CVP Proposal: Viclette - Where Roulette Meets Innovation

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Viclette stands as a groundbreaking GameFi project, merging the thrill of roulette with the innovative transparency of blockchain technology. As a dynamic hub in the online gaming sector, Viclette is designed to attract and engage gamers, blockchain enthusiasts, and tech-savvy users, offering a seamless blend of entertainment and blockchain functionality.

Tech Utility and Features

Viclette’s features are tailored to empower users within the Metis blockchain space, offering a robust gaming experience and streamlining the integration of Metis into the world of online gaming.

  • METIS Token Integration: Central to Viclette is the METIS token, used for placing bets within the game. This direct integration facilitates seamless transactions and enhances the gaming experience.
  • Smart Contract-Based Gaming: Viclette leverages smart contracts for game operations, ensuring provable fairness and transparency.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With a focus on accessibility, Viclette is designed to cater to both experienced gamers and newcomers to blockchain gaming.

Unique Value Proposition

Viclette redefines online gaming within the Metis ecosystem by:

  • Innovative Gaming Experience: Viclette introduces a unique roulette experience, utilizing blockchain technology to enhance game integrity and user trust.
  • Broad Market Appeal: Targeting a diverse audience, Viclette is designed to be inclusive, making blockchain-based gaming accessible to a wide range of users.



  • Q4 2023: Development and testing of Viclette’s core functionalities.
  • Q1 2024: Launch of the beta version for public testing, followed by the full public release and ongoing enhancements to the platform.


  • Phase 1: Development and launch of the Viclette gaming platform.
  • Phase 2: Enhancements based on user feedback and expansion of gaming features.
  • Phase 3: Comprehensive documentation, ongoing support, and platform upgrades.


Viclette aims to be a cornerstone in the Metis ecosystem, enhancing the online gaming experience and introducing users to blockchain technology. Our goal is to continuously add value and optimize the gaming experience, solidifying our position in the GameFi space.

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Great one by that but:

  1. How does Viclette utilize the Metis blockchain and its native METIS token to enhance the user experience and facilitate seamless transactions within the game, particularly in the context of placing bets?

  2. Could you elaborate on how Viclette ensures provable fairness and transparency in its gaming operations through the utilization of smart contracts, and how this contributes to building trust among its user base?

  3. In what specific ways does Viclette’s user-friendly interface cater to both experienced gamers and newcomers to blockchain gaming, and how does this contribute to its goal of being a dynamic hub in the online gaming sector?

It is exciting to see more GameFi projects coming to Metis! Your proposal looks promising. While reviewing it, I didn’t come across any mention of audits or security measures. How do you plan to address security vulnerabilities?

As a gamer who prefers non-betting games, how can I still benefit from your platform?

Given the competitive nature of the GameFi betting space, particularly with projects like Midas on Metis already, how do you plan to maintain a competitive edge?

Thank you.

What about interaction between players? Maybe you should add general chat or other features?