CVP Proposal: The Granary - Decentralized Lending/borrowing Market

Granary V2 is DeFi’s first vertically integrated lending protocol.

Built by the Byte Masons, who manage over 500 smart contracts and 9-10 figures AUM,

Granary V2 is able to leverage the Byte Masons’ ecosystem of smart contracts to achieve up to 6% revenue on AUM, a 20x from current competing protocols. It accomplishes this through rehypothecation of unborrowed assets & in-house MEV capture.

Granary is looking to become the cornerstone of DeFi lending by being the most capital efficient money market in DeFi, while also creating positive feedback loops between users, investors and the protocol itself.

  1. Tech Features and Utility
  • Granary is crosschain and currently live on Metis, Ethereum, Optimism, Avalanche, Fantom and Harmony
  • Granary is vertically integrated within the Byte Masons ecosystem and composable to the major DeFi protocols.
  • Granary utilizes our rehypothecation engine Reaper.Farm and puts unused borrow-side assets to work.
  • Granary is set to launch its token -$GRAIN by the end of Q4 2022, which will be accompanied with a brand new, intuitive UI.
  • Granary is the sole arbiter of its MEV capture with in-house liquidations; this, coupled with our rehypothecation engine allows us to limit marketing spend, which is extremely non-dilutive compared to our competition.
  1. Value Proposition

  2. Capital Efficient and Responsive to Change

Our main goal is to be the most capital efficient lending protocol of DeFi but more importantly usher in actual competition with traditional banks.

DeFi lending protocols are highly resistant to change, with problems in governance. They are also extremely capital inefficient, with problems with low borrow-side demand, and mercenary liquidity that siphons and dilutes users and stakeholders.

Granary solves this by focusing on MEV capture and rehypothecation.

  • Currently, major DeFi protocols have revenues averaging 0.3% of AUM and their cost to revenue averages to $8.59 per dollar.
  • Our technology and experience allows up to 6% of AUM in revenue and our cost to revenue is $0.98 per dollar.
  1. The Byte Masons Ecosystem

Our team is also responsible for Reaper.Farm, which makes rehypothecation and much more possible. Essentially Granary can create a money market for any digital asset and Reaper can build a variety of strategies for both supply and borrow-side pools.

One of our main goals is to further DeFi composability, therefore Granary users can expect even more transformative utility from our future releases.

  1. Compliance

Granary and the Byte Masons are compliant and have separate legal entities. Granary itself is composed into a non-profit foundation and contains a token deployer. The foundation is in the Cayman Islands and the deployer is in BVI.

V. Roadmap

  1. Short-term Roadmap

In the next 3 months we look to:

  • Launch V2 which includes rehypothecation, in-house MEV capture and isolated risk
  • Launch $GRAIN token
  1. Long-term Roadmap

VII. Social Media

IX. List of Verified Smart Contracts
Full list can be found at and GitHub - The-Granary/Granary-Protocol-v1: Granary Finance is a decentralized, user-driven borrowing and lending liquidity market inspired by AAVE..


Is this proposal seeking Metis CVP approval, It’s not stated if it is.

It’s under Approved category, therefore approved by admin and waiting for Community vote! :blush:

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alright!. Hopefully AAVE deploying on Metis will foster some healthy competition in the Lending protocol category of Metis Defi