CVP Proposal Sample


Governance sample is a post that shows users how to present their Community Verified Proposal. This post is precise and short whiles real project proposals should be elaborative. Community Verified Project (CVP) proposals should take into strong consideration of meeting all the CVP requirements. Proposals can follow this format to put various requirements in place. Requirements like Pitch Deck, Video description, whitepaper, Roadmap, Social Media will be checked on Projects website. Hyperlinks created will all have the Candidac link as it is just for demonstration.

A thorough description of project should follow the Summary involving utility, uniqueness factors, How Project can have solutions and its importance to our ecosystem. A description on how to navigate project tools will be required if any. Projects might talk about their token in the summary if any.

Website / Audits / Docs

:globe_with_meridians: Features [this will have point summary of what project offers]

:white_check_mark: Govenance [in the case of this post]
:white_check_mark: swap [if dex]

A provision of a proposal like the above will qualify for Community review if all requirements are met. Moderators will move Project Proposal from ‘Pending’ category to ‘Update Request’ category when proposal does not meet the CVP requirement.