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Replete Finance is a chain abstracted liquidity protocol where users can supply and borrow to any connected chain without leaving the comfort of their home chain. Replete does so by leveraging cross-chain infrastructure powered by LayerZero and the various bridging routes provided by Stargate.

Replete is designed to not require supply side liquidity on connected chains, this allows the protocol to scale to more chains and cover more routes for users. This means that users can supply from and borrow to any connected chain while retaining the various benefits of a single liquidity pool.

This proposal is intended to formalize the relationship with Metis and present the protocol to the community and fine folks governing MetisDAO as we seek feedback and actors to test the protocol.

How does Metis benefit from Replete?

Directly it benefits Metis by being one of the partners utilizing the Stargate bridge. Bringing revenue to LPs in the form of bridging fees and helping increase incentives for providing liquidity.

Users wanting to supply to Replete earn on liquidity provided across all connected chains instead of solely Metis. In other words, a supplier on Metis earns from all connected markets as their assets are made available across connected blockchains.

Additionally, with enough demand and provided the Metis token follows OFT standard, Replete can add a market for Metis token. Unlocking for Metis stakeholders a liquidity avenue that users can redeploy (at the cost of interest) on either Metis or any connected chain.

Perhaps more interesting is that Replete helps users to discover Metis as one of the first routes supported, meaning that users that want to explore Metis can do so without having to swap to bridgeable assets, dramatically improving user experience and facilitating a new route for users to be onboard to Metis.

How does Replete benefit from Metis?

Metis is one of the chains that was pre-emptively selected to deploy Replete to. That decision is based on the aspirations of Metis governance, which is a source of inspiration for core contributors to Replete Finance.

With utilization of the protocol comes also revenue, deploying to Metis is a potential source of revenue that is distributed to suppliers and Replete treasury.

Additionally, becoming a Community Verified Project (CVP) grants Replete Finance exposure to the vibrant Metis community. Ideally, in the future, translating to users whom can participate in the incentive programs and become part of the Replete DAO.

However, at this stage of the protocol, it is simply to present Replete and seek help from the Metis community in spotting flaws, giving feedback and honest to god criticism when something is broken once testnet is launched.

Token Utility

At present Replete does not have a token nor will a user ever be required to have a token to use the protocol. At TGE the tokens associated with the Replete Protocol are used to govern Replete. Users whom have Replete tokens, can vote and decide on the outcome through Replete Improvement Proposal (RIP).

Moreover, at launch, the token can be staked to secure the protocol through a safety module, which provides security to the protocol and insures (to an extent) the position of suppliers. Note that this is optional and more will be disclosed prior deployment to mainnet.

In terms of emission the vision is to reward those who provide value at different stages during the evolution of the protocol. That is to say, that testing the protocol during testnet is something that provides value to the protocol.

We want to stress that there is NO REPLETE TOKENS IN CIRCULATION AS OF YET :rotating_light:.


Replete has been in development for the majority of 2023 and core contributors decided early on to not create a whitepaper. The flexibility allowed the contributors to focus and reiterate on ideas while fine tuning what Replete is becoming as it inches closer to testnet and launch.

That being said, Replete has had a total of three pivots to reach the current stage of maturity and contributors are more comfortable disclosing advancements as the vision and the route of becoming a self-sustainable DAO becomes clearer.

As for the roadmap, with V1 the goal for Replete is to be deployed on a multitude of chains and provide valuable experience for users on each of them. The expansion to chains is not solely rooted in expanding the surface area of operations but is also a more practical approach for features contributors have in mind for the protocol with V2.

Whilst V1 is geared towards expansion with V2 optimizing revenue sources is the vision, as the goal is for the Replete DAO to be able to stand on its own legs. Without being too vague, sizeable engineering efforts have been made to make these a reality and more will be disclosed once contributors are closer to deployment.

In terms of deliverables, the aim is to launch to Metis Goerli testnet in ~February 2024. Followed by mainnet after successful completion of a security audit. Replete aims to be the one of the most connected liquidity markets in the industry by supporting over 8 chains at launch. From there, the deliverables are to connect more markets and support more assets until V2 is ready for release.


During the testnet phase no auditors will be engaged, this is because testnet functions as an environment for testing the protocol and for contributors to spot and fix errors prior submitting the code to auditors.

Needless to say, the protocol will not launch to mainnet unless a security audit is conducted by an accredited auditor, as it is ultimately important the protocol is as safe as possible for users to use. This means that the audit and the period of testnet dictates when exactly Replete is integrated to Andromeda mainnet.

Learn more about Replete

Feel free to leave your feedback on Candidac or reach out on Discord with any questions you may have.



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Replete Finance's proposal is live for voting, cast your vote!

(or ask questions)

We are thrilled to be considered to become part of the Metis family. Your vote matters and are more than happy to be of service and answer any and all questions regarding Replete (or beyond) that you may have.

Ask away anywhere where Metisans frequent, we will be around to answer any inquiries. We greatly appreciate your support or feedback in advance, and we look forward to deploy to Metis soon!

Feel free to cast your vote here: Snapshot

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Hello, thank you for your offer. I would like to ask you a few questions;

1-Replete Finance is promoted as a liquidity protocol that allows users to supply and borrow funds to any affiliated chain without leaving the comfort of their home chain. How to facilitate and improve a user’s experience using this protocol?

2-How does Replete Finance, which is looking for feedback and actors to formalize the relationship with Metis and test the protocol, plan to contribute to MetisDAO?

3-It is stated how Replete directly benefits Metis. What are these advantages and how does Metis and Replete collaborate using the Stargate bridge?

4-Among the advantages that Replete offers to its users, “Replete helps users discover Metis as one of the first supported routes” stands out. How does this discovery process work and how does it make it easier for users to migrate to Metis?

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Heya Farmer6258, thank you for the questions!

1- Internally we call it chain abstraction, which allows the dApp on behalf of the user to execute logic from and to any connected chain. How the user experience is improved is that it empowers a user to have a universal position across connected chains by mirroring the stored liquidity state, the protocol can do so through the LayerZero V2 integration.

2 - There are three answers depending on what entity you ask, haha.

As contributors, we usually end up helping wherever we believe to be of value and helpful. We are long industry and find ourselves often being of service to the industry.

From dApp to network, we hope that Replete brings value to Metisans as a DeFi protocol, that it is a value add on a product level and that it enriches, even if it is a fraction, Metis ecosystem.

If it is regarding DAO to DAO, I’ll be frank, Replete probably has more to gain from having MetisDAO chads at the Replete DAO table than the other way around. This is because Replete DAO is not formalized yet (no token = nothing to govern) and am not able to give you a straight answer without going into hope territory. They are, however, not mutually exclusive. In a future if a market is opened for Metis (contingent on OFT standard) and the protocol accrues Metis to the treasury, it could become an active DAO partner.

3 - Keeping healthy bridges on a network is essential on many different levels. They usually bypass canonical bridge finality in exchange for better user experience (at the cost of risk). The more revenue a bridge accrues the better it is for the protocol, liquidity providers (LP) and network. With less incentives, there is a substantial risk of losing bridge liquidity as capital can be deployed more efficiently elsewhere.

In the current case, MetisDAO subsidizes bridging infrastructure with $METIS, which in an ideal scenario is not necessary if the bridge is self-sustainable through fees. Note that having deeper liquidity on bridges also benefits all protocols and users utilizing the bridge. Currently Replete only supports Stargate, meaning that LPs of Stargate benefit from Replete routed transactions.

4 - Our hope is that users enjoy the dApp, utilize it for their cross-chain shenanigans and that they like Metis as much as we do. Unfortunately, we do not control the actions of users nor how they intend to deploy capital through Replete. Not a wholesome answer, but we are hopeful and encourage users to explore Metis (or any connected chain) as there is a lot to discover. This is separate from aggregators routing orders, co-marketing and others activities in the future, which we hope are equally effective in bringing attention to Metis.

Again, appreciate the questions, let me know if anything is unclear!

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