fulfil the project’s destiny!

Roadmap has been released on our website and Telegram group.

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We are on Discord! MetisFam

Join us on Discord, announcement coming!