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Solide stands as a lightweight, web-based Solidity IDE and application, serving as a dynamic hub for developers, educators, and enthusiasts to seamlessly engage in building, deploying, and understanding smart contracts. Our project’s success relies on the ongoing refinement of both the Solide IDE and our decentralized application (Dapp), prioritizing user-friendliness and feature-rich experiences.

Tech Utility and Features

The many Solide’s features empower developers and users within the Metis blockchain space, providing a robust set of capabilities to streamline smart contract development and facilitate the exploration and discovery of protocols and smart contracts for seamless onboarding onto Metis.

  1. Solide Address-Based Contract:
    Developers can effortlessly load verified smart contracts from Metis Andromeda onto the Solide IDE. With the ability to edit, compile, and deploy new or existing contracts, the interaction with Metis is facilitated through Metamask.

  2. Solide GitHub-Based Contract:
    Solide accommodates Github repositories containing complete, audited, and valid contract packages compatible with its platform. Developers can edit, compile, and deploy new or existing contracts, engaging with Metis through Metamask.

  3. Educational Hub:
    Solide integrates an educational dApp, empowering users to explore, build, and refine smart contracts with real-time feedback, fostering a dynamic learning experience.

  4. Solide IDE Integration:
    Solide seamlessly integrates with top blockchain protocols like OpenZeppelin, Chainlink, Aave, and Uniswap, providing a diverse array of resources for developers. It can be embedded into applications, ensuring adaptability across various blockchain use cases and offering quick and straightforward access for developers to comprehend smart contracts.

Unique Value Proposition

Solide aims to distinguish itself by redefining the smart contract development experience within the Metis blockchain space.

  1. Versatile Learning Environment:
    Solide’s conventional IDE, providing developers of all skill levels with a versatile learning environment. It enables experimentation, building, and comprehension of smart contracts with ease.

  2. Seamless Integration Across Ecosystems:
    Solide seamlessly integrates into various web applications and decentralized ecosystems, introducing plug-and-play functionality that heightens user engagement and enriches the overall development process.

  3. Diverse Protocol Integration:
    Solide supports top-tier blockchain protocols and libraries from across the blockchain ecosystem into the Metis L2 ecosystem. This capability caters to a broad spectrum of development needs, offering a comprehensive and adaptable platform.

  4. Open-Source Collaboration and Transparency:
    As an open-source project, Solide fosters collaboration, transparency, and community-driven innovation. Developers actively contribute to shaping the platform’s evolution, ensuring a dynamic and continuously improving tool.

  5. Educational Hub with Interactive Features:
    Solide also functions as an educational hub with interactive features. Tutorials, guides, and real-time feedback enhance the learning journey for developers, providing a hands-on and immersive educational experience.

  6. Continuous Development and Security Measures:
    In the ever-evolving blockchain landscape with new protocols and smart contracts emerging, Solide is committed to continuous development and staying at the forefront of the Metis Ecosystem. Adapting to emerging technologies and prioritizing security measures ensures a robust and up-to-date platform.

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Note: Solide is not a fully flesh out dApp but serves as a showcase of progress and concept. Make sure when contract interaction is on the correct network (Switch to Metis Network on Metamask) :slight_smile:

Through the Solide application, we offer a collection of interactive smart contracts sourced from diverse protocols and blockchains, catering to individuals of varying technical backgrounds. The application aims for collaborative growth, fostering partnerships with Metis blockchain and its protocols to onboard and explore smart contracts within the Metis. Developer can try it out with this link: Solide

Explore a diverse range of verified on-chain contracts on Metis or Metis-related protocols available on Github. As Solide evolves, more contracts supporting the Metis ecosystem will be added. Clicking on a contract, like the “DefaultReserveInterestRateStrategy” from the Aave protocol on Metis, opens a dialog with the built-in IDE and provides information about the smart contract.

Alternatively, developers can directly navigate to the Solide IDE using /address/1088/{contract} (As shown above). Like any IDE, developers can compile, modify the contract, and load an existing contract. The image above loads the actual Aave Default ReserveInterest Rate Strategy contract and retrieves the variables of the contract on the Metis network. If you understand the contract and wish to deploy a copy, you can fill in the constructor and leave the deploy address input empty.

Developers can also share smart contract on Github. Say this Developer can load a contract on Github and perform Solidity developer just like any IDE with the use of Metamask for deployment and interaction.

Remember, this is just the some of Solide on Metis. Other user-friendly features include compiler settings, changing chains to load contracts, dark mode, and obtaining contract information such as ABI and flattened contracts for easier integration (Note: integration verification is planned for future development).

Of course one of the main questions about Solide may be, “Isn’t this like Remix?” While Remix is a fully-fledged IDE, Solide positions itself as more than just a development tool. Unlike Remix, Solide takes a unique approach by prioritizing accessible learning and fostering an interactive environment for both developers and non-developers interested in smart contract exploration. Solide is designed to be lightweight and seamlessly integratable, offering flexibility in deployment across various environments, tutorials, and demonstrations. Its innovation lies in creating an interactive learning environment by embedding the IDE in any web-based application. Solide consolidates educational content and tutorials within the development environment, enhancing the learning journey. Going beyond IDE functionalities, Solide also provides a dedicated space for blockchain and protocols. As Solide expands its collection of smart contracts, it remains committed to being a unique and comprehensive solution that stands out in the realm of online IDEs.



  1. Deliverable 1: Solide IDE and Application Development
  • Main Objectives: Release the IDE and Application, open source with testing and refactoring for overall compilation improvement with backend (using Metis as support and network).
  • Tasks:
    • Set up the foundational infrastructure for Solide.
    • Develop a lightweight Solidity IDE with basic functionalities.
    • Integrate with Metis blockchain and a few protocols and deploy a smart contract.
    • Functional version of Solide with basic IDE capabilities.
    • Integrated Metis deployment for smart contracts.

Deliverable 2: Enhancements and Research for more integration

  • Main Objectives: Gather user feedback on Deliverable 1, implement improvements, and explore opportunities for integrating smart contract on the Metis network worth integration as part of Solide’s Metis dApp.
  • Tasks:
    • Conduct user feedback to identify areas for improvement.
    • Implement enhancements based on user feedback, focusing on usability and features.
    • Research and evaluate integration of various verified Metis contracts and protocols.
    • Updated Solide App with enhanced features based on user feedback.
    • Research report on potential integrations and a roadmap for future developments.

Deliverable 3: Documentation and Release

  • Main Objectives: Develop comprehensive documentation, educational content, and infrastructure for handling various smart contracts. Officially release Solide with upgrade plans and services for improved performance.
  • Tasks:
    • Create detailed documentation for Solide, including user guides and technical specifications.
    • Establish infrastructure for handling diverse smart contracts, ensuring compatibility.
    • Implement upgrade plans and services for ongoing performance enhancements.
    • Comprehensive Solide documentation and educational materials.
    • Infrastructure for handling various smart contracts efficiently.
    • Official release of Solide with upgrade plans and improved services.

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Hi Metis Community,

Solide would like to resurface this CVP proposal as we were not sure if our proposal got rejected or on hold but we have made significant improvements to our project.

Our lightweight IDE has undergone a comprehensive redesign, now offering improved UI functionality for a seamless experience. Developers can easily load smart contracts from addresses and GitHub URLs, and with the added capability to view the entire source code, users can edit different parts of contracts for hands-on learning.

Our Smart Contract Hub on Metis has also expanded, featuring an extensive collection of over 100 smart contracts from both Metis and its ecosystem. This diverse ecosystem includes contracts from V3 Aave, Hummus Exchange, Stargate, and tokens on Metis from Uniswap’s Token List. This not only deepens developers’ understanding of the Metis ecosystem but also serves as a valuable resource for onboarding new users.

As a public good, Solide extends its capabilities to assist developers in exploring various chains beyond Metis, fostering a broader understanding of diverse blockchain ecosystems. Our application roadmap remains unchanged, with continuous efforts to improve and add more smart contracts and guides on the Metis network.

As mentioned, Solide is committed to being open source, welcoming contributions and feedback from the Metis community. Our goal is to provide maximum ease for blockchain and smart contract development, catering to both new and veteran developers on Metis. We also started the launch of our X account, so if you like Solide and want to support and follow our updates, feel free to follow us :slight_smile:

Hey just wanted to say this is a really cool concept and I think it would be a great addition to the Metis Network. I know many people, including myself who are eager to learn more about how it all works in the backend and having a tool like this would be very helpful.

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