CVP Proposal: Tristan MetaWallet -- A Telegram/Discord Based Metaverse Infrastructure for Communities and Developers

MetaWallet is Tristan’s open multi-chain crypto wallet that is accessible across all crypto communities and projects.

The project is the first investment of 100M USD METIS Genesi DAC, and a Grantee of Polygon and NEAR Foundation. Several widely known cryto funds have also made investment to Tristan MetaWallet, including Acensive Asset, Waterdrip Capital, Spark Digital, and Fundamental Labs.

Tristan MetaWallet supports creating a crypto wallet account based on your Telegram handler by two clicks and provides typical wallet functions such as deposit, transfer, check balance, and add cryptos to you account .

In addition to these functions, MetaWallet also allows users to increase community values in a quick and easy, manner, this includes:

1. Send and receive red envelopes in a click among contacts;
2. Air drop to TG groups of hundreds of members;
3. Certain cross-chain synchronous transfer of small amounts in low costs.

Consecutively, we will open our key functions to the third party via Community API to support community and projects to reach countless Telegram users via API to comply contracts and applications.

This would allow users to start relevant applications such as games, NFT, and DeFi in one click.

MetaWallet is now fully operational under Telegram environment and completely compatible to BNB Chain, METIS and Polygon.

Hereafter is the roadmap for year 2022 and 2023.

Feel free to try it and discover more information with the links below:

Pitch Deck: DocSend

MetaWallet Bot in Live: Telegram: Contact @TraistanMetaWalletBot
MetaWallet Q&A Group: Telegram: Contact @TraistanMetaWallet


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This is actually really cool and solves a problem I didn’t know I had! I’m in a few telegram and discord channels and I’m excited to try out all the features.

One concern I guess I have is regarding the seed phrase / pin code. I was never given the seed phrase, so who ultimately holds or what even happens to the seed phrase? Is it even needed?

As a custodian solution, the pincode is used to encrypt and decrypt the private key. We kindly hide the seed phrase for user convenience reason and provide the piccode mechanism instead.

Pincode is owned by the users and can be changed through bot interaction, users are the only ones having access to the asset in MetaWallet.

If you lose the pincode, you lose access to you custodian private key and by consequence the wallet asset, we can not recover it.

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