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The Redacted ecosystem is a product suite of smart contracts empowering on-chain liquidity, governance, and cash flow for DeFi protocols.

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Hidden Hand by Redacted is a marketplace for governance incentives, commonly referred to as “bribes.” Protocols can leverage Hidden Hand to enable more efficient governance processes and to engage their voters. Through Hidden Hand users can earn extra yield on their favorite governance tokens via bribes.

Protocols deposit a bribe into the Hidden Hand smart contract, which are sent back to users as a reward for their voting power. Voters can review the bribes available, or search for a proposal. Once they decide where to commit their voting power, they can determine what portion of their holdings to vote with. After the voting period ends, the incentive pool is distributed to voters based on their share of the overall votes contributed

Token Description/Utility

Through Hidden hand, voters can earn rewards for actively participating in governance and projects can ensure their most important proposals receive the necessary attention from their community.

Redacted’s token holders can also lock their BTRFLY tokens to receive rlBTRFLY, the project’s revenue locked token which rewards holders with a share of revenue earned from Redacted’s products. Redacted gets a 4% fee from each bribe deposited on Hidden Hand, and this fee is distributed 50/50 between the project’s treasury and their revenue locked (rl) BTRFLY token holders. BTRFLY Lockers receive BTRFLY and ETH rewards while still being able to participate in Redacted Governance Proposals.

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Hidden Hand Metis Audit

a good project and strong team in a predictable and transparent roadmap, planned and projected, i think in the near future we will see an unprecedented growth of this project

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