CVP Proposal: MetisSafe - Multi-signature wallet on Metis

MetisSafe MultiSig Wallet


MetisSafe is a multi-signature wallet that allows users to create and manage multiple wallets with different levels of security. It is a decentralized application that runs on the Metis blockchain.

Video Description and Demo:

Tech Utility:

Metis Safe is an Ethereum-based smart contract wallet that needs a minimum number of persons to authorize a transaction before it can take place (M-of-N). If you have three primary stakeholders in your firm, for example, you may configure the wallet to need consent from all three persons before the transaction is sent. This ensures that no single person may jeopardize the funds.

Unique Value Proposition:

Metis Safe is providing DAOs, DACs and users on Metis with a secure and easy to use multi-signature wallet.

The contracts and the wallet are open source and can be audited by anyone.

150+ wallets are created, securing more than 25M$ in crypto assets.

We are developer friendly, providing a free and open-source API for developers to integrate MultiSig transactions via Metis Safe into their applications. trusted by DAC portal, Beefy Finance, and many others.

Metis Safe won the first place for Web3 integrations in the Metis Ethereum Hackathon that took part in late 2021 :crown:

Smart contract audits:

The MetisSafe smart contracts are a fork of the safe-global (previously GnosisSafe) and are available on GitHub and have been audited by G0 Group.

Smart contract links on Metis Andromeda:

  • GnosisSafeL2: 0xfb1bffC9d739B8D520DaF37dF666da4C687191EA
  • GnosisSafeProxyFactory: 0xC22834581EbC8527d974F8a1c97E1bEA4EF910BC
  • CompatibilityFallbackHandler: 0x017062a1dE2FE6b99BE3d9d37841FeD19F573804
  • CreateCall: 0xB19D6FFc2182150F8Eb585b79D4ABcd7C5640A9d
  • GnosisSafe: 0x69f4D1788e39c87893C980c06EdF4b7f686e2938
  • MultiSend: 0x998739BFdAAdde7C933B942a68053933098f9EDa
  • MultiSendCallOnly: 0xA1dabEF33b3B82c7814B6D82A79e50F4AC44102B
  • SignMessageLib: 0x98FFBBF51bb33A056B08ddf711f289936AafF717
  • SimulateTxAccessor: 0x727a77a074D1E6c4530e814F89E618a3298FC044
    Along with the wallets that are created by the factory, cloning the GnosisSafeL2 master contract.


Q1 2022:

  • Deployment of the metis safe smart contracts on Metis Andromeda and Stardust
  • Development of the Metis Safe web wallet
  • Launch of the Metis Safe web Wallet

Q2 2022:

  • Community building
  • Integration of Metis Safe into other applications

Q3 2022:

  • UI and Backend improvements
  • Adding safe apps support
  • Adding support for the metis safe contracts on the gnosis safe backend codebase

Q4 2022:

  • Launch of the Metis Safe on Metis Goerli Testnet
  • Price support for tokens on the metis network
  • Developing better community outreach and support

Q1 2023:

  • UI and backend upgrades
  • Infrastructure expansion
  • More safe apps per community requests
  • Integrating into Matrix Reputation

Q2 2023:

  • Team expansion and hiring
  • Adding Spending Modules support
  • Development of the Metis Safe mobile wallet

Q3 2023:

  • Metis Safe mobile wallet launch

Q4 2023 and later:

  • Community proposals and voting
  • Ongoing development, integrations and support

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  1. How does MetisSafe ensure the security of funds in the multi-signature wallet?
  2. Can you explain the importance of MetisSafe taking first place for Web3 integration in the Metis Ethereum Hackathon and how it happened?
  3. What are the upcoming milestones and developments in the roadmap for MetisSafe beyond Q4 2023?