CVP Proposal: Poly Network

About Poly Network

Poly Network is a global cross-chain protocol for implementing blockchain interoperability and building Web3.0 infrastructure. Poly Network has also integrated over 20 blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, HECO, OKC, Neo, Ontology, Zilliqa, Elrond, Gnosis Chain, etc. Since the launch, the protocol has enabled cross-chain asset transfer of more than $16 billion USD, and its TVL surpasses $6 billion USD.

Website and Audits

Official site: PolyNetwork

Audits: GitHub - polynetwork/audit-report


Poly Network provides a set of cross-chain solutions. It can connect multiple blockchain networks.

Poly Network has accomplished three major breakthroughs:

  1. Removed the technical roadblocks such as the large differences in consensus algorithms and underlying architectures between various blockchains, the lack of cross-chain information security guarantees, and the low execution speed of cross-chain transactions.

  2. Enabled board members to access other heterogeneous chains quickly, conveniently, and at low cost, and also supports application scenarios with transactional consistency requirements.

  3. Connected currently isolated blockchain ecosystems to create an innovative model for the Next-Generation Internet (NGI).

Poly Network‘s application layer products (Poly Bridge, etc.) are laid in mainly three directions:

  • Cross-chain token transactions
  • Cross-chain NFT transactions
  • Liquidity Pool

The cross-chain services of Poly Bridge are low-cost (0 gas fee), easy and fast.

Ecosystem Partners

Unique Value

Poy Nework’s dApp Poly Bridge is so far the only cross-chain bridge that supports $Metis be transferred between BNB Chain and Andromeda.

Stay Tuned!

· Official site:

· Poly Bridge:

· Twitter:

· Medium: Poly Network – Medium

· Telegram: Telegram: Contact @polynetworkgroup


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