CVP Proposal: OmniBTC

Basic Information

OmniBTC is the ultimate cross-chain swap and lending platform that unifies all on-chain liquidity using interoperability protocols such as LayerZero, Wormhole, and Celer Network, etc, and allowing users to swap and lend any token on any chain without interacting with multiple protocols, DEX, and bridges.

We offer a few key features and benefits:

-OmniSwap(Cross-chain Swap): Users can swap Token A in Chain A for any other assets on Optimism with one click. We realize the cross-chain swap by integrating with multi-interoperability protocols.

-OmniLending(Cross-chain Lending): Users can easily deposit any chain’s token into our pools and borrow other assets on any chain. We got 10M TVL just after serval months of release.

Besides, OmniBTC was granted by Sui Foundation, Optimism Foundation, Web3 Foundation, and DoraHacks.

Data Overview

1. Product Usage

1.1 Basic Data

Data as 3rd, Jan


-Total Trading Volume: 168M+

-Total Transactions: 1.1M+

-Monthly Trading Volume: $15M+

-Monthly Trading Transactions: 65K+

-Total unique addresses that interact with Protocol: 333,920


-TVL: $19M

-Total Supply:$12.5M

-Total Borrow: $6.6M

1.2 TOP Transactions

Our hottest trending pair is Optimism, Arbitrum, BEVM(BTC Layer 2). We integrated BEVM this middle Nov and soon accomplished a $10M transaction volume with just one BEVM chain.

2. Social Media

-Twitter Follower:88.6K

-Discord Member:21K

-Medium Subscriber:1.1K

How do Metis and OmniBTC integration benefit each other?

  1. Improve Ecosystem Activeness: OmniBTC will bring Metis to more exposures like our community. Incentive them to bridge to Metis and activate the whole ecosystem. Also as the platform, users who need to engage Metis will benefit us to take their Defi needs. Moreover, we support 18+ hottest chains like BTC Layer 2 BEVM, Solana, Starknet…After supporting Metis, we’ll expand the bridge space for users to better shuttle with different ecosystems, and bring more interactions to Metis.
  2. Marketing Cooperation Exposure: Though it’s not as important as ecosystem flourishing, marketing, and exposure also make something. Helping each other to bring things to more users and cooperating to launch more interesting incentive campaigns can also grow the community.
  3. Community Expansion: There’s no doubt Metis is on a fast expansion and development, we’d love to be one of it and partner with other projects to build Metis together.

Basic Info