CVP Proposal: My Copilot Bae (Personal Jarvis)

Your personal Jarvis, X to Evolve.

Relational AI Socialfi for Creators. Trading Hub. Microlearning

## Relational AI: X to Evolve, Tamagotchi Style

Project Bae is an AI socialfi platform that makes AI relational to improve utility in our everyday lives.

Through X to Evolve user-experience, the AI personal assistant that lives and evolves on your mobile like a Tamagotchi 3.0.

The avatar relates, learns and grows the more you interact with it, improving in its recommendations for your personal use cases.

With increased data inputs and contextual relevance, it enables true utility and adoption in the next chapter of AI usage.

Use cases: AI personal assistant, dynamic micro learning, creator ecosystem & Web3 trading, data and identities. Through the data points, we’re able to extend first party data into offline, online and web3 to scorecard users based on their on and off-chain activities.

Pitch Deck

How will you add value to an ecosystem?

Our suite of socialfi AI tools and user experience enables rapid user acquisition (product + creators), monetization (TVL with trading tools & Defi) and engagement (we can onboard ecosystem projects with communities). This is agnostic of bull or bear markets.


  • AI enthusiasts & learners
  • Crypto traders
  • Creators & projects -l digitize themselves/ PFPs as avatars
  • Existing 20,000 community with 15,000 wallets worth 56M