Dolven Labs - Ecosystem Catalyst

Dolven Labs is a DAO Based Ecosystem Catalyst for projects built on the Metis Network.
Dolven Labs aims to be the future of investing, deal flow, and value creation in the Metis Ecosystem. Founded on the Metis Network and designed to be community-driven, Dolven Labs acts as a fundraising platform for projects on Metis Network.

Dolven Labs DAO combines the wisdom of the community with modern blockchain technology. Each verified member of our community becomes a Delegate and participates in voting on projects that they believe deserve investment from the Dolven Mutual fund.


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⚙️How does Dolven Labs work?

Dolven Labs is the next startup acceleration program built by and for the Metis Network. It uses the principle of Delegate Based Staking. The tokens put up for staking and farming are used to provide early-stage investment from Dolven Mutual fund to Projects that have passed Dolven DAO.
The profits received from these investments are then returned to Delegates (Stakers and Farmers) as Airdrops.

Dolven Labs also offers Bond pools and Liquidity Incentive programs to reward its community members.

🚀How will Dolven Labs Support Metis Network?

Dolven Labs is an initiative to empower, accelerate and support innovative projects in the Metis Ecosystem, allowing them to expand their boundaries and achieve their goals with early investments from Dolven Labs Mutual fund.

Dolven Labs aims for the projects in the Metis Ecosystem to mature faster, with its community-backed support and attract other projects on EVM-supported chains to join Metis Network.

🎯Dolven Labs Roadmap

☮️Dolven Labs DAO

🤝How to become part of Dolven Labs DAO

Delegates Hold the power to vote in the Dolven Labs DAO.
To become a Delegate.

  • Members of the community require a signature from their wallet without fee and stake their $DLV tokens without a lower limit.
  • Adding Liquidity to $DLV / $METIS pool and making a farm. ($LP staking) also allows you to become a Delegate in Dolven Labs DAO.

💡The Process

Rising projects in Metis Ecosystem can apply directly to Dolven Labs for early-stage investments by submitting project details on Dolven Labs website.
  • Dolven Labs team will conduct primary due diligence on the projects submitted before passing them to DAO for voting.
  • DAO Community voting will be held at the end of every month, and the Dolven Labs team will present projects that passed due diligence.
  • The projects which receive more than 50% of Yes votes from the DAO community will receive investment from Dolven Labs Mutual Fund.
  • Profits received in return for the investment made by Dolven Mutual Fund are distributed to all Delegates in the form of Airdrops.
  • We anticipate exceptions to happen where Voting is postponed or there are no projects that have passed the internal due diligence. Users will be notified regularly on our Twitter and Telegram.

💎Tokenomics of Dolven Labs

Tokenomics is the heart of Dolven Labs and its implementation is a way for us to present new perspectives in DAO.

To learn more about the Governance Token, Release Schedule, etc.
:open_book: Visit Whitepaper - Tokenomics

⭐Use of Funds from the Private and Public sale

These figures are indicative. The values can be re-evaluated at any time with the consent of the community.

  • 5% of the funds will provide initial liquidity on DEX.
  • 65% of the funds will be used to finance the Development team. (Investment Fund incl.)
  • Marketing activities, like partnerships, market access strategy, outreach programs, etc. will account for 25% of the funds raised.
  • The Legal and Accounts team will be entitled to 5% of the funds.
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Looks like a good project with a predictable and transparent roadmap, planned and projected. There definitely is a need for a service to catalyze the Metis ecosystem!

But I would like to know a bit more about the team. Understandable that the team wishes to be anonymous as we are in web3. But in my opinion, if there is a centralization aspect such as an “Internal Due Diligence Process” to determine what projects can and cannot be voted by the DAO, there should be some basic info disclosed about the team. I think by doing this, it will help keep intentions transparent, mitigate potential conflicts of interests and resolve issues before they become issues.

Nevertheless, I think in the near future we will see an unprecedented growth of this project and the Metis ecosystem!


Thank you for reviewing the project and evaluating us. We really appreciate your feedback.
Regarding the team, the core team will be verified by Metis and complete the due diligence and KYC process.
In addition, Announcements will be made for projects that applied to Dolven Labs, alongside each month a report will be published with rejection and acceptance reasons for each project that participated.