CVP Proposal: TaskOn x Metis Proposal



TaskOn is a Web3-based task platform that caters to various on-chain and off-chain activities, providing users with opportunities to complete tasks and engage in events across gaming, socializing, learning, and more. With rich reward mechanisms, we deliver fun and challenging task experiences. Additionally, TaskOn serves as a Web3 task collaboration platform, ideal for marketing and operations. It facilitates the easy execution of campaigns to promote brands, acquire new users, foster community growth, increase volume, mint NFTs, or manage whitelists. It functions as a free Web3 alternative to Gleam, offering a variety of templates for both on-chain and off-chain tasks.

Proposal for Metis:

We propose to collaborate with Metis Network to drive the growth and development of its ecosystem. Our collaboration proposal is as follows:

  1. On-Chain Activity Support: We will develop the following functionalities to support various on-chain activities on the TaskOn platform for Metis Network:
  • Support for specific chain tokens, allowing them to be used as rewards for tasks and activities, along with support for address balance checks and stake verification.
  • Integration with top decentralized exchanges and lending platforms to enable users to exchange and stake tokens.
  • Provision of APIs and technical standards to support developers from other decentralized exchanges and lending platforms in publishing activities and tasks on the TaskOn platform, along with implementing instant verification functionalities.
  • Deployment of CAP contracts and NFT collection contracts on the chain to provide users with customized reward and collection experiences.
  1. Streamlining Metis Token Integration: Provide out-of-the-box functionality to assist Metis token, whether it’s quickly integrated and expanded on application systems within the ecosystem or external application systems. We will reduce Metis’s team integration workload.

  2. Enhanced Ecosystem Support:

  • Utilize token, CAP, customized NFT, or points systems as rewards to incentivize user engagement in on-chain tasks, facilitating instant verification and gamification.
  • Enable dapps within the chain ecosystem to gain verification and publish campaigns/events on the TaskOn platform, fostering user acquisition and supporting various tasks related to brand/marketing/operation/product adoption.
  • Provide comprehensive infrastructure to support dapps’ growth and expand the user base, enhancing the chain’s attractiveness for deploying more dapps.
  • Facilitate holding, swapping, bridging, and staking of chain tokens, offering various task/reward types and instant verification, along with gamified features like points, leaderboards, and loyalty programs.
  • Integrate a customized chain task platform module on the chain’s website to aggregate tasks/quests across ecosystem dapps, leveraging the chain’s domain name to boost traffic and ecosystem appeal.
  1. Community Growth and Promotion: We will launch the Metis topic Event/Epic to enable the biggest showout and growth. Through community promotion and activity publishing on the TaskOn platform, Metis can expand its community size and increase project and ecosystem visibility and awareness. We will also announce the collaboration on official Twitter channels and showcase Metis on the TaskOn website.

Benefits for Metis Ecosystem:

Collaboration with TaskOn will bring the following benefits to the Metis ecosystem:

  • Increased user engagement and community size: TaskOn support and promotion will attract more users to participate in Metis activities and tasks, expanding its community size.
  • Enhanced project exposure and visibility: Through TaskOn’s community promotion and official channel announcements, the Metis project will gain more market exposure, increasing its visibility and awareness.
  • Accelerated ecosystem development: Our collaboration will provide comprehensive support and growth opportunities for the Metis ecosystem, boosting its development and expansion.

Measurable Milestones:

  1. Integration
  • Initial Integration and Token Support: Integration of Metis token for various campaign rewards on TaskOn. Development of a feature for users to check their address balance of Metis token directly on TaskOn. Milestone: Fully operational token contract integration and balance check feature on TaskOn.

  • Stake and Bridge Verification: Implementation of a staking verification system for Metis tokens to enable user staking on TaskOn. Integration of bridge verification feature to facilitate the bridging of Metis tokens between different networks. Milestone: Successful testing and launch of staking and bridge verification functionalities.

  • Deployment of CAP and NFT Contracts: Deployment of TaskOn’s CAP (Community Activity Points) contract on Metis. Implementation of TaskOn’s NFT minting system as a contract on Metis. Milestone: Verified deployment and functioning of CAP and NFT contracts on Metis.

  • DApp Integration and Ecosystem Expansion: Enable DApps in the Metis ecosystem to utilize tokens, CAPs, or customized NFTs as rewards for user participation in on-chain tasks. Facilitate DApps to publish campaigns and events on TaskOn for user acquisition. Milestone: Achievement of a targeted number of DApps integrations and measurable increase in user acquisitions on TaskOn.

  1. Marketing
  • Chain Event Launch and Promotion: Organize a major event or Epic to showcase Metis on TaskOn, aiming for the largest possible turnout and growth. Comprehensive promotion of Metis on TaskOn’s website, Discord, Telegram, and official Twitter. Milestone: Successful hosting of the event with quantifiable user participation and engagement metrics.

Optional Measurable Milestones:

  1. Growth
  • DEX and Lending Platform Integration: Seamless integration of Metis’s top decentralized exchange for token swapping capabilities. Incorporation of a leading lending platform to enable depositing and borrowing of Metis tokens. Development of APIs and technical standards for additional DEX and lending platforms to develop compatible task templates on TaskOn. Milestone: Effective integration and operation of DEX and lending platform functionalities on TaskOn.

  • Chain Infrastructure Enhancement and User Engagement: Develop functionalities for holding, swapping, bridging, and staking Metis tokens on TaskOn. Implement gamification features like point systems, leaderboards, and loyalty rewards. Milestone: Complete functionality integration and demonstrable increase in user engagement metrics on TaskOn.

TaskOn Current Statistics

  • User Base: 2.1 M+ strong!
  • Collaborations: 8,500+ projects
  • Campaigns Launched: 14,500+
  • Monthly Active Users: 1.2 M
  • Twitter Followers: 640,000+
  • Discord Community: 450,000+

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