CVP Proposal - NOWNodes

Thrilled to announce that our Node API is live on Metis Mainnet and globally available for all builders out there!

Briefly about us
We’re NOWNodes - a web3 development tool that provides instant access to blockchain nodes, block explorers and powers websocket connections via the API. We support over 95+ blockchain networks including Metis. Our API serves as a gateway between developers of decentralized applications and the ledger data.

Tech Utilities and Features
We offer hosting services for Metis RPC full blockchain node. This means developers and businesses don’t have to go through the complex and resource-intensive process of setting up and maintaining their own Metis nodes. It is essential for big exchanges and crypto wallets as they can seamlessly use Metis on-chain data and integrate Metis easier and faster - without hosting and running their own node instances.

Our Metis Node API supports all official RPC methods and has scalability of more than 10K requests per second. This is sustained and supported by extended hardware capacities and sufficient uplink metrics for the input and output requests.

We provide full documentation and global access to Metis on several plans - including free tier that lasts for one month. It means that you can access Metis RPC Full Nodes with no payment. Each builder can access our 24/7 engineering and nodeOps support to perform instant possible troubleshooting.

:notes:UNIQUE - is what you are
We know how frustrating rate limits may be for developers and crypto enterprises. Being limited in the number of API requests means the disruption of the payments and transactions of Metis. This is one of the reasons why we implemented zero RPS limit to the Metis RPC Full Nodes on all paid plans.

Our nodes are distributed globally to serve users from different regions: Europe + Middle East, America and Asia. Using our decentralized infrastructure for the API service, we manage to provide close-to-zero latency for selected networks.

Having a secure environment for blockchain interactions, we never share the names of our users with the community unless partners are willing to do so. This makes us different from other blockchain node providers that may include this obligation into Terms and Conditions. Additionally, we neither can’t nor don’t want to know what kind requests you’re sending to your Metis node.

The Roadmap
Currently, we entered the Phase 1 with the global launch of Metis Node API on Mainnet. Depending on the ecosystem development, our next steps will be to deploy and release Metis API instance on Testnet and bring more publicly available tools for builders.

Official Links
Our Website -
Our Partners - Our partners | NOWNodes | Nodes and Block Explorers
Metis at NOWNodes - Get access to Metis Network RPC with NOWNodes full nodes
Metis Documentation - NOWNodes Documentation

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Dear Team of NOWNodes,

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to apply and meet with your team about the Community Verification Process. We enjoyed learning more about your business as well as your features and product direction. We regret to inform you that we’ve to Decline your application due to the lack of necessary Content Requirements for passing the CEG, which are described at Proposal Requirements - Community Ecosystem Governance

  • Metis node providers pool already fulfill

Thank you for your consideration.


Hello @Vladimir.Metis ,

Thanks a lot for breaking down and giving the reasons behind the decision. We were directed to this program to apply for ecosystem support, not more.

It is quite confusing as we experience such kind of entering the development environment with Metis. To be 100% clear, we do not try to sell any services to the CVP team, our main goal is to sustain the communication with Metis team and report on our development progress.

Could you please let us know what is the threshold for “Metis node providers pool already fulfill”? It’s the first time when the network says the pool of nodeOps toolings is full :sweat_smile:

Thank you.

Ian L. (DevRel)


Thank you for the clarification; it sheds a lot of light on this. I may have misunderstood something along the way.

In that case, let’s actively prepare for CEG activities. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Best Regards

Amazingly Metis blockchain is one of the few blockchain that allows users to utilise the node features all for free without a fee…

I have some question

  1. Is there any gas fee a developer should pay for using Metis node? And

  2. What mechanism is used to protect the privacy of Metis node users or builders?

From this your statement above, is there any plan to add Africa as part of the regions where your nodes are distributed? Cause stats shows Africa is fast adopting web3 and i dont this continent should be left out

  1. Since there is no payment required, are there any steps to access the Metis RPC full nodes?

  2. Talking of security, do you care to highlight the security measures to prevent malicious activities on Metis RPC full nodes? :thinking:

Love the proposal but seems a bit inaccessible to my region, Africa. That’s where my question comes in;

How does the current node distribution strategy prioritize different regions, and what criteria are used to determine the selection of new locations?

Your project looks very interesting, I congratulate the team and all the employees, but I had a few questions beforehand; :blush:

1-NOWNodes, following the global launch of the Metis Node API and your transition to Phase 1, what are your next steps in Testnet and ecosystem development?

2-What benefits does NOWNodes’ globally distributed node infrastructure provide for users and how are these benefits optimized, especially by serving from different regions?

3-What is the thinking behind Metis RPC Full Nodes’ zero RPS cap and what are the benefits of this unlimited demand policy for developers and enterprises?

4-What are the biggest challenges that NOWNodes’ global node network faces when serving users in different regions, and what measures have you taken to overcome these challenges?

Thank you NowNodes for taking the time to apply to become metis community verified.

A quick question however;

How do you actually plan to sustain and offer value on Metis especially in a time when building is just kicking up rapidly now on Metis and prolly no big exchanges/Metis wallet that might need the node service?

Asides the projects looking to use your nodes, are there ways for individuals/projects to be a part of nodes running; say join run node or offer computing power for a rewards share etc?

Hi @ian_nownodes

Good evening from here, I have read your proposal. It is very good of you to think about supporting Metis and everything. Also, I noticed you’ve completed the support for the Metis network. I read too in the comment, that you are in for “ecosystem support”.

Pls, can explain more about the “ecosystem support” you need from Metis? I need this so I can cast my vote. Thanks

Could you elaborate on how NOWNodes plans to enhance its offerings and support for the Metis ecosystem beyond the current Phase 1, particularly in terms of additional tools and services for developers and businesses working with Metis blockchain?

Great! I understand that NOWNodes will help Metis become more decentralized? And you will play an important role in decentralization. This is exactly what Elena Sinelnikova talked about at the last AMA. Metis will be the world’s first Decentralized Layer2.

I also have a question about loads.
Often, due to a sudden influx of users, the RPC fails and users cannot do anything; they have to raise their RPCs, and the rest simply wait for the load to decrease. How are you doing with this?
Some regions are also experiencing major problems and disruptions in RPC operation. Do you have solutions for these problems?
Thank you for your attention.

Hey blesily6688!

  1. There’s no gas fee that developers and users need to play while utilizing our Metis Node API. However, if your actions with node require you to spend gas (f.e., if you send a transaction or build a smart contract, and the chain requires paying the gas, you will be).

You can use Metis Node API for free at NOWNodes with certain limitations, therefore with a paid option there are no rate limits for builders

  1. Since NOWNodes is a non-custodial solution that doesn’t hold any users’ funds, we are not able to put any funds at risk. Additionally, our hardware and the infrastructure are protected by 4-layer system including the Firewall and Cloudflare. What is more, we do not collect nor store the IP addresses of our users. Safety first!

Hey SaviourJay!

Our nodes are globally available, and rest assured you may access Metis Node API from any part of the world where you have the internet connection.

The past regarding the nodes distribution related to the hardware locations. You can check the latency and speed for our region by using our endpoint “” and official API methods :slight_smile:

The new locations for spinning our Node API infrastructure relies on our roadmap and the level of developer interest. As we’ve just embarked on our journey in Metis ecosystem, we’ll plan to add more locations!

Hey there Bells! Thank you for taking your time to review our proposal :slight_smile:

  1. Our nodes are available globally - meaning that Metis Node API is accessible worldwide.
  2. You can start utilizing NOWNodes Metis Node API without payment. The best way to kick it off is by accessing Metis page, then signing up, choosing Metis as one of the five available networks. After the registration you will be able to create an API key which you can use for our Metis node.
  3. To learn more about security measures, feel free to read our previous answer!

Thanks to all of our folks who took their time to review our proposal! It means a lot to us (our Social Media Manager is actually smiling right now haha). Answering the questions:

  • As we launched our Metis Node API on Mainnet, our next goal is to onboard not only existing tools in the ecosystem, but also expand the Metis network via our internal and external connections. This includes educational materials and courses (such as video guides, possibly builders program, etc.)
    Another important milestone we aim to reach is to build additional services for enterprises and developers who work with Metis blockchain. This may include new API applications, as well as data analysis services, etc. We plan to start the researching data right after the verification.

  • Our Metis Node API comes with multiple advantages for developers and ecosystem contributors. The list includes no rate limit access to Metis nodes, 24/7 online support available for all our builders (even if you do not pay), service level agreement with 99,95% guaranteed uptime. Moreover, our nodes are globally distributed in order to decrease the latency as much as possible.

  • No rate-limit instances allow developers to speed our their applications and services. For example, if a development team uses unlimited Metis nodes, you won’t experience the long wait for the page update, transaction confirmation, etc. Less limits equals faster user experience.

  • One of the reasons we decided to build our Metis node instances and launch on Mainnet was the request from one of our biggest wallet partner that requested Metis ledger data for their needs. What is more, our team members have received a couple of requests from new tools (data analytics, AML bots, on-ramps, etc) to integrate Metis ecosystem into their applications. Let’s see how this goes :slight_smile:

  • We do not offer any rewards shares as our infrastructure is powered by a decentralized system of hardware and cloud capacities. This makes a great foundation for Metis Node API to be running and in sync 24/7

  • Our team would be extremely honored to be verified and enter the ecosystem. In order to build the best development and user experience and service, we would love to have the feedback and ecosystem support from you folks. By this we include the close cooperation with Metis decentralized team to deliver new tools, prepare and expose educational and ecosystem growth campaigns, etc. Our goal is to make a great ecosystem even a better ground for builders and users.

Hi there MIKHRALI! We would love to highlight your question and answer in a separate reply.

The RPC temporary crash is a common problem for several public instances in various blockchain ecosystems. One of the principle we follow is the load balancer that is activated for Metis Node API. This guarantees that if one node is overloaded, the traffic reverted to other instances immediately, with no human interaction required on our side.

Geographical problems may include high latency and low speed, that’s true. Based on our experience and the research, we reached the most optimal solution - to build not only distributed nodes in various locations, but also increase the infrastructure input and output. Often developers experience high latency not because of the far location from the node, but due to the limitations in the Node API infrastructure.

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is a good solution that the entire Metis community will appreciate. Please also consider helping and spreading this initiative to our community.

In addition, I would like to ask you if you plan to generate your own token?

Thank you for your reply.