CVP Proposal: Partnership With Metis From JoystreamDAO

Hi there, I’m from Gleev, a platform like YouTube where you can share your videos and earn money. We love your channel and we want you to join us and grow your audience on Gleev as well. Here are some benefits of joining Gleev:

  • It’s easy and fast. Just sign up with your YouTube channel and your videos will be automatically uploaded to Gleev.

  • It’s rewarding. You will get a sign up bonus and earn our native token $JOY for every video you upload. You can withdraw $JOY anytime and sell it on MEXC and Bitget exchanges.

  • It’s fun and social. You will get featured in near future on our browser when we have that space. You can also invite your fans to join Gleev with your referral link and get more bonuses.

  • We will help you to grow in gleev also when you do the post regarding joining in the Gleev we will retweet that immediately and we will featured you in our twitter through that. Not only that we will also promote your project & it’s gleev channel in our weekly report twitter thread. And it would be an honourable mention for sure regarding your project.

So what are you waiting for? Join Gleev today and start earning money with your videos. Here are the links to sign up and learn more:

You can also check out some of the big projects who have joined Gleev:

We hope you will join us soon and become part of our Gleev family. Thank you for your time and attention. :blush:

In details if I want to say…

About the benefits and terms are very simple

We just want you to sign up in our platform with your YouTube channel and grow there as well like YouTube.

Now regarding the benefits in here in there partnership…

  1. You will get promoted by us and we will highlight your projects gleev channel in our weekly data Twitter thread

  2. You guys will create partnership post and we will immediately retweet it so that you also get highlighted in our platform since we have a very active community they will know regarding you and watch your videos through our platform.

  3. When you sign up in our platform through your YouTube channel you will get a sign up bonus + every YouTube videos of yours will be automatically uploaded in our platform and for each video you will get some earning which will be in our governance token called $JOY.

  4. You can withdraw that $JOY anytime and sell it into MEXC and Bitget Exchange.

  5. When we will have separate space in our browser to highlight our partners we will surely add you on there.

  6. When your users sign up through your referral link in our platform you both will get bonus. Like it will be a good opportunity for you and your users to earn money with their small YouTube channel

  7. You can use the earning for your marketing or use for the users as well. Upto you…

So what are you waiting for? Sign up just takes 2 minutes and a partnership post takes a day. Let’s make our relation strong through this partnership

I know it’s too very long. But kindly take time and read it. And hopefully I will be responded with a good news. Thank you

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