CVP Proposal: VAST (f.k.a. StarLedger)


Greetings, earthlings!

The first metaverse on Metis is coming :fire:

Introducing VAST, the next evolution of social connection :sparkles:

Out amongst the endless wonders of our galaxy: discover new stars, planets, asteroids and more aboard your very own personal spaceship.

Mine valuable resources to help craft one-of-a-kind worlds aboard ships to allow your community to grow, socialize, have fun and so much more.

When it comes to shaping the destiny of VAST, you are in control at the helm. Whether you’re a solo-traveler or a community of web3 pioneers, there are ships available to make your web3 dreams come true.

Make yourself at home with fully-customizable environments aboard ships which allow each Explorer to live, craft, curate and collect NFTs in real-time.

Curate your personal quarters with unique NFT artworks, custom furniture, chosen paint colors and much more.

In most metaverses, land is bought and owned. In VAST, spaceships serve as the land which people and communities then utilize to shape their presence in the galaxy.

Explore, develop and craft your ship to reflect the unique nature of its inhabitants as you travel together and interact with others.

Live together with your community or travel solo as you enjoy social gathering places, commerce areas, unique entertainment experiences and more.

Space belongs to everyone in VAST. Raise your voice and take part in key decision-making during regular Town Hall events to help shape the future of our galaxy. Everything we build and foster is with our Explorers and communities in mind.

Revolutions are born of iterative evolutions. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. With much more to come, VAST encompasses metaverse technology that is the first of its kind.


VAST started as a project called StarLedger, an NFT collection of 5000 stars based on real stars from our galaxy.

Each stars’ traits are based on real-life star attributes: color, magnitude, stellar classification and more.

As time went on, and the team and the project grew, so did the vision. We are now beyond a “star” registry on a general public "ledger” (the blockchain), and have outgrown the meaning behind “StarLedger”.

Enter VAST. We chose “VAST” because of the vast possibilities, vast environments, vast abilities, vast opportunities and vast potential this metaverse has to offer.

StarLedger lives on — within the VAST — acting as the deed of the metaverse while VAST will be the umbrella and encompass everything that makes up the metaverse itself.


  • Live, work, play in a vast, space-themed metaverse

  • Explore the galaxy on starships, motherships and space stations

  • Use, consume and interact with NFTs

  • Marketplace to buy, sell, auction, trade, rent and barter

  • Customizable avatars with ability to level up, earn achievements and learn abilities

  • Attend events such as concerts, comedy shows, product demos


  • Load test events

  • Demo

  • MVP

  • Fully functional



Since day one, the Metis community has treated us like family. We are so thankful to be a part of the Metis ecosystem and grow with the best community in the galaxy :black_heart:

Congratulations for passing the CEG program!