CVP Proposal: Talentum

Introducing Talentum

Talentum - an all-in-one infrastructure for orchestrating ambassador programs, amplifying community growth, and monitoring all your social engagements with unparalleled ease.

Talentum offers a comprehensive platform tailored to the web3 space , focusing on community empowerment and development. We provide solutions for ambassador program management, payroll on Metis is already available audited by Certik, social media monitoring, and will soon integrate on-chain tasks(you’ll be able to track and check any on-chain activities within Metis blockchain), quests, and many more. (you can find our roadmap in the deck below)

Uniqueness Factor:
While many platforms might boast about community engagement, Talentum brings a fresh perspective with its “Adaptive Engagement Mechanism.” It’s a refined system that intuitively adjusts tasks and rewards by drawing insights from real-time analytics, so you can go far beyond just social interactions. We’re not just chasing the buzz of countless likes or those ubiquitous “to the moon” comments, which often drown in the noise of bot-driven activity. Instead, we value genuine engagement. Enter our Quality Points (QP) system: it’s our way of ensuring that quality contributions get the recognition they deserve. With Talentum, it’s not about mere numbers; it’s about authentic interactions and recognizing real talent.

In conclusion: Our platform bridges gaps in these areas by offering tools for community expansion, transparent governance, versatile marketing strategies, quality content generation, and customization options to cater to unique project needs. By enhancing these aspects, our project contributes to the overall health, sustainability, and adaptability of the Metis ecosystem , allowing it to prosper in the dynamic blockchain landscape.

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Talentium is an exceptional platform, and to enhance user flexibility, an addition of a mobile version would be a fantastic step forward.

  1. Does Talentium have any plans of creating a mobile friendly website or an app anytime soon?


  1. How does the Quality Points (QP) system works and how it ensures authentic interactions within the community?
  2. How Talentum’s “Adaptive Engagement Mechanism” works and how it differentiates itself from other platforms?

Hiya, Talanteum!

  1. How does Talentum envision supporting diverse forms of talent within the web3 space? Are there specific features or strategies in place to recognize and reward various types of contributions?

  2. Could you provide an example of a customizable solution that Talentum might offer to meet the unique needs of a specific project? How flexible is the platform in accommodating different project requirements?

Thank you!


In What Ways Does Talentum Contribute to the Sustainability of the Metis Ecosystem?


Talentum seems like a game-changer for community empowerment in the web3 space! The Adaptive Engagement Mechanism is a brilliant approach to ensure quality interactions. Excited to see how it enhances the Metis ecosystem’s growth.

  • How can Talentum help projects with community empowerment and development?
  • What are the benefits of using Talentum’s “Adaptive Engagement Mechanism”?
  • How does Talentum’s Quality Points (QP) system ensure that quality contributions get the recognition they deserve?
  • What are some of the ways that Talentum can help projects with community expansion, transparent governance, versatile marketing strategies, quality content generation, and customization?

Talentum! Platform and proposal looks great! Can’t wait to welcome you to Andromeda


Talentum is truly revolutionary for empowering communities in the web3 world! The Adaptive Engagement Mechanism is a genius way to ensure top-notch interactions. Can’t wait to witness how it amplifies the growth of the Metis ecosystem! :rocket::seedling:


Hi Grace,

Thank you for the kind words! :pray:

And yes, we do plan to launch a mobile version soon.

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Thank you for your questions!

  1. When reviewing tasks, managers can not only approve or reject them but also rate them from 1 to 5 using Quality Points (QP). This means that if someone merely fulfills the task requirements without adding any value, they will receive 1 or 2 QP per task instead of 4 or 5. As a result, their progress on the leaderboard will be much slower. Conversely, if someone puts effort into their work, they will earn more QP, even if they don’t complete numerous tasks. This system motivates the first group to find ways of increasing their QP for each task. This, in turn, enhances their value to projects.
  2. With Talentum, you can assign tasks to talents based on their number of followers or engagement rate. This helps identify people whose posts or tweets can greatly increase your desired metrics (e.g. followers). You can track changes in your social media numbers by using a graph on your dashboard. The graph conveniently shows when each task starts, helping you identify the activities that yield the best results.
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Hi jakartinho,

  1. We have implemented different directions (such as design, content creation, development, etc.) to reward various types of contributions. Talents should provide a link that proves their expertise in a specific direction in order to take tasks related to that direction. By completing tasks in a specific area, you will move up the leaderboard for that direction, which will allow you to receive more challenging and rewarding tasks. This system helps projects find the most suitable candidates for complex tasks while allowing talents to significantly increase their rewards by completing high-quality work.
  2. As we are currently in beta, feedback from talents and projects is extremely valuable. Most of the requests we have received at the moment were to add support for specific blockchains, tokens, and social media platforms. However, we are open to any suggestions. If you have something in mind, please feel free to reach out to me or anyone from our team.

Thank you!

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Hi patoae,

Thank you for your question!

I believe we have developed a tool that can effectively run ambassador and marketing campaigns with less effort compared to our competitors. As a result, Metis can achieve the best possible outcome by running the ambassador campaign using Talentum. And I firmly believe that both of us will benefit from our collaboration.

Thanks a lot for your kind words! :pray: