CVP Proposal: Tethys Finance, the first decentralized ‘one-stop-shop’ trading platform on Metis, $TETHY

What is Tethys Finance?

Tethys Finance is the first decentralized Metis-native all-in-one trading platform. Tethys Finance has set out to build the most innovative and secure trading platform for the Metis community. The idea was pretty simple: what if you could do all the Swapping, Farming, Staking, Borrowing, Lending, Leveraged Farming and even more on one platform? And that’s how Tethys Finance was born.

Currently, most DeFi projects focus on one of the above. Swapping and liquidity providing is the Holy Grail for every DEX out there, but this product lineup leaves users looking for other platforms when it comes to farming or lending. As a result, DeFi has a bottleneck that newcomers have to immerse themselves into the Defi ecosystem and trust multiple projects with their funds simultaneously, thus increasing the risks.

However, Tethys Finance provides experienced users and newcomers with a seamless, user-friendly experience for every product in the lineup. By incorporating Swapping, Liquidity providing, Farming, Lending, Borrowing and Bridging into one platform, Tethys Finance provides the community with an advanced, native, decentralized exchange app to handle all kinds of trading needs.

Developing cutting-edge technology and pushing boundaries of what can be accomplished with DeFi as well as staying lean and taking care of the community, are the core values of our team. With speed, the lowest transaction cost out of all L2s and security offered by Metis Andromeda network, Tethys Finance Team is eager to continue developing the project for years to come.

Why Tethys Finance?

  • Community first approach
  • One-stop-shop DeFi experience for everyone
  • Inviolable level of security for all products, audited by DeFiSecurity
  • $965,827,936 Trading Volume in 6 months
  • An active community of over 10k followers over multiple social platforms

Tethys Finance Features

Swap: Powered by the best-in-class Layer 2 solution, you can experience fast, secure, reliable, cheap transactions via the user-friendly Tethys UI.

Farm: Tethys Finance uses a concept called “progressive farming.” The more you stake your tokens on the farm, the more multipliers you get applied to your harvest amount, up to 30%.

Stake: Tethys autocompoudning staking pool with no IL offers users xTethys in return for Tethys that can be further Deep Staked for partner rewards.

Advanced Trading Mode: A simple swap form may not be enough for advanced users to make a trading decision as it doesn’t provide such information as price movement over time, liquidity situation, trading volume, and other necessary information. That’s why we have advanced mode.

Tethys Bridge: Tethys Bridge is an easy and user-friendly solution for people to bridge various assets to and from the Metis Andromeda network in 1 click.

Tethys Market: Tethys Market is a decentralized lending protocol on Metis where users can participate as lenders or borrowers in isolated lending pools. Borrowers can leverage their LP tokens for even more LP tokens, allowing for leveraged yield farming and token borrowing for other use cases. In addition, lenders can supply tokens to any lending pool in the Tethys Market Protocol to earn passive yield with no IL.

Roadmap: Roadmap - Documentation


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Audit By DefiSecurity

Tethys Finance Website:

Tethys Finance Twitter:

Tethys Finance Discord: Tethys - Swap, Lend, Borrow, Farm

Tethys Finance Telegram: Telegram: Contact @tethysswap

DEX contracts

Factory - explorer link

Router - explorer link

Tethys token - explorer link

MasterChef - explorer link

V2 TethysTemple (xTethys) - explorer link

Deprecated V1 TethysTemple (xTethys) - explorer link

TethysMaker - explorer link

CosmicPools (stake xTETHYS to earn partner tokens) - explorer link

Lending contracts

Factory - explorer link

VaultTokenFactory (Tethys) - explorer link

Router - explorer link

BDeployer - explorer link

CDeployer - explorer link

Tethys Price Oracle - explorer link

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