CVP Proposal: Star Protocol – Omni-chain Name Service Provider Launching .metis

Introducing the Metis Omni-chain Domain Name System ‘.metis’

Star Protocol is an omni-chain name service provider currently deployed on 29 networks with over 370,000 unique wallet addresses using their existing omni-chain name service. The following information outlines their approach for launching a Metis domain name system.

.metis Top-Level Domain Launch

While the Star Protocol operates on Metis network already, allowing cross-chain compatibility for existing domain holders, Star proposes the launch of an official Metis DNS. This initiative involves introducing an updated .metis top-level domain.

Universal Identity Layer on Metis

Recent proliferation of web3 DNS has resulted in fragmented systems across Layer 1 (L1) and Layer 2 (L2) networks, lacking interoperability and omni-chain compatibility.

Using Layer Zero technology, Star protocol seamlessly interacts across multiple blockchain networks, ensuring its compatibility with a wide spectrum of DNS applications. This cross-chain capability not only extends the reach of the protocol’s services but also fosters a more interconnected and comprehensive community.

With over 500,000 registrations and 370,000+ active wallet addresses, Star’s extensive reach highlights its significance within the evolving web3 ecosystem.

Leveraging Network of Partners.

Star Protocol will leverage the technical capabilities of Consensys, given their existing partnership through the Scale Accelerator program. Combined with the distribution effects of their 282 partnerships within the L1 & L2 network ecosystem. Leading to increased exposure and utility of .metis on supported dApps across multiple networks.

Unique characteristics of Star Protocol

Advanced omni-chain interoperability: Employs an interconnected DNS to facilitate a streamlined user experience across Web3.

Omni-chain resolution API: Streamlining DNS integration into Metis dApps for omni-chain resolution to abstract 0x hash addresses and facilitate send/receive functionality.

End-to-end TLD registration, management, UI & UX design: A dedicated website for the Metis DNS will be created. The Star team will establish a unique X/Twitter Channel, a Discord space, and customized roles for .metis holders. This setup will coordinate campaigns with various Metis ecosystem projects. Moreover, a specialized business development team and budget will oversee .metis operations.

Dedicated network of partners Star Protocol will leverage Consensys’ technical capabilities and our 282 L1 & L2 network partnerships to boost .metis exposure and utility on dApp integrations like Syncswap & Dmail.


  1. Live UI example for Star’s existing Kroma Network DNS; (Updated based on design & branding guidelines of Metis Network)

  1. Platform Diagram

Audit Report: Completed by (Founders of CertiK) >

The Benefits to Metis Network

Star’s proposal aims to enhance the user experience on the Metis Network by implementing an omnichain name service that leverages distribution affects of the existing Star ecosystem.

Benefits to user; Enabling necessary infrastructure for Metis network identity solutions. In the form of personal DID’s and unique web3 user names for .metis holders to improve user experience within the Metis ecosystem.

Benefit to Metis ecosystem projects; Seamless integration with an omni-chain API combined with Improved user onboarding and retention by leveraging name resolution directly into user interfaces within project dApps.

Integration Examples

Wallet - Abstract away 0x hash address to resolve ‘.metis’ TLD. Send/receive directly to the ‘.metis’ TLD

Explorer - Resolve names on the Metis blockchain explorer replacing all 0x hash addresses of domain holders.

Marketplace - Enable ‘.metis’ domain holders to trade their domains.


  1. ‘.Metis’ registration and management (Phase 1)
  2. UI website design and integration with support for multiple Web3 wallets. (Phase 2) Wallets Currently Supported; Metamask, OKX Web3, Bitkeep, C98 Super Wallet
  3. Cross-chain bridge integration with LayerZero Labs (Phase 3)
  4. Metis Native/3rd Party Integrations; Explorer & Wallets (Phase 3)
  5. Reward System Integration (Phase 4)
  6. NFT Marketplace listing for trading .Metis domains. Can be incorporated with the native/3rd party marketplace first and then into the Star Name Service Omnichain Marketplace later) (Phase 4)


Star Protocol proposes to deploy an omnichain name service on the Metis network with the .metis TLD with live launch scheduled for as soon as the Metis communities approve the respective governance proposals.

Contact Us;




Discord; Star



Hey Metis network members, please reach out to our team with any questions, we are looking forward to answering all your queries!



Thankyou! Artwork consideration for the upcoming .metis domain!


What goal that star protocol want to achieve?


What are the biggest challenges/obstacles Star Protocol faced in the year 2023?


Amazing projects
Let’s fu*king gooo!!


how this name service can attract more use to use it?



How does the Star Protocol plan to support the growth of the .metis domain?


Good project, this project very excited…

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I don’t understand, but I just have faith that Star Protocol is amazing

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Thanks for your reply. Our aim is to develop a domain name service for the metis network, given how important domains are for mapping human readable domains to machine readable identifiers like hash addresses. e.g. 0x00… > watchourback.metis

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Hey! Thanks for your question. 2023 was a big year for the Star team where the main challenge we overcame was creating an omni-chain domain name system that could resolve domain names across 30 different blockchain networks.

LFG seps76

Hey, thankyou for your question. Star protocol attracts users by focusing on product development, improving domain name utility. With the addition of loyalty systems and Metamask integration through their Flask protocol our domain name holders will have increased value accrual & utility.

Hey and thankyou for your question. Adding to the previous comment where we discussed the importance of continual development focus on user utility for their domains. Star will focus on working with Metis ecosystem projects to support integrations and business development.

We are also excited.

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Thankyou for your trust in our teams.
If you ever need support just send a ticket to our team on Discord and we will walk you through step by step :slight_smile:

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What are the potential security concerns and how are they addressed?

Thank you for your question. For domain name services, Metis Name Service is like ENS, the linkages of wallet addresses and social accounts would be public; Other data, such as users’ social graphs, could be encrypted and stored on chain or off-chain. Star is a middleware rather than a wallet, which means it does not store users private keys or private information.