CVP Proposal: Oaziz DAO - Web3 events ecosystem

We’re Oaziz DAO – a team of both blockchain and events experts with shared goals and values: bring Web3 to events and events to Web3. Oaziz DAO is a Web3 app designed for people to organize events, sell tickets and engage communities on a whole new level.

The crypto industry itself showed significant progress over time. Since the first big noise around crypto in 2014, we have come a long way to intelligent contracts and NFTs as a concept. And just in a few years, the global market is almost ready to use it not just as artwork storage but as access keys to different goods and services. In 2022 Oaziz’s primary goal is to deliver WEB3 solutions to the event industry and make all the practical user activities valuable. Starting with implementing basic NFT features for ticketing and user rewards, we aim to attract regular event attendees to the WEB3 world and develop a fully tokenized community.

So, what is OAZIZ in a few words? It is an excellent blended cocktail of WEB3 B2B2C product for event organizers, NFT with use cases between attendees and business, and DAO transparency for everyone.

And in the midterm, we are going to deliver the first releases of our solutions for event organizers. We believe that using NFTs for regular deals would help to bring closer the mass adoption of crypto services.


We want to invite all Metis users to get access to NFT tickets from events worldwide while not leaving their native blockchain network. Following our goals we have assumed a few steps for the integration with Metis.



Discord: Ozaru (ex. Oaziz)