CVP Proposal: zkEra Finance to launch on Metis


zkEra Finance is a decentralized platform designed for both spot and perpetual trading. It stands out in the DeFi space due to its unique approach to minimizing swap charges and ensuring trades without price impact. This proposal outlines the benefits zkEra Finance can take to further its mission on the Metis network.

Zkera Finance was launched in July on on zksync network.

Key Features and Upgrades

High-Frequency Trading and Leverage : By offering high-frequency trading and leverage options, zkEra Finance can attract a broader range of traders, catering to both novices and seasoned professionals.

Attractive Yield Opportunities for Liquidity Providers : Leveraging market making, swap charges, and leveraged trading activities, the platform can provide lucrative yield opportunities to liquidity providers.

Diversified Liquidity Pools : The introduction of diversified liquidity pools will enhance risk management and provide a more stable trading environment.

Continuous Protocol Improvement : Taking inspiration from the GMX protocol, zkEra Finance should continuously evolve to adapt to user needs and market trends.

LP position hedging : Giving an option to users for creating short positions against tokens in ZLP pool, whose price decline will respectfully lower the price of ZLP. In that case, with a decrease in the price of ZLP, the user compensates for the loss with the earnings from short positions.

Strategic Initiatives

Enhanced User Experience: Focus on simplifying the user interface to attract a broader user base, emphasizing ease of use without compromising on advanced features.

Marketing and Community Engagement : Increase visibility through strategic marketing campaigns and active community engagement. Collaborations with influencers and participation in DeFi events can be instrumental.

Integration with Pyth Oracles : Continue to leverage Pyth Oracles for real-time, accurate market data, ensuring the platform’s decisions are informed by the most current and reliable information.

Our stats:

Since our launch in July on zkSync Era, we had continuous growth in our user base. We believe we can capitalise on Metis network even better.

Since the launch, our volumes and open interest keeps growing.


Deployment of on Metis within 20 days given the proposal passes.
Launch of Utility NFT’s - within 45 days given the proposal passes.


In conclusion, zkEra Finance is excited to expand its journey on the Metis network, drawing inspiration from numerous innovative projects in the space, like Wagmi. This expansion aligns with our commitment to embracing new opportunities and collaborations within the DeFi ecosystem, furthering our mission to revolutionize decentralized finance. We look forward to contributing to and thriving in this growing network.

Official Links

Website :





In addition to the previously outlined request, we are requesting the 2000 Metis tokens for launching and sustaining the initial operations of zkEra Finance. Our platform, as a vault-style perpetual DEX, relies heavily on the availability of liquidity from day one to ensure a smooth and efficient trading environment for our users. This liquidity is not just a foundational requirement but a critical component in our value proposition, enabling us to offer competitive leverage and perpetual trading options from the outset.

The allocation of 500 Metis tokens will be used for bootstrapping liquidity on for ZKE-METIS pair. zkEra Finance will secure 500 Metis worth of ZKE tokens to pair it into 50:50 LP pool on Wagmi.

Moreover, the strategic use of the remaining 1500 Metis tokens to enable leverage and perpetual trading capabilities underlines our commitment to providing a comprehensive and advanced trading experience. This investment will not only enhance our platform’s functionality but also contribute to the overall liquidity and utilization of the market on the Metis network.

It is important to note that the tokens will be securely stored in a multisig treasury wallet, ensuring their permanence on the Metis chain and aligning with our principle of trust and security. This approach not only safeguards the assets but also reinforces our dedication to building a sustainable and reliable ecosystem on the Metis network.

In conclusion, the request for 2000 Metis tokens is not merely a financial requisition but a strategic move towards establishing a pioneering and sustainable DeFi platform. By securing this funding, zkEra Finance is poised to deliver a seamless and innovative trading experience, underpinned by solid liquidity and advanced trading features, from day one. We appreciate your consideration of this proposal and look forward to your support in making zkEra Finance a cornerstone of the Metis network’s DeFi landscape.

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