CVP Proposal: O3 Swap - Deployed on Metis mainnet and supported cross-chain

O3 Swap V2 is going to officially launch the Metis Network starting from July 15th. Meanwhile, the liquidity mining of LP- METIS, WETH, USDC, USDT and O3 on Metis mainnet will also start. From 15th, you can swap assets between Metis and any ecosystem on O3 Swap to experience the seamless cross-chain. :grinning:

About O3 Labs

O3 Labs is a blockchain development collective, first launched in 2017. There are two main products from O3 Labs. We have worked tirelessly to contribute our efforts towards the advancement of the specialized development field of crypto-wallet. In 2021, the O3 Labs team incubated a proprietary cross-chain aggregation protocol - O3 Swap.


1. O3 Swap

O3 Swap V2 is the first-ever cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the top EVM-compatible blockchains. O3 swap has already integrated with 9 blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Gnosis Chain, Fantom, Optimism, Avalanche and Cube Chain.


  • Aggregates multiple DEXs on the source chains and the destination chains
  • Allow for exchanges of native tokens across chains
  • Introduced two-way capital pools through an NPAP liquidity pool mechanism (nativeToken & pegged Token AMM Pools)
  • The O3 Gas Station allows users to trade EVM-compatible gas tokens in a decentralized way without ever having to login to a CEX

2. O3 Cross-Chain Wallet

O3 cross-chain wallet is a mobile cross-chain smart wallet specially created for DeFi users. It supports one-click switching and customization of any EVM-compatible chains with user-friendly interface. The O3 cross-chain wallet also has a built-in cross-chain DEX aggregator.


  • Supports one-click switching of any EVM-compatible chains
  • Securely manage encrypted assets on multiple blockchains with only one set of mnemonic/private keys
  • Integrates the functions of Bridge, Swap, and Hub in O3 Interchange
  • Realize the exchange function of the main asset (Gas) on any EVM-compatible chain

How do we support Metis?

  1. O3 Swap deployed on Metis mainnet on July 15th, 2022. Bring more users and volumes to Metis chain.
  2. Users are able to bridge their assets from other EVM compatible chains to Metis Andromeda. Seamlessly Bridge + swap tokens from and to Metis.
  3. At the same time, we will open cross-chain liquidity pools including METIS, wETH, USDC, USDT and O3 on Metis mainnet. Users are able to stake their tokens to earn $O3.
  4. Marketing: announcement on Medium, Twitter and our communities when launch on Metis.

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