CVP Proposal: Integration

Introduction stands out as the leading marketplace for staking, offering a comprehensive platform that caters to both novice and experienced cryptocurrency investors. What makes unique is its robust suite of tools, extensive data coverage, and user-centric features designed to simplify and enhance the staking experience.

Value Proposition

Our project brings significant value to Metis and its users by offering a comprehensive suite of staking solutions, including real-time benchmark rates, historical data, staking calculators, sequencer profiles, and ongoing support. By integrating with the Staking Rewards platform, Metis gains access to a wealth of expertise, resources, and industry-leading tools, positioning it as a frontrunner in the staking ecosystem.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that we will include Metis in the Staking Summit 2024, the largest staking event of the year. As part of our partnership, Metis will receive prominent exposure at the summit, including a panel slot to showcase its innovations and a sponsorship announcement to highlight its leadership in the L2 space. This exposure will not only elevate Metis’ profile within the staking community but also provide invaluable visibility in the broader crypto community.

Uniqueness Factor

An asset integration on provides unparalleled visibility and credibility within the staking community. This integration offers detailed data coverage, including real-time benchmark rates and historical performance metrics, coupled with user-friendly tools like staking calculators and comprehensive validator profiles.

Benefits for Users

  • Increase Staking Participation: By providing educational resources, user-friendly interfaces, and exposure at the 2024 Staking Summit, we aim to encourage more participants to engage in staking within the Metis ecosystem.
  • Improve Staking User Experience (UX): We recognize the importance of a seamless and intuitive staking experience. Our project will focus on developing tools and interfaces that simplify the staking process and provide users with greater control over their staked assets. Example: Ethereum Asset Page
  • Staking Calculators: The platform offers intuitive staking calculators that help users estimate potential returns based on various staking amounts, durations, and network conditions. This feature simplifies the process of evaluating the profitability of staking different assets.

Benefits for Metis Ecosystem

  • Enhance Decentralization: We will work towards decentralizing the sequencer network by attracting more sequencers from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations, thereby increasing the network’s resilience and security.
  • Increase Adoption: Through targeted marketing efforts, community engagement initiatives, and strategic partnerships, we aim to increase awareness of Metis’s benefits and drive adoption of its network and services.
  • Onboard More Sequencers: We will actively recruit and onboard sequencers to participate in the Metis network, expanding the sequencer pool and further decentralizing network governance.
  • Enhance Sequencer Tooling and Verification: By providing sequencers with robust tooling and verification mechanisms, we aim to improve their operational efficiency and ensure the integrity and security of the Metis network.
  • Elevated Visibility and Trust: Integrating Metis into significantly enhances the visibility and trustworthiness of liquid staking protocols associated with Metis. This prominent exposure on a leading staking platform attracts a larger audience of potential users and investors, thereby boosting adoption and credibility within the staking community.

Budget & Roadmap

The budget of 25,000€ encompasses the comprehensive asset integration on, along with a sponsored panel participation at the Staking Summit 2024, the premier staking-focused event globally.

Security does not deploy any smart contracts directly; instead, we utilize those provided by the protocols listed on our website and route to these external contracts. Consequently, we have not yet identified the need for independent audits. However, adhering to general best practices is crucial for maintaining security for us.

Summary is not just a marketplace; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers users to maximize their staking potential. By offering a blend of rich data, user-friendly tools, educational resources, and a supportive community, uniquely positions itself as the go-to platform for anyone looking to engage in cryptocurrency staking. The integration of Metis will positively impact the ecosystem, adding significant value to users and infrastructure providers by enhancing the platform’s offerings and expanding its reach within the staking community.

Official Links: Website, Docs, etc.


Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn

Events: Staking Summit

GitHub: StakingRewards GitHub Repository

Nice proposal you have here. I got 2 questions;

What are the targeted marketing strategies and community engagement initiatives planned to increase awareness and adoption of Metis’s staking services?

The proposal mentions Metis’s participation in the Staking Summit 2024. What specific outcomes or KPIs are expected from this exposure?

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Hi @Maverick

Thank you for your questions!

For your first question, the marketing initiatives, here is an overview:

  • Feature in our weekly Newsletter: We have a subscriber base of 37,000 active members who have opened or clicked on our emails in the last three months. Our newsletters consistently achieve an open rate of over 30%, with a click-through rate between 3-5%. This means your asset would reach a highly engaged audience.

  • Comprehensive FAQs: All x 10 LST pages will get a set of comprehensive FAQs at the bottom,optimized for search.

  • Community Outreach: We proactively reach out to all relevant Verified Staking Providers on your chain to boost community engagement and traction.

  • 1 x Tweet / Linkedin (Partnership announcement): We target between 5,000 to 25,000 views for tweets related to integrated assets.

Second, the Panel KPIs during staking Summit:

  • Social Media Reach: Engagement metrics from event-related posts, such as likes, shares, and comments.

  • Attendee Engagement: Number of participants in sessions, workshops, and side events.

  • Networking Opportunities: Number of new connections or collaborations initiated at the event.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Thank you for your offer;

1-How does staking rewards stand out as the leading marketplace for staking? What makes you unique and sets you apart from other platforms?

2-How will staking rewards achieve decentralization of the ranker network and the resilience and security of the network by attracting more rankers from different backgrounds and geographical locations?

1. How does Staking Rewards stand out as the leading marketplace for staking? What makes you unique and sets you apart from other platforms?

Staking Rewards stands out as the leading marketplace for staking due to our extensive user base of over 200,000 unique monthly users, reflecting our platform’s popularity and trustworthiness. Our Verified Staking Provider (VSP) program ensures that users have access to reliable and high-quality staking services. Additionally, our comprehensive staking portfolio management tools enable users to track and optimize their staking investments effortlessly. These features, combined with our commitment to transparency and user education, uniquely position us as the go-to platform for staking enthusiasts.

2. How will Staking Rewards achieve decentralization of the ranker network and the resilience and security of the network by attracting more rankers from different backgrounds and geographical locations?

Staking Rewards will achieve decentralization and enhance the resilience and security of the network by actively encouraging participation from lower-ranked validators from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations through our VSP Incubation Program. By fostering inclusivity and supporting these validators, we create a more distributed and robust network. This diversity minimizes central points of failure and reduces the risk of network vulnerabilities, ultimately strengthening the overall integrity and performance of the staking ecosystem.