Drachma DeFi


Drachma is a decentralised non-custodial automated market maker (AMM) which features “Curve style” hyper-efficient, low-slippage swaps for both pegged and unpegged assets. Users participate as traders or liquidity providers (LPs). Drachma aims to satisfy LPs objective to achieve best utilization of capital deployed and also control/limit their permamnent losses. Traders benefits low-slippage stableswap.
DRACHMA has taken the stableswap model and added power to it, giving people who want to risk off into USDC and USDT the opportunity to make serious profits just by holding and chilling. DRACHMA’s presence is integral in Metis Andromeda, the place in blockchain to deploy your assets whether we’re in a bull, bear, or crab market.

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:coin: Governance token
$DRACHMA is used as the centre of gravity of Drachma DeFi Protocol governance. The purpose of DRACHMA is to serve as a governance and incentive token which will be used to:

  • Incentivise liquidity providers for Drachma via bonding
  • Incentivise liquidity providers for Agora via farms
  • Incentivise liquidity mining on the Agora platform
  • Reward the Metis community with an initial airdrop

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