CVP Proposal: Quick Intel


Quick Intel is the first token scanner that scan and alerts on malicious tokens down to the code level. Rather than letting you know just what is similar to other contracts, Quick Intel specifies exactly what piece of code is suspicious.

Additionally providing taxes, honeypot check, locked LP, hidden owner, what can be run after renouncement and more.

Website // Docs

:globe_with_meridians: Features

:white_check_mark: Token Buy/Sell Tax
:white_check_mark: LP Lock
:white_check_mark: Honeypot check
:white_check_mark: QUICKI Audit
:white_check_mark: Wallet Distribution
:white_check_mark: Token Details
:white_check_mark: Liquidity Information


Quick Intel provides quick token information which is crucial to investors. Users can scan tokens/projects via the web scanner, a Telegram Bot, or Discord Bot. This allows users the flexibility and ease of use that is needed. Our utility is to combat scammers on as many chains as possible. Out tools are live on METIS today and can be used.



Hello Quick Intel team,

Are you planning to integrate Metis Andromeda?

Hello! Yes, this screenshot is with Metis Andromeda integrated for example. :slight_smile:

Do I understand correctly that Metis Network was not integrated in the entire product? I saw that there is a scan of the token works with Metis, but I was a little confused that I cannot connect to the site on first visit using Andromeda Network, and also some services are not available for Mets Network. Do you plan to connect Metis completely? What about list to buy QUICKI on Metis DEXes?

Ah yes, so we have a few different tools we have and are building.

Our core product, which is the scanner is where Metis is integrated across the web, TG Bot, and Discord Bot.

On the Dashboard side we can add Metis, but currently our focus was the scanner because we’re aiming to provide safety and security to combat scammers.

The Dashboard tracks new token launches for traders to find early gems, so today was currently based on demand. But yes eventually we plan to incorporate all the chains the scanner supports to the Dashboard side.

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Dear Team of Quick Intel Project,

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to apply and meet with your team about the Community Verification Process. We enjoyed learning more about your business as well as your features and product direction. We regret to inform you that we’ve to Decline your application due to the lack of necessary Content Requirements for passing the CEG, which are described at Proposal Requirements - Community Ecosystem Governance

  • Low tech Utility for Ecosystem;

(in this section we will describe what the project lacks for CEG)

Once you get missing Content Requirements, feel free to submit the proposal again in CVP in Review category, and we will be happy to resume the process

Thank you for your consideration.

Metis Team

Hello @Vladimir.Metis, with the updated grants, and time, we have heavily expanded our product. Are we able to re-submit with updated information for a grant using this exisitn CVP?