CVP Proposal Pokerin: A Revolutionary GameFi/Play-2-Earn Business Model for Poker


Pokerin is the first poker-room on the market with a unique functionality that gives both active and passive users the opportunity to earn money by integrating poker mechanics with unique DeFi capabilities, introducing rake-farming, NFT integration and additional gamification features.

A project from the team that developed Total Poker, Farm Frenzy, My Cafe, Toy Protection, Wild Animal League, Goodwill. A team with many years of experience in game development and has successfully launched more than 20 mobile games on the market, with a total audience of more than 210,000,000 users, and a total income of more than $ 110,000,000.

The unique concept of rake-farming makes it possible even for inactive users to earn and receive commissions from gaming sessions on the platform. Users can stake project tokens to receive a proportional share of the collected commissions.

Also, for various activities, users can receive special prize NFT tokens, which give them additional opportunities both when playing at tables and when farming. Also, the project is one of the few on the market that initially provides functionality for guilds and backers, giving the opportunity to earn money by sponsoring other players as well as having sustainable economic model.



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