CVP Proposal: Text Generate Video AI Meme On Web3

Introduction is an AI Meme project leveraging’s text-to-video technology. Unleashing the magic of memes through videos, it surpasses the viral impact of GIFs and JPGs, standing as the pioneer in video memes.

With AI technology, it significantly lowers the barrier for regular users to create meme videos. Just input text, and the AI, trained on voice and video, makes meme celebs articulate the entire content with synced facial expressions and lip movements. This results in a continuous stream of viral videos, quickly responding to every trend.

VidMeme pioneers a new meme culture where the immense commercial gains that celebs reap from widespread attention will be shared with their followers. Through VidMeme, fans get a chance to reclaim some of this commercial value, bridging the gap between celebs and the general public. Everyone can gain attention and create value, transforming power from few to many!

Key Features of Vidmeme:

  • User Creativity: Express resonance and spread through the creation of unique and humorous meme videos.

  • Decentralized Sharing: Advocates for a decentralized culture, encouraging more people to participate and share creativity, shifting away from dominance by a few individuals or institutions.

  • Social Interaction: Users create social interactions through meme videos, forming an engaging and active social network through sharing, commenting, and forwarding.

  • Freedom of Creative Expression: Encourages the freedom of creative expression, whether commenting on current events, social observations, or pure humor.

  • Shared Influence: Emphasizes that regular users can gain attention and share influence by creating interesting and attention-grabbing videos.

  • Humor and Satire: Features humor and satire to convey messages through exaggerated and humorous videos.

  • Instant Response: Provides instant responses to current events, expressing views through quickly produced and shared meme videos.

  • User Engagement: Meme videos make users feel involved; they are not just spectators but content creators and disseminators.

  • Group Identity: Users express values and interests by sharing memes with specific content, forming a sense of group identity.

  • Easy Entertainment: Users alleviate stress and find joy by creating fun and lighthearted meme video content.

AI is gearing up to be the next big thing in Web3, and Meme projects are the heartbeat of Public Chains for driving user engagement. In the past, creating Meme GIFs and JPGs had some tech hurdles for users, and video memes were a rarity due to their complex production process. Enter Vidmeme, breaking ground in Web3 by letting users generate meme videos with just text input, thanks to AI.

Vidmeme is set to fuel the Meme ecosystem, enabling users to create a plethora of meme videos. This fosters numerous small cultural communities swiftly producing and sharing meme videos, posting them on platforms like Reddit, 4chan, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Users express values and interests, forming a strong sense of collective identity. This not only amps up user engagement for public chains but also attracts a wave of web2 users to experience the magic of Vidmeme on Web3.

Vidmeme’s token mechanism incentivizes web2 users to register wallets, use tokens, significantly boosting token demand and bringing a steady influx of new users to Public Chains.

Vidmeme is poised to become the epicenter for creating and spreading Meme videos on Web3, where everyone can freely express themselves, connect with like-minded individuals, breaking away from the traditional Meme project losing its charm over time.

Meme Video Example Link:
Elon Musk’s Meme Video
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Meme Video
Elon Musk’s Meme Video

Why Us stands out as the first native blockchain Meme project among various Meme token projects. To experience text-generated video Memes, users exclusively turn to

Whether using the website or mobile PWA app, users can easily input text to generate video Memes without the need to delve into complex AI technology or create intricate prompts.

As the first fair launch AI video Meme project, it operates does’t needs any market value management. Its model relies solely on user and community enthusiasm to generate significant demand for VMeme tokens. With 100% unreserved tokens and a burning mechanism for creating Video Memes, the number of VMeme tokens will continuously decrease. This will drive an increase in user numbers, VMeme token prices, and the production of Video Memes, creating a positive flywheel effort.


In the current landscape of Web3 Meme projects, there is no AI-based project that allows users to easily create Video Memes. At the same time, Web2 AI projects do not support the cultural core of VidMeme: sharing the value of attention and profits created with celebs, empowering mass users to have equal rights with celebs, and opposing a few individuals who solely benefit from public attention.

Therefore, not only has high technological barriers but also a unique cultural core and a distinctive Video Meme generation experience.

How is this project going to benefit the broader Metis community

VidMeme will bring in a large number of Web2 and users from other blockchains to the public chain, and its unique cultural core will greatly activate users and the community.

The generation of Video Memes on will also include advertisements, allowing other projects to advertise and promote by Video Memes.

Project Milestone and Roadmap

Dec 2023’s text-to-video model was deployed, and the Beta version of the website was launched, accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Feb2024 will introduce the fair-launched token Vmeme and implement a token-burning mechanism for video generation.

Mar 2024 will gradually roll out video support for Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.


Progressive Web App (PWA) for iOS and Android devices will be available for creating and sharing videos. Additionally, a Telegram bot will be introduced, allowing users to input text within Telegram and receive generated Video Memes.

Apr 2024

Vidmeme DAO will be established, taking full responsibility for the operation of

Jun 2024

the project anticipates reaching 50,000 users, generating over 100,000 videos, solidifying its position as the most influential Web3 AI project.

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it looks very promising. Elon althought seem speak without catching a breath …

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This is the magic of AI. If you enjoy it, please help promote it to other community members so everyone can experience it. This will bring attention to the project, and if we are fortunate enough to receive a grant from Metis, it will attract more users to experience Metis public chain, contributing to the prosperity of both the Metis public chain and the community.

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