CVP Proposal: Polarys - Bringing utility NFTs to everyday businesses

Polarys: bringing utility NFTs to everyday businesses

I. Written Description of the Tech Utility and Features:

  • Polarys aims to propose the easiest Web3 onboarding suite for Web2 users, businesses, creators and
  • In order to do so, Polarys built a suite made of 3 products built on Metis Andromeda :
    • Multi-chain Minting Engine
    • Marketplace
    • Wallet
  • Users don’t need to have any code or crypto knowledge to onboard. Polarys focuses on utility NFT and provides an end-to-end solution.
    • Multi-chain Minting Engine:
      • Mint from Eth, BSC, Polygon, Avax, FTM, Solana ( Not live yet ) or with Fiat (not live yet ) to Metis
      • This custom built minting engine allows :
        • Any crypto or non-crypto user to be onboarded to Metis
        • Fiat users to be onboarded on-chain without noticing it
      • Key features of the AMME:
        • Users don’t need to bridge funds to Metis prior to minting
        • IRL purchases from users at stores will trigger transactions on Metis chain without users knowing they are using it
    • Marketplace:
      • Although Polarys aims to build its custom marketplace, we partnered with Chainstarters to built a white-label solution for Polarys. This allows us to propose a fully-working marketplace out of the box and accelerates our go-to-market.
      • Chainstarters also provides support for Fiat, Ether and Polygon
      • We are working with Chainstarter team to launch their tokengating feature which is crucial for further development of Polarys goal.
    • Wallet:
      • Same as for the marketplace, Polarys aims to build its custom wallet solution. Our MVP will be built with Magic.Link which is already integrated with Chainstarters
      • Magic.Link allows Polarys to work with a 1-click wallet solution, removing the hassle of crypto wallet onboarding for Web2 users.

II. Written Description of the Unique Value Proposition:

Our main objective is to accelerate web3 adoption by bringing utility NFTs to everyday businesses & users. Our unique value proposition

1. We offer an end to end support along the full lifecycle of utility NFTs, with easy onboarding into web3 and Metis ecosystem in particular. Our offering is made of 3 key parts:

  • Our automated multi-chain minting engine allowing any user to buy an NFT with USDC from ETH, Polygon, AVAX, BSC, FTM and mint it on Metis Andromeda without needing to bridge the funds (We are currently working to add fiat onboarding) - Already LIVE
  • A marketplace for selling and reselling utility NFTs, powered by Chainstarters - Live by mid september
  • A one-click wallet to enable any non-crypto user to get their wallet set up and get their NFTs in it - Live by mid september

2. We focus on utility NFTs only (not only collectibles) that give holders access to tangible rewards from everyday businesses.

  • We aim to be THE reference for utility NFTs from trusted businesses that people use every day online and in real life. One concrete example that we are working on as a proof of concept on our MVP is a coffee shop (in Belgium) that will create on Polarys a collection of 100 NFTs, “Coffee for life”, giving holders access to shipment of a bag of premium coffee shipped to their homes (worldwide) once a month for as long as they hold the NFT

3. We have 2 entities, one in the UK and one in Lithuania and are in the process of getting a crypto exchange and wallet authorisation in the EU.

  • This will enable us to compliantly swap crypto for fiat and hold crypto for our business customers, thus removing here one of the biggest hurdle for crypto adoption from everyday businesses. Concretely this means that any business that launches on Polarys will not have to handle any crypto on their finances.

III. Pitch Deck & Video:

IV. Whitepaper:

V. Roadmap:

VI. Website:

VII. Social Media:

  • Twitter: PolarysDAC
  • Discord:
  • Telegram: @PolarysDAC
  • Linkedin: polarysnft

VIII. Smart contract Audit:

IX. List of Verified Smart Contracts on Andromeda:

Congratulations for passing the CEG program!