CVP Proposal: OpenName-Building Omnichain Name service for Metis


OpenName is an Omnichain Name Service designed for millions of Web3 users. It supports seamless cross-chain name transfer using LayerZero and also supports custom TLDs.

How does OpenName work?

At OpenName, users can register their favorite web3 domains, TLDs and establish their own domain ecosystem.

When you register a TLD, you have ownership, management, operation, and revenue rights over the TLD. Every time someone uses your TLD to register a domain name, you can earn domain registration fees!

OpenName helps users generate income, enhance community consensus, and improve brand awareness.

The Features of OpenName:

  1. OmniChain distribution: You can use the OpenName platform to register domains and TLDs across multiple chains with minimal cost and maximum efficiency.
  2. Secure and efficient cross-chain: By leveraging LayerZero’s cross-chain technology, OpenName enables secure, fast, and efficient cross-chain domain and TLD transfers.
  3. Customized TLDs: Any person or organization can publish customized TLDs on the OpenName platform.
  4. Elimination of Domain Name Layer: You can create any unique and creative domain name according to your preferences and needs.
  5. Affordable Registration: Get your desired domain name for as low as $0.99/year. Get your desired TLD for as low as $99/year.

What are the benefits of OpenName creating for Metis users and the ecosystem:

Users can more easily get their favorite domain names

1, OpenName adopts a low-price, high-quality domain name pricing strategy, allowing every user to obtain their favorite domain name at a very low cost.

2, OpenName adheres to the spirit of Web3, opening all character domain name registrations, so users will not be unable to register for their preferred domain names because of character length limitations.

3, OpenName has more TLDs options. The limited availability of TLDs on the market has led to their near exhaustion and monopoly, posing a challenge to those who strive to obtain personalized Web3 domain names and TLDs.

4, OpenName is an open platform, every user can have a TLDs on OpenName and earn high returns, because OpenName believes that small individuals also have their own brands.

5, Ecosystem project empowerment. Any person or organization can publish customized TLDs on the OpenName platform. Metis ecosystem projects can have their own brand TLDs through OpenName, to enhance the consensus and brand influence of ecosystem projects.

Project Milestone and Roadmap
2023 Q2 (4-6)

OpenName Omnichain Domain Service Platform enters development phase

2023 Q3 (7-9)

On August 15, 2023, OpenName V1.0 goes live, opening Domains for registration

  • Supports over 7 mainstream public chains
  • Integrated with LayerZero, supporting seamless cross-chain for domains
  • Supports over 50 TLDs
  • Integrated with mainstream wallet to log into OpenName Dapp

September 2023

OpenName Omnichain Domains registration reaches 10,000

OpenName Omnichain Domains Owners reach 10,000

2023 Q4 (10-12)

October 2023

OpenName Omnichain Domains Owners reach 40,000

OpenName Omnichain Domains registration reaches 50,000

OpenName Omnichain Domains cross-chain count exceeds 10,000

November 2023

OpenName optimizes Domains pricing, providing high-quality and cost-effective Omnichain domain services. Omnichain domain prices start at $0.99/year.

November 30, 2023

OpenName V2.0 goes live, opening TLDs for registration

  • Supports over 15 mainstream public chains
  • OpenName Domains registration exceeds 70,000, Owners exceed 50,000
  • Open TLDs for registration, more convenient for custom suffixes
  • Supports over 80 TLDs

December 2023

  • OpenName support more token options as registration fee payments and will add more tokens as payment options!

Q1 2024

  • Ambassador Program
  • Launch OpenName Points System
  • Support more tokens as registration fee payment

Q2 2024

  • Domain Owners surpass 100,000
  • Domain registration count surpass 150,000
  • Adopt more communities to own TLDs and expand OpenName domain naming ecosystem

Q3 2024

  • Launch OpenName marketplace to allow users easily trade their domains and TLDs

Q4 2024

  • TLDs Owners can customize registration fee payment methods, vouchers, whitelists
  • Domain owners reach 200,000
  • Domain registrations reached 300,000

With OpenName, we are revolutionizing the concept of domains and TLDs in the Web3 era. By addressing the core problems of the market and offering decentralized domain solutions, our goal is to create a more inclusive and user-friendly Web3 experience. Join us as we pave the way for a decentralized future. Stay tuned for OpenName and seize the opportunity to own your perfect decentralized domains and TLDs.



We launched Metis on our test environment, and we record a video to show you how you can register an OpenName domain/TLDs on Metis, and how you can bridge the domain/TLDs from other networks to Metis. :slight_smile:

:point_right: Demo_Metis.mp4 - Google Drive


Interesting Proposal… ave got some questions!

Here it goes

  1. Are there any requirements to register a domain?
  2. Let say I have a domain name that I will love to registered, how will know, the domain name has not been used by someone else to avoid clashes?
  3. It stated here, that every time someone uses your TLD to register a domain name, you can earn domain registration fee, the question is how do you know that that someone has used your TLD. Does the platform gives a notification for that?
  4. How will this partnership benefit Metis and it ecosystem at large?
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1- How does OpenName’s Omnichain Domain Service Platform contribute to the Web3 ecosystem and what features does it plan to highlight to encourage users to switch to decentralized domain names?

2- What is the most interesting or unexpected challenge that OpenName has faced in achieving its goal of spreading the concept of decentralized domain names worldwide and what measures have they taken to overcome this challenge?

3-While OpenName offers low-cost domain names to Web3 users, what are the platform’s priorities regarding security and user privacy and how can they explain the measures they take in this regard?

Another interesting project on Metis. Names, identity along with reputation in Web3 are closely related and also have a good promising future.

But I also had a couple of questions:

  1. As the owner of my name, I would like to understand whether someone has priority when registering. For example, projects from the Metis ecosystem also want to have their own unique name, will they be a priority? Will other users take advantage of this for their own speculative purposes?
  2. You also stated that the Open Name platform uses LayerZero cross-chain technology? What does it mean? Support one domain name simultaneously on different networks?
  3. How is income generated from owning a domain name?
  4. Will this domain name support the messenger function? LayerZero successfully tests this function, but when sending a message to an EVM address.

Thank you for your attention.

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Hi Melo, Great proposal from OpenName! Just a few questions however:

  1. I think I’m having confusions as to the domains and web3 IDs like ENS; can I register any name like Prince.Omobee or or it’d be like ENS where it’s .eth or.metis for Metis name IDs??

  2. If I register a name or domain on Metis, can I transfer that domain to any of the supported blockchains? (Answering question 1 will give more clarity to this one)

  3. How much does it cost to get a domain name with an already established TLD and if I were to create my own TLD? Following up, how do I track the data on people using my TLD and my earnings?

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Hello! Below is the answer for your questions:

  1. Anyone can register OpenName domain or TLD. You just need to pay some registration fees.(If you had vouchers or WLs from some previous marketing campaign, you can get free or discounted domain)
  2. OpenName support over 15 networks, if you register a domain on any chain that we support, the registered domain will occupied in all the networks that we supported, so it won’t cause clash.
  3. Once you register your TLD, you’ll see the dashboard that has everything that you need such notification, registration data, price setting etc.
  4. a. since we support LayerZero, we can do something to encourage others bridge their domain or TLDs from other network to Metis. b. OpenName can provide .metis service for users. c. any DApp that build on Metis can have their own TLD also, it can act like credential, social profile etc.

Hi MIKHRALI, thank you for your questions, below are the answers for them:

  1. If the registered domain is reserved, then only the specific person can register this domain. This happens when some project reaches out to us or we collab with them, we will do this.
  2. Support LayerZero means that you can bridge your registered domain or TLD from one network to another network.
  3. If you own an OpenName domain, your income comes from inviting other people to register domain/TLD through your invite link, you can generate link or apply higher rewards here: OpenName.

If you own an OpenName TLD, and you turn on the registration, once someone register a domain under your TLD, you will get 60% or more registration fee share.
4. We will update when we support this!

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Hey Prince.Omobee!

  1. Exactly you can register a prince.omobee on OpenName, the procedure should be: first you(or anyone) can register a TLD “.omobee” and turn on the registration, then you(or anyone) can register a prince.omobee! That is one of the unique feature of OpenName: we have more TLD options and anyone can create TLD with their brand or their creativity.
  2. Yes of course since OpenName support LayerZero, but LayerZero may not support cross-chain of Metis to all the networks that we support, I think just 4 currently.
  3. You can check the pricing when you register a domain/TLD or here’s doc: OpenName
    Once you own your TLD, there will be a dashboard to trach every data that you need on “My TLDs” section.

Wow. This is unique! I would love to see this integration on Metis. Here’s my question by the way;

The roadmap outlines the launch of an OpenName marketplace in Q3 2024. How could this marketplace enhance the trading experience for Metis users and contribute to the overall growth of the decentralized domain ecosystem within the Metis community?

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  1. Where practically can domain names created on your platform be used? No centralized exchange (that I know of) supports withdrawal of funds to the domain name address. Is this issue being addressed globally?
  2. Could there be a domain name conflict if another platform offering the same services as you enters the market? In other words, will I or someone else be able to register an existing domain name using another service?
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Hi @Melo
Welcome to Metis, Nice proposal.

Although this is my first time hearing about TLDs. From your proposal, I could deduce it is meant for projects and the like e.g. [.metis] etc.

  1. What if an individual decided to buy a TLDs like [.metis] and started selling it out domain names although he is not part of the project? How do you plan to prevent this?
  2. What makes your project better than ENS?
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Good proposal.
So here is my question
In what ways does OpenName’s platform align with the principles and goals of the Metis ecosystem, especially regarding the empowerment of individual users and organizations in establishing their own brand TLDs?

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Hello there :wave:, a nice proposal but gat some few questions i would really love answers to:

  1. If I want to apply for two similar or related TLDs, for example, “.bells” and “.thebells” would that be two applications or one? And if two, do I have to pay same amount or a lesser one for each?

  2. I love your concept of affordable registration but in case of financial market conditions, Will OpenName consider reducing the price to get my desired domain name? Or perhaps a promo to adopt more and new users?

  3. Is it possible to transfer my domain ownership to any other person i deem fit? I mean to another handler?

This is really impressive from the team, I have two questions I want to ask

  1. How do you envision leveraging OpenName to establish your own unique domain ecosystem and enhance brand awareness in the web3 world?

  2. Can you enlighten me more on the potential impact of OpenName’s revenue-sharing model on the growth and sustainability of the decentralized domain space?

Great to see this initiative here on Metis, decentralised domain names and dids are on the rise now, and hopefully if you can implement a very user friendly and easy to understand user guide I think onboarding won’t be much of a problem. Just need to get the why should I transition right and you are good to go.

Thanks for the detailed answer. I hope you achieve all your goals with Metis.

TLD across chain coming to metis?
Freaking awesome!

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This is an interesting project. I’d love to see this continue in Metis. Let me ask you a question.

I saw on the roadmap that you are launching the OpenName Marketplace in Q3 2024. How will this marketplace enhance the trading experience for Metis users? Please explain your strategy and expectations. And will it contribute to the overall growth of the decentralized domain ecosystem within the Metis community? Is there anything different from what we’ve seen before?

Hello! These are good questions, below are the corresponding answers:

  1. We are currently working on to let more platform/DApps to support OpenName reverse resolution, so that your domain will be displayed in the platform/dapp when using them.
  2. No need to worry about the conflict issue, since different domain service has different system/protocol/contract. But among the same TLD/domains, who will be the standard/unique one? That should be the consensus issue, see who can got more users’ recognization.

Hope this helps!

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