CVP Proposal: Nuvo - A Dual-Pronged Approach to Revolutionizing DeFi and SocialFi on Metis

Nuvo, through its two key businesses - Nuvosphere and Nuscriptions - is set to offer unparalleled value to the Metis network.

Nuvo Introduction

Nuvo is the first inscription protocol on Metis, designed to address and transform the DeFi space. Our vision is to create a more efficient, interconnected, and user-engaging blockchain ecosystem.

Nuvosphere Introduction

Nuvosphere, a part of Nuvo, stands as a pioneering SocialFi platform. It’s designed to enhance user engagement and community interaction within the blockchain space, providing an immersive and interactive experience beyond traditional financial transactions.

Nuscriptions Introduction

Nuscriptions, another key facet of Nuvo, is the premier inscription platform on Metis. It focuses on embedding data layers onto the blockchain, streamlining how information is managed and mitigating issues like network congestion and high transaction fees.

Key Value Propositions

  1. Innovative DeFi Solutions: Our technologies offer novel solutions to common DeFi challenges, such as high fees and network congestion.
  2. SocialFi Engagement: Nuvosphere brings a new dimension to blockchain, fostering community engagement and social interaction.
  3. Enhanced Interoperability: Nuscriptions provides seamless asset flow between Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks.
  4. Unique Derivatives Trading: NuDex, within Nuvosphere, offers specialized derivatives trading, expanding DeFi accessibility and options.

Contribution to Metis

By integrating Nuvo into the Metis ecosystem, we envision:

  • Enhancing the Metis platform with cutting-edge DeFi and SocialFi solutions.
  • Attracting a broader user base, thereby increasing network activity and engagement.
  • Improving liquidity and market depth on Metis through our innovative offerings.
  • Providing cross-platform opportunities that promote growth and innovation within the Metis community.


Past Achievements and Future Plans for Nuvo

  1. 2023 February 14: Inception of Nuvo, marked by the celebratory “NuValentines” community event, establishing a strong foundation and community presence.
  2. 2023 February 24: Debut of NuvoBadge at EthDenver, showcasing our innovative approach in a premier blockchain event.
  3. 2023 March: Launch of NuvoMe and NuvoID, expanding our platform’s capabilities and user interaction opportunities.
  4. 2023 July: Introduction of Nuvosphere, our pioneering SocialFi platform, enhancing community engagement and interaction within the blockchain space.
  5. 2024 January: Rollout of Nuscriptions, the first inscription protocol on Metis, offering novel solutions to streamline data management and reduce network congestion.
  6. 2024 February: Launch of NuDex, a specialized platform within Nuvosphere focusing on derivatives trading, further diversifying and enriching the DeFi landscape.


We firmly believe that Nuvo’s integration with Metis will bring mutual benefits, propelling both platforms to the forefront of blockchain innovation. Your support in the community vote is crucial for us to achieve these milestones and contribute significantly to the Metis ecosystem.


Hello nuvo team. Thank you for your offer. I would like to ask you some questions that I am curious about;

1-How does Nuvo plan to provide unique value to the Metis ecosystem? What problems does it solve, especially with its DeFi and SocialFi solutions?

2-What are the goals with the integration of Nuvosphere and Nuscriptions into the Metis ecosystem? What advantages and innovations will these integrations bring?

3-What are Nuvo’s Key Value Propositions and how are they valuable for the Metis community?

4-How will Nuscriptions’ seamless asset flow between Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks contribute to the Metis ecosystem?

5-NuDex is expected to diversify the DeFi landscape by focusing on derivatives trading within the Nuvosphere. How will the proprietary derivatives trading offered by this platform work and what benefits will it bring to users?

6-What are Nuvo’s past achievements and key milestones in the 2023-2024 roadmap? How will these achievements and plans strengthen Nuvo’s collaboration with Metis?

7-What are Nuvo’s targeted strategies to attract a broad user base to contribute to Metis and support growth within the Metis community?

8-How do Nuscriptions’ solutions for streamlining data management and reducing network congestion work and how will these features benefit Metis users?

9-Finally, what is Nuvo’s vision for partnering with Metis to bring blockchain innovation to the forefront and how will this collaboration add value to both platforms?

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Hello team.
Sounds very intriguing. I always thought that NUVO would develop more in the Social Networking sector, but the team can really surprise. This is great. And I have a lot of questions.
It is very interesting to know what will be the connection between SocialFi and DeFi? How will they work together?
I’ll explain my question a little. I am an active user of the NUVO platform and try not to miss events on the platform, earning Badges and RP for this and entering the TOP 10 users on the NUVO platform. Will there be any privileges for such users? How will such users interact with the DeFi sector?

From what I read, I also understood, correct me if this is not so, that NUVO is a superstructure over Metis? And since NUVO will have its own token, will it be written off as a commission? Or will the NUVO token be a voting token?
How will NUVO Nuscriptions solve the problems of overload and high fees?

Let’s move on to NuDex.
I am not very familiar with trading, but as a user of the DeFi sector, I am interested in a slightly different functionality - providing liquidity and earning interest from traders who trade on the platform. The functionality is similar to the GMX exchange and their GM token.

I would also like to add that the NUVO team continues to develop and make their project even stronger and more revolutionary! Indeed, this is a very strong reincarnation of the existing NUVO platform, which will undoubtedly allow Metis to strengthen even further.

Thank you for your attention.

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Certainly! Here are detailed answers to each of your questions, providing insight into Nuvo’s value, goals, and strategies in relation to the Metis ecosystem:

  1. Unique Value to Metis Ecosystem:

Certainly! Here’s a more concise, single-paragraph response:

Nuvo offers unique value to the Metis ecosystem by enabling projects of all sizes to grow and thrive within the Metis infrastructure, primarily through Nuscriptions, our innovative protocol that facilitates the smooth transition of assets between Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks. Alongside this technical capability, Nuvo’s SocialFi solutions significantly enhance user engagement, providing tools and platforms for deeper, more meaningful interactions between projects and their communities. This combination of enabling efficient asset management and fostering a vibrant user community positions Nuvo as an integral component in bolstering the operational efficiency and social dynamics of the Metis ecosystem.

  1. Goals with Nuvosphere and Nuscriptions Integration:

The integration of Nuvosphere and Nuscriptions aims to provide a multifaceted approach to blockchain technology. Nuvosphere brings social interaction and engagement to the forefront, while Nuscriptions offers a sophisticated method for data inscription and management. These integrations are expected to enhance user experience, improve transaction efficiency, and create new avenues for social and financial interactions.

  1. Key Value Propositions:

Nuvo’s key value propositions include reducing network congestion and transaction fees, promoting efficient asset transfer between Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2, and fostering a vibrant community through SocialFi initiatives. These offerings are valuable to the Metis community as they directly address common blockchain issues and enhance the overall user experience.

  1. Nuscriptions’ Contribution to Asset Flow:

Nuscriptions facilitates seamless asset flow between Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks, contributing significantly to the Metis ecosystem by improving liquidity, reducing bottlenecks, and enabling faster and more cost-effective transactions.

  1. NuDex and Derivatives Trading:

NuDex, by focusing on derivatives trading within the Nuvosphere, will offer unique trading options that are not widely available in the current DeFi landscape. This platform will enable users to engage in more complex financial instruments, providing opportunities for hedging, speculation, and risk management, thereby diversifying the financial options available to Metis users.

  1. Past Achievements and Key Milestones:

Nuvo’s key achievements from 2023 to 2024, including the launch of NuvoBadge, NuvoMe, NuvoID, Nuvosphere, Nuscriptions, and NuDex, demonstrate a consistent track record of innovation and development. These milestones showcase Nuvo’s ability to deliver on its promises and lay a strong foundation for a fruitful collaboration with Metis.

  1. Strategies to Attract Users:

Nuvo plans to attract a broad user base through a combination of innovative technology, user-friendly interfaces, community engagement programs, and strategic partnerships. By offering unique DeFi and SocialFi experiences, Nuvo aims to appeal to both current blockchain enthusiasts and new users, contributing to growth within the Metis community.

  1. Nuscriptions’ Solutions for Data Management:

Nuscriptions streamlines data management and reduces network congestion through its advanced inscription protocols. By efficiently embedding and managing data on the blockchain, Nuscriptions alleviates common network bottlenecks, leading to faster and more cost-effective transactions for Metis users.

  1. Vision for Partnership with Metis:

Nuvo’s vision for partnering with Metis is to bring blockchain innovation to the forefront, combining Nuvo’s innovative solutions with Metis’ robust platform. This collaboration is expected to enhance the offerings of both platforms, creating a synergy that leads to advanced technological developments, a broader user base, and a more vibrant community within the blockchain ecosystem.

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Hey there!

Thanks a ton for sticking with NUVO and for your awesome questions. Let’s dive right in:

Mixing SocialFi with DeFi: You’re onto something cool here. As you’re already rocking it on NUVO, earning those Badges and RPs, we’re brainstorming ways to make this count more in the DeFi space. Think special access to DeFi features, maybe some sweet staking perks, or getting to vote on what’s next for NUVO. It’s all about giving back to our top users like you.

NUVO and Metis - What’s the Deal?: Think of NUVO as the cool layer that sits on top of Metis, adding our unique spice to the mix. The NUVO token? We’re playing around with ideas here. It could be your key to having a say in NUVO decisions or maybe even used for fees or staking. We’re still ironing out the details.

Handling the Overload and Fees with Nuscriptions: We’re tackling the big headaches of congestion and high fees head-on, especially for Ethereum Layer 1. Nuscriptions is our ace, smoothing out asset transfers between Layer 1 and 2, so everything runs more efficiently (and cheaper!).

NuDex - For the DeFi Enthusiast: You don’t have to be a trading pro to get in on this. NuDex will let you pitch into liquidity pools, earning some gains from the platform’s trading activity, kinda like what GMX does. We’re setting it up for everyone, no matter how much you know about trading.

We’re super stoked you’re excited about where NUVO’s heading. Your active role in our community is what pushes us to keep innovating and making NUVO even cooler. We’re always cooking up new features, so keep an eye out for what’s next!

Cheers for the support and the great convo!

Catch you later,
The NUVO Team

kudos for such an amazing proposal, However I will like to gain more clearing on the following questions?

  1. What alternative solution does Nuscription brings to the high fee as well as network Congestion?

  2. Kindly explain more clearer the dimensions of the approach Nuvo brings to the Blockchains that can foster community engagement and social interaction.

  3. Lastly in what way or how will Nuscriptions seamless provide asset flow between Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks and how will benefit or contribute to the Metis ecosystem?

Nuvo is an econode i have a keen interest in due to its unique proposition but with the iteration of the road map I have to ask, can you provide further details about how the Nuvosphere and Nuscriptions integration within the Metis ecosystem will specifically enhance user experience, improve transaction efficiency, and create new opportunities for social and financial interactions?

The proposal is a bit vague

I’ve been a user since the Matrix and I’ve always liked the prospect of decentralized identity. I like the pivot they made with Nuscription but I have some doubts.
Will Nuvo retain its decentralized identity protocol features in addition to the new marketplace functionalities that will be added or will it pivot completely in that direction?
Do you think these new features can bring us closer to one of Nuvo’s objectives of being able to provide loans without collateralization?
What will be the function of NUVO token?
Could we know what advantages the application of the NIP-20 and NIP-721 protocols has within NUVO?

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Question about Nuvo Inscription:
How does Nuvo ensure the immutability and integrity of embedded data layers onto the Metis blockchain?

Question about Nuvosphere:

How does Nuvosphere leverage Decentralization (a core vision of Metis Ecosystem) principles to create a social network that enables users to interact, share content, and earn rewards through tokenized incentives?

1 I don’t understand why inscriptions are needed on an EVM Chain at all.

  • The token rules are not enforced by smart contracts but rely on offchain indexers to interpret the actions of an inscription token transaction.
  • Inscriptions have caused massive congestion and high gas fees on many EVM-chains, especially on Layer 2 chains where fees are expected to be low.
  • Inscriptions may pose legal and ethical challenges, as they allow users to write any data on the chain, including potentially harmful or illegal content and making scams easier to be done.

So what are real advantages of doing inscriptions, what are real-word use cases? Please explain that to someone stupid like me

2 Is the idea with the decentralized IDs (soulbound token) gone forever now?
They did make sense for me, especially with the original idea of Koris with
the no-code middleware to attract Web 2 business to web 3 to create DACs.
No DACs anymore? Only Marketing Campaigns and rewarding users?

3 Vega Protocol also are a CVP, who claimed to debut inscriptions on METIS. So who is first, you or VEGA?

Metis eco-node going up for vote?! Decentralise everything!!

But with NUVO, an initial socialFI product now expanding to inscriptions with propositions of a perp dex too - is it same team that’ll be handling all part to efficiently deliver on all products or separate teams?

Also, how do you intend to gain market share alongside Vega inscription protocol or is there some sort of partnership?

The topic of SocialFi has really been on trend lately. I have been researching your site and have some questions:
1- should we be afraid of a simple token deploy that can be created by any non-technical user? will there be any moderation of this process?
2- Are there plans to charge a fee for using the platform in the future?
3- Are there plans to support other networks?

Been a fan of Nuvo from way back. I understand that you relentlessly provide innovative ideas.
As we all know you provide DID for users and now the NUVO tokens?
How will this strategically move for mass adoption of Metis?

This is a unique and exciting proposal but what ways does Nuvo contribute to improving liquidity and market depth on Metis, and how does this benefit both existing and potential users within the Metis community?

  1. Alternative Solution to High Fees and Network Congestion:
    Nuscription, by leveraging NIP-20 and NIP-721 protocols and operating on the Metis platform, offers innovative solutions to the prevalent issues of high fees and network congestion commonly associated with traditional blockchain networks like Ethereum. The NIP-20 and NIP-721 protocols are likely specialized standards for token creation, similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20 and ERC-721, but tailored to the Metis network’s architecture. This customization potentially allows for more efficient handling of transactions, leading to lower fees and reduced congestion. Additionally, being on the Metis network, which is designed for scalability and lower transaction costs, Nuscription can leverage these inherent advantages. This alignment with Metis’ scalable infrastructure helps in efficiently managing transaction loads, thus addressing the critical challenges of high fees and network congestion.

  2. Approach to Enhance Community Engagement and Social Interaction:
    Nuvo’s approach to fostering community engagement and social interaction is multifaceted, incorporating elements like the SBT-based NuvoBadge and a reputation power system. The NuvoBadge system, underpinned by Soulbound Tokens (SBTs), offers a way to represent users’ identities, achievements, or affiliations within the blockchain space. This can create a more engaging and interactive community where users are recognized and incentivized for their contributions and participations. The reputation power system adds another dimension, potentially allowing users to gain influence or benefits based on their activities and standing within the community. These features are designed to encourage active participation, create a sense of belonging, and foster a vibrant, interactive community within the blockchain ecosystem.

  3. Seamless Asset Flow Between Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2, and Contribution to the Metis Ecosystem:
    Nuscriptions facilitates a seamless flow of assets between Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks, offering a significant advantage for projects starting within the Metis ecosystem. This feature allows new projects to raise funds and operate initially in the Metis environment, leveraging its scalability and efficiency. The use of Nuscriptions as an alternative to traditional fundraising means that projects can gather funds and circulate them within Nuscriptions or NuDex, benefiting from the lower costs and faster transactions of the Layer 2 network. As these projects grow and their requirements evolve, they have the option to transfer funds to the larger Ethereum Layer 1 market, accessing a broader audience and greater liquidity. This flexibility and scalability provided by Nuscriptions not only benefit individual projects but also contribute to the overall growth and diversity of the Metis ecosystem, enhancing its attractiveness as a platform for blockchain development and innovation.

Hey, thank you for your interest in Nuvo and its integration within the Metis ecosystem. It’s great to see your enthusiasm about the potential of Nuvo. Let’s dive into how the integration of the Nuvosphere and Nuscriptions might enhance the user experience, improve transaction efficiency, and open up new avenues for social and financial interactions.

  1. Enhanced User Experience:
    The integration of the Nuvosphere with Nuscriptions in the Metis ecosystem is to significantly enhance the overall user experience. The Nuvosphere can offer a user-friendly interface and streamlined processes. This integration might simplify various blockchain interactions, making them more accessible and less intimidating, especially for those new to blockchain technology. Users could benefit from a more intuitive and engaging experience, with easier access to information, resources, and community support.

  2. Improved Transaction Efficiency:
    One of the core benefits of this integration is to be improved transaction efficiency. By leveraging the Metis network’s capabilities, transactions within the Nuvosphere, facilitated by Nuscriptions, could be faster and more cost-effective. This efficiency is crucial in reducing the barriers to entry for new users and maintaining the satisfaction of existing ones. Faster transaction times and lower fees not only improve the user experience but also make the platform more competitive in the broader blockchain landscape.

  3. New Opportunities for Social and Financial Interactions:
    The integration is poised to create novel opportunities for social and financial interactions. With features like Nuscriptions, which might offer unique ways of asset management and fundraising, users have access to innovative financial tools. This could open up new possibilities for crowdfunding, community-driven projects, or even new forms of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. Additionally, the social aspect, potentially fostered by the Nuvosphere, could include community engagement features, reputation systems, or collaborative projects, further enriching the ecosystem.

Hope I answered your question :slight_smile: :globe_with_meridians::sparkles:

Hey there!

It’s always cool to meet someone who’s been following the Matrix and is into the whole decentralized identity vibe. Let’s get into your questions about Nuvo and its latest moves with Nuscription.

  1. Decentralized Identity Protocol Features + New Marketplace Functionalities:
    As we expand Nuvo, we’re definitely keeping our decentralized identity (DID) features while we add new marketplace functionalities. It’s like enhancing our core offerings without losing sight of what made Nuvo special in the first place. We’re building upon our existing strengths, not pivoting away from them.

  2. New Features and Collateral-Free Loans:
    With our expansion into socialFi through the Nuvosphere and DeFi through Nuscriptions, we’re aiming to bring Nuvo closer to our objective of offering loans without collateralization. These new features are key steps towards building a more robust and trustworthy ecosystem, which is essential for achieving this ambitious goal. Keep an eye out on our progress as you might see this feature in Nudex in the future!

  3. Function of the NUVO Token:
    The NUVO token is integral to our ecosystem. It’s the key to accessing a range of services and features within Nuvo. As we roll out new functionalities, the role of the NUVO token is set to become even more central, potentially encompassing transaction facilitation, governance participation, and incentives within our platform.

  4. Advantages of NIP-20 and NIP-721 Protocols within NUVO:
    Our adoption of the NIP-20 and NIP-721 protocols, designed for the Metis network, is a strategic move to boost our platform’s efficiency and versatility. These protocols enable us to manage transactions more effectively, keep costs down, and offer unique features like innovative digital asset creation and trading. They’re crucial for making Nuvo more dynamic and appealing for both users and developers.

  1. Immutability and Integrity of Data in Nuvo Inscription on the Metis Blockchain:
    At Nuvo, ensuring the immutability and integrity of data embedded onto the Metis blockchain is a top priority for our Inscription service. To achieve this, we use cryptographic techniques like hashing and digital signatures. When data is inscribed onto the blockchain, it’s encrypted into a hash – a unique digital fingerprint. Any tiny change to the data would completely alter this hash, making tampering immediately evident. Moreover, digital signatures authenticate the data’s source, ensuring its origin is verifiable and trustworthy. The decentralized nature of the Metis blockchain further bolsters this security, as data once written onto the blockchain is virtually impossible to alter or delete by any single entity, ensuring its permanence and integrity.

  2. Leveraging Decentralization in Nuvosphere for Social Networking:
    In the Nuvosphere, our approach to creating a social network is deeply rooted in the principles of decentralization, reflecting the core vision of the Metis Ecosystem. We leverage decentralization in several key ways:

  • User Empowerment: Users have control over their data and content, unlike traditional social networks. This means they can manage their digital footprint and privacy settings more directly.

  • Tokenized Incentives: We utilize tokenized incentives to reward users for their contributions, such as content creation, curation, and community participation. This not only motivates quality content creation but also aligns with the decentralized ethos of fair value distribution.

  • Decentralized Governance: The platform features mechanisms for community-driven governance. Users can have a say in key decisions regarding the platform’s development and rules, fostering a sense of ownership and involvement.

  • Transparent Algorithms: Unlike centralized networks that often have opaque content algorithms, Nuvosphere strives for transparency in how content is distributed and promoted, ensuring fairness and avoiding biases.

  • Interactivity and Collaboration: We emphasize features that encourage collaboration and interaction among users, fostering a vibrant community where relationships and networking thrive in a decentralized manner.

Through these measures, Nuvosphere aims to redefine social networking in line with decentralization, offering users a more autonomous, rewarding, and transparent social media experience. :globe_with_meridians::speech_balloon::rocket:

This looks really intriguing, and it will be amazing to witness the transformative impact of the project on the Metis ecosystem. However, can you elaborate on how Nuscription will address the issue of network congestion and high transaction fees on the blockchain?

  1. the Need for Inscriptions on an EVM Chain:

Purpose and Benefits: At Nuvo, our inscriptions on an EVM chain bring an added dimension to blockchain transactions by embedding complex, contextual data. This isn’t just about token transfers; it’s about enriching each transaction with meaningful information, leveraging the robust capabilities of our sophisticated Indexer.

Addressing Challenges and Concerns: We tackle network congestion and potential misuse head-on. Our Indexer is specially designed for efficient interaction with EVM-compatible blockchains. It continuously monitors events, indexes data for quick retrieval, and processes operations like deploy, mint, and transfer. The Indexer also tracks token ownership changes and handles specific contract-emitted events, ensuring seamless integration with smart contracts. Moreover, its robust validation mechanisms and error handling maintain data integrity and operational accuracy, making everything transparent and auditable.

Real-World Applications: Inscriptions serve crucial roles in scenarios like supply chain management, where each product’s journey can be immutably tracked, or in the art world for verifying the authenticity and history of artworks. It’s about adding a layer of rich information to blockchain transactions.

  1. Status of Decentralized IDs and Original Vision:

Soulbound Tokens and Decentralized IDs: The concept of decentralized IDs and Soulbound tokens remains integral to Nuvo. These technologies are essential for establishing trusted identities on our platform and are key to our various functionalities.

Original Vision and DACs: Our original vision, including support for the development of DACs, is still very much alive. We’re committed to the middleware that facilitates the transition of Web 2 businesses to Web 3. For the most up to date roadmap of DAC, please reach out to Koris. Our expansion into new areas like marketing campaigns and user rewards are complementary to these foundational objectives.

  1. Partnership with Vega Protocol: In the context of inscriptions on Metis, our partnership with Vega Protocol is significant. Vega’s first inscriptions were launched through Nuscriptions, demonstrating our collective efforts to enhance the blockchain ecosystem. This collaboration highlights our commitment to working together rather than focusing on who was first.