Discussion for the Testnet Rewards

Hello dear Metis Community,

in topic please share your thoughts constructively what exactly you are not satisfied with in the rules for receiving an award and describe your experience

Please share your thoughts without insults and swears


Сам теснет понравился, являлся активным юзером (топ 300) дали 4,7 метиса, честно, вроде неплохо, с учетом того, что тестнет беслатный, но рассчитывал наверно на большее. Однако я не расстроен.
Обидно за людей которые не попали под критерии из-за багов и не смогли выполнить задания, впоследствии они не получили ничего.
Да и общая награда в 1 миллион долларов довольна мала, с учетом того, что это при условии что все продержат в вестинге 12 месяцев
0,2 процента от монет на рынке вряд ли мы смогли повлиять на цену монету, даже если бы все их сразу продали
Мое мнение-было бы лучше если бы или награды были увеличины в 10 раз или отсуствовал вестинг


Good project for you and I hope you are doing well in the new project


Little bit disappointed because despite of my efforts, I got nothing from your Airdrop.


You ever said…have a helmet is different with another…
But i have a good helmet and join all quest
But still didn,t elig
Very disanpointed with metis

I like this project very much. Started to do any quests which says Metis. I believe Metis stands out well compared to all other projects and growing greatly. I got a Based helmet and had more than 120 K points. I know it is the testnet but still my time has value. I don’t remember how much I spent specific to Testnet tasks… might not be that much. However this is the first Airdrop I was waiting for from Metis and zero rewards. At least an additional NFT or something which would make the testers feel appreciated for what they are contributing would be nice. Communication was not clear on what would be the category for rewards. This sounds like, we had a criteria which we didn’t communicate and you tried your best but didn’t qualify … too bad… you don’t matter to us … that just leaves a bad perspective about the project. Also compared to other projects which rewards their testers very well… it’s starting to feel like don’t bother much, they will find a way to extract free work as much as possible. I don’t believe this is not Metis is all about. Need to wait and see.

Team, Firstly thank you for reaching out to us to get a constructive feedback, that shows you really care about the testers. UI/UX and the way the Season 1 & Season 2 planned was simple and effective. I have completed all the season in testnet and hold the Helmet NFT. I have completed all the quests in the Mainnet too and holds rare NFT. It was hard to get few transactions done, however, I was super impressed with the UI/UX and clear steps given. It was confusing whether to hold more XP or more Metis during the testing phase in Season 2. Coming to the airdrop, Unfortunately, 0.43 was claimed as 0.11 Metis and that didnt cover the actual costs I have spent for the entire airdrop. At times we think about the efforts, time and the share of the mind we put, and the expectation of 0.11 Metis was real off. I dont take things personal however this drove us to go beyond Metis system for day to day Ops we generally do for trading. All said done, Thank you for coming back to us. We hope real credit is given to the testers for their share of mind and time as most of us do these activities by staying awake up till the midnight after long working hours. All the Best for the project!

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My biggest problem with the award was the surprise announcement that occurred as the claim went live. I held the base helmet and did not expect to receive much of an award due to the token price and number of contributors, but to find out during the claim that only elite helmets were eligible was the disappointment. Think Métis should have announced the requirement prior to the layer 3 testnet when we were placed into the helmet tiers. Honestly, I would not have participated in the testnets had I known this since these tasks do take time away from family and network tasks that are incentivized. In the end it’s Métis’s token and their rules so you have to roll with the punches. At least you didn’t rug folks like venom :joy:. Currently, I’m waiting to accomplish the 3 upcoming tasks for layer 3 so I’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out. Thank you for asking for feedback.


Thank you for reaching out to us. My situation is like this: I did all tasks in season 1 and 2, I did some of Layer 3 tasks, I spent money to do some tasks, I got a Elite or legendary helmet (I dont know where to find it. can you tell me where to find the helmet that I received, please?) and I spent alot of time doing all those things. Why did you put those tasks if you give airdrop just for some people. I don’t think it’s fair for the people that did all the tasks. Please tell me where can I find my helmet. I remember that it was Elite. You all should reconsider and reword all the people that participated in the tasks.on https://decentralize.metis.io/. I am very sad and i am extremely disappointed.

Same here, base helmets worth nothing

The main problem is vesting, you knew for sure that no one would agree to vesting for 1 year, I get the impression (that you don’t want to give the whole amount) that knowing this you specifically did such a vesting so as not to give people the entire planned amount, but to give somewhere around 40-50%

Good project and I hope go to fly

Hello. I honestly completed all the tasks of season 1 and 2, passed a paid test for https://layer3.xyz/collections/introduction-to-metis , I got all the NFT there, spent a lot of time, spent about $ 20 on the commission and as a result my reward is 0 metis…Well, thank you “kind” people…I didn’t expect this…

There are a lot of drophunters on the market and every project wants to get free labor, the most brazen ones want the workers to pay them extra. It is expected that many are shaved and will be shaved, and that projects will try to maximize the use of workers and give out the minimum. Or give no rewards at all. That’s why the laborers won’t spend all their time on 1 project right now. And who will benefit from this in the future? Certainly not those projects that cheat their community.

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