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We at aim to create a long-lasting relationship with Metis, being their Core Analytics Partner and main provider of analytical infrastructure to the ecosystem.

Executive summary of the Partnership:

  • Multifarm is offering our treasury dashboards for all protocols building on Metis
  • Multifarm becomes Metis analytics core partner
  • Makes Metis more attractive for protocols to choose to build on that chain
  • Multifarm gets a solid flow of leads to partner with going forward
  • Multifarm will act as the direct link to current/future partnered protocols we walk them through the Metis ecosystem

Multifarm Introduction:

Multifarm offers a full-stack service to create treasury dashboards and custom dashboards for blockchain protocols.

The Multifarm Dashboard technology is trusted by top brands such as Olympus DAO, Polygon DAO, Maia DAO, and Alchemix. Our dashboards are easy to understand, fully customizable and benefit protocols and users alike.

Our vision is to play a fundamental role in building reporting and analytics infrastructure across all chains with the goal of becoming known as an industry leader in the space. We aim to achieve this ambition by optimizing the value added by our services. This includes our flagship product, the treasury dashboard, as well as professional data visualization for Defi (Yields, Emissions, Bribing optimization, etc.).

We believe that data visualization plays an important role in the core decision-making process and that every protocol can benefit from a more sophisticated reporting standard. Our partnership with the Metis Ecosystem will greatly expand our layer-2 coverage and is an integral step in our roadmap.

Tech Utility and Features:

The partnership will include Multifarm providing internal dashboards to protocols building on Metis. This will include a 12-month membership with any necessary maintenance. We also offer public-facing dashboards (Yield, treasury, custom).

The dashboard will contain graphs and tables tracking treasury metrics, providing clean and timely data visualization for core teams to enhance and optimize their monitoring, tracking, and reporting of assets, thereby, enabling a more informed decision-making process.

The internal treasury dashboard would be accessible through a premium login exclusive to the team of each protocol. Teams would simply import the respective wallets or portfolio addresses they would like to track after which the app will automatically populate the dashboard.

The features include:

  1. Portfolio Allocation
  • Shows the distribution of assets in the portfolio
  • Tracks change in the value of treasury assets over time
  • Information on different asset categories (Claimables, Collateral, Debt)
  1. Strategies Performance
  • Compare the historical APR of various strategies against each other
  • Helps the team to optimize treasury farming strategies
  • Compare the principal growth over time of various strategies
  • Treasury Manager can analyze cash flows
  • Daily earnings over time
  • Tracks change in the value of specific assets
  1. Strategies Detailed
  • Detailed information on each strategy where the protocol deployed capital
  • PnL View
  • Growth of Principal over Time (+ Historical Data)
  • Information on Risk and Strategy
  • The team is able to take notes on deployments
  1. PnL
  • Tracks specific assets allowing detailed optimisation of profitability
  • Includes 5 subtabs:
    1. Overview
    2. Open Positions
    3. Closed Positions
    4. Inactive Positions
    5. Stats
  1. Labels
  • Here users can fully customize and group metrics
  • This is used as endpoints to be input onto public-facing dashboards
  • Can be edited and changed in real-time, reflecting on the public-facing dashboard immediately

Unique Value proposition:

We believe this is a unique offering that will exponentially provide value as new projects build on Metis.

The goal is to get new protocols to choose to build on the Metis layer-2 chain over other chains which will increase the number of users, developers, and dApps on the chain. Ultimately, increasing TVL. The dashboard offering serves as a non-monetary incentive in addition to the emissions Metis is giving out to protocols based on TVL.

Furthermore, we have deep connections in the industry with leading protocols and will refer, where there is a good fit, other protocols and DAOs to Metis and vice versa. Thus, forming a mutually beneficial alliance and acting as the direct linkage

We also offer co-marketing for Metis and new protocols. This will include reaching out to our respective audiences & engaging over Discord, Twitter, and Medium. We believe in creating a long-lasting relationship with partners in the space and will endeavour to contribute to that relationship and spread awareness.

Here we summarize the value added as a Core analytics partner:

  • Building neat dashboards for protocols to get off the ground, optimizing the decision-making process to a higher level of sophistication.
  • Offering public-facing yield and treasury dashboards to protocols should they want to extend the benefit to the community and potential investors
  • Leveraging our connections and acting as the direct link between Metis and many of the DAOs/protocols in the industry, walking them through the Metis ecosystem.
  • Opening up the entire Metis ecosystem to Mulitfarm, boosting the trust amongst protocols
  • Increasing the competitive attractiveness of Metis as a chain for new protocols to join

Multifarm is not a provider of any financial services nor do we handle any client assets, we only provide DAO tooling and data visualisation services, and thus do not require any audits to be conducted.

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