CVP Proposal: Signata - Private Identity for the Web3 Future


In an Online World where Identity is becoming ever more centralized, Identity theft is prolific and businesses profit from our personal information, Signata sets out to offer solutions to these and more of the problems surrounding the whole subject of “Identity”.

Solution 1: Self-Sovereign Identity
Users will be empowered to control and manage their online
lives. Decentralized blockchain technology provides the necessary infrastructure to achieve this.

Solution 2: Multi-Network Integration
A decentralized identity solution for the world can’t be
bound to a single blockchain. A true solution will span all
major smart contract/validator chains for greatest reach.

Solution 3: Hardware Protection

Decentralized Identity provides protections for service-level
identity theft, but identity theft for consumers is still a risk.
More affordable hardware ensures users secure their data,
using open standards.


The Signata project aims to deliver a full suite of blockchain-powered identity and access control solutions, including hardware token integration and a marketplace of smart contracts for integration with 3rd party service providers.

Signata uses Non-Fungible Tokens to represent rights of holders, and will deploy on multiple chains to encourage adoption of the services it’s building. Signata is currently available in production at signata . net but an overhauled web3 application is currently in active development at The new web3-connected application will replace signata . net when it has completed development and testing.

The project also maintains all token information and service information at sata . technology

The project’s focus is on building privacy-focused identity services for consumers. The project will be launching a full web 2.0 OpenID Connect service derived from the open source project, Keycloak, adding web3 connectivity during user authentication and connection to Identities and Rights issued on the blockchain. Users can maintain their privacy by not revealing their wallet information directly to the services that they are connecting to, and using separate identities for each online “persona” they wish to use. The Signata project is also working with projects specialised in developing blockchain privacy services to expand its offerings for users.


No audit has been completed yet. An audit of the periphery contracts (SignataIdentity, SignataRight) to the main contract will be performed once the main product release has been completed. As the ERC20 token contract is almost a pure OpenZeppelin implementation it wasn’t prioritised for audit.

The SATA token connects and powers the Signata identity ecosystem:

  • Users pay for rights with SATA
  • Services verify identities using SATA
  • SATA holders stake to earn governance rights
  • Services stake SATA to protect service integrity
  • Bridges link SATA to multiple blockchains

The project’s original plans for token releases were to unlock 2.5 million tokens every 3 months. Currently 37.5 million tokens are still locked in (team finance) according to the original schedule.

As the project decided to move its operation to a DAO instead, the majority of the currently unlocked and non-circulating supply will instead be moved to the DAO once it has been deployed (approximately 70% of the total supply). As tokens from the original token unlock schedule are unlocked in the future, they will be transferred to the DAO treasury as the locks expire.

10% of the supply on Ethereum was burned as 10 million tokens were minted for the BSC-equivalent SATA token. As the project expands to more alternative chains, any supply created on those chains will be burned from BSC or ETH, depending on where the most available supply is sitting at the time of expansion.

Goodbye Passwords - Replace weak passwords with powerful cryptography.

NFT Rights - Prove your identity and access services using Non-Fungible Tokens.

Manage Risk – Protect valuable transactions on-chain from identity theft

Preserve your Privacy - Protect your identity from mass surveillance and advertisers.

Open and Decentralized - Open source contracts and off-chain services.

Multi-Network Support - Identity is needed everywhere, not just a single network.


  • Metis Certified Builder
  • LGCY Network
  • Chainlink
  • Aggregated Finance
  • Upsurge Studios


Currently the project is focused on decentralization. This includes:

  • moving control of token supply to community control

  • moving custodianship of the token to the Signata Identity Group DAC

  • establishing a proposal-driven structure to development on the Signata platform

  • consolidation of community channels

No specific timeline for these steps can be provided, but as each component is ready it will be released to the community.



Signata Explainer Video:



Telegram Announcements: Telegram: Contact @signatanews


Github: Congruent Labs · GitHub

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