CVP Proposal: PayTrie - A Dedicated On/Off-Ramp Service For Metis

PayTrie is a Canadian project committed to providing a transparent and user-friendly non-custodial stablecoin on-/off-ramp service. Our primary goal is to eliminate common barriers that deter users from entering the crypto space, ensuring a seamless experience with a fixed 0.6% fee and no hidden costs.

Navigating the crypto landscape is simplified with PayTrie. Our platform allows users to effortlessly buy or cash out stablecoins, completing transactions within minutes. Watch our tutorial videos for a step-by-step guide:

PayTrie caters to a diverse user base, emphasizing non-custodial principles to grant users sole control over their funds and private keys. The platform’s efficiency is underscored by the swift transfer of funds to the user’s wallet or exchange post-transaction completion. Our user-friendly approach appeals to both novices and experienced users, offering a curated selection of stablecoins for an easy entry into the crypto space. Supported networks seamlessly integrate with various ecosystems, ensuring a smooth transition for users.

In contrast to existing projects, PayTrie stands out as a dedicated on/off-ramp service, serving as a direct bridge from fiat to crypto within the Metis ecosystem. Rather than assuming users already possess cryptocurrency, PayTrie focuses on facilitating the crucial step of converting fiat to crypto, positioning itself as an essential entry point for Metis users.

Our mission is to demystify the perception that buying crypto is expensive and complicated. PayTrie prioritizes speed, convenience, and user-friendliness, presenting an accessible solution for anyone looking to enter the cryptocurrency space.

Explore PayTrie:

Thank you for your interest in Metis. I want to ask you a few questions;

1-You state that PayTrie offers a user-friendly and transparent stablecoin on-/off-ramp service. How do you ensure the transparency of your platform and what measures do you take to ensure the security and privacy of your users?

2-PayTrie enables users to seamlessly purchase stablecoins or complete cash transactions in minutes. But how do you ensure the security and reliability of this service and what licenses and regulations are you subject to?

3-You state that PayTrie’s user-friendly approach appeals to a diverse user base, from novices to experienced users. What strategies do you implement to improve the user experience and increase user satisfaction?

4-PayTrie stands out as a specialized on-ramp service that serves as a direct bridge from fiat to crypto. However, you think you are in a unique position within the Metis ecosystem. How do you plan to utilize this advantage and what unique benefits do you aim to offer Metis users?

5-Lastly, PayTrie’s mission is stated as demystifying the perception that buying crypto is expensive and complicated. What strategies and steps are you taking to fulfill this mission and what are your future goals?

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Not sure here, aren’t the fees to high?

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