CVP Proposal: Poker Space - Web3 sport poker platform


Poker Space is an innovative blockchain platform for sport poker, aiming to transform the online poker industry by providing transparency, security, and decentralized governance.

Value Proposition

We offer unique participation in a DAO, allowing players to influence the development of the platform and experience different roles: from player to club owner, investor, digital creator, blogger.

Uniqueness Factor

A distinctive feature is the integration of smart contracts, PSP token, NFTs, and traditional business models, creating a hybrid system that combines blockchain and traditional earning methods.

Benefits for Users

The platform offers a variety of poker disciplines, personalized poker training using AI, an innovative feed, a web3 store where users can buy and sell digital assets, NFTs for club and union creation, and staking for user profiting and the right to participate in DAO.

Benefits for Metis Ecosystem

We plan to attract 200,000 users within the first year and significantly increase TVL and transactions in Metis by offering exclusive services and staking to enhance activity.


Armen Ambartsumyan - 10 online poker clubs, 50,000+ players

Vasily Sinyugin - offline poker Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai - 5,000 players

Advisor - Mark X



Poker Space combines the advantages of blockchain into sports poker to create a fair and secure environment, offering a new level of interaction and governance for players.

Official Links

• Website:

• Documentation: For Investors - Google Drive