CVP Proposal: Symbiosis - cross-chain AMM DEX and liqudity protocol

Symbiosis is a cross-chain AMM DEX that pools together liquidity from different networks: L1s and L2s, EVM and non-EVM. With Symbiosis, you can easily swap any token and move your assets across different networks. (E.g. CAKE BEP20 to UNI ERC20)

Symbiosis was started in January 2021, then in November 2021 we got our investment round from, Binance Labs, Spartan Group, Shima Capital and more! The first version was live since March 2022 and Symbiosis V2 with breakthrough technology Octopool kicked off its work in December 2022.

Currently we’re proccessing about $300,000,000 volume per month with more than 70,000 cross-chain transaction and support 14 chains. Among them: Ethereum, Arbitrum One and Nova, BNB Chain, Optimism, Polygon POS and zkEVM, zkSync, Avalanche and more!
Soon we will support Linea, Mantle, BASE, Scroll and TRON.

Among our partners are projects like OpenOcean, Rubic, Via exchange, ArbSwap, iMe App, and more! All of them are using Symbiosis SDK/API for cross-chain swaps.

Here’s our stats for the last month:

Unique addresses:

We want to integrate Metis to Symbiosis and provide any-to-any cross-chain swaps to/from Metis across all chains that we support. Also, Metis users will be able to provide WETH in our LP and get rewarded via farming system.

Symbiosis links:


You guys have quite a decent project. I hope the Metis community will unanimously support you.

Hello everyone,

I’m extremely impressed with the proposal and the comprehensive approach towards cross-chain liquidity and decentralized finance. The ability to seamlessly swap any token and move assets across different networks is incredibly valuable, and with the integration of Metis, the potential for any-to-any cross-chain swaps becomes even more enticing.

The partnerships and support across various chains and projects demonstrate the strength and versatility of this proposal. I’m looking forward to the unanimous support from the Metis community and the continued success of this initiative. Kudos to the team behind this remarkable project!

Best regards, 0xceeny

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  1. I’m curious about the integration with Metis and how it will enhance the cross-chain swapping experience compared to other platforms that have already integrated with Metis.

  2. Can you share more details about the specific benefits and features that the integration will bring to Metis users?

  3. Can you shed more light on the farming rewards associated with liquidity provision? I noticed you mentioned WETH in your proposal, does that mean Metis users can provide liquidity in the WETH pool alone maybe other pools are full

Great stuff Symbiosis team!
Very impresive archivements

In terms of the integration with Metis, could you share more details on how Symbiosis plans to facilitate any-to-any cross-chain swaps to/from Metis? Would it be one big liquidity pool for all chains or special isolated pool for Metis?
Also curious how LP rewards are shared and if any additional incentivisation is being planned?


Could you elaborate on the unique features of Symbiosis V2, particularly the breakthrough technology Octopool, and how it contributes to enhancing the efficiency and user experience of the cross-chain AMM DEX?

How does the integration with Metis enhance the Symbiosis ecosystem, and what benefits will Metis users experience in participating in cross-chain swaps and LP farming?

Interesting how symbiosis works, swapping across any chain and every chain. Will love to see this on Metis Network!

I believe the Metis community would love this too.


  • What is the timeline for Metis integration with Symbiosis?
  • What are the fees associated with cross-chain swaps to/from Metis?
  • How will Metis users be rewarded for providing WETH in Symbiosis’ LP?

The partnership proposal with Symbiosis presents an exciting opportunity to integrate Metis into a cross-chain AMM DEX and liquidity protocol. This collaboration aims to enable seamless cross-chain swaps for Metis users and offer opportunities for liquidity provision and farming rewards.

I’ve used Symbiosis for some bridging transactions in the past. Real seamless platform… Rooting for you guys

I love the idea of Metis to symbiosis integration but how will it enhance the farming system?

I believe symbiosis on MetisDAO is really amazing giving every user the ability to move and swap tokens across different chain.

Less stress
Low gas fees and many more.

Are definitely great features

This is an impressive overview of Symbiosis and its achievements. Considering your plans to integrate Metis and expand the cross-chain functionality. Now my question is,

How do you envision the integration of Metis into Symbiosis enhancing the cross-chain capabilities, and what specific benefits or features will this integration bring to both Symbiosis users and the Metis community?

Here is my questions

Pls enlighten me on how the integration of Metis into Symbiosis will enhance the cross-chain capabilities, and what benefit will integration bring to Metis Community apart from Metis users been able to provide WETH in your LP and get rewarded via farming system?

Impressive achievements! Symbiosis has not only established a robust cross-chain ecosystem but has also secured noteworthy partnerships and substantial transaction volume. The integration with Metis adds another layer of versatility, enhancing the platform’s capabilities for users across various chains. Keep up the great work!

This is incredible! Symbiosis is making cross-chain swaps a breeze. From its remarkable journey since January 2021 to partnering with leading projects and processing $300M+ monthly volume, the growth is phenomenal. Looking forward to the expansion to support even more chains!:rocket:

This is a great move by the team of Symbiosis
Integrating Metis into this is such a great Feat that would help both Metis and Symbiosis achieve thier goals in the long run

What are the key advantages and unique features that Symbiosis offers as a cross-chain AMM DEX, and how does it differentiate itself from other similar platforms in the market?

This sounds like an ambitious and exciting integration plan! Offering any-to-any cross-chain swaps and incentivizing Metis users with WETH rewards in your LP adds a unique dimension to the ecosystem. Looking forward to seeing the progress!