Ecosystem Proposal: Moon Tropica | The next big Gamefi project

Moon Tropica beckons players into an electrifying arena of combat, where every moment pulses with adrenaline. Whether you’re forging alliances or locking horns with rivals, the objective remains clear: hone your character’s prowess and amass rare treasures within the game’s lively, ever-evolving world. :palm_tree::crescent_moon:

Within Moon Tropica, adventurers can:

  • Secure digital properties
  • Craft gear and weaponry
  • Obtain and enhance armaments
  • Establish lucrative storefronts for monetization
  • Engage in in-game wagering/betting
  • Embark on special missions themed around crypto Twitter
  • Compete in tournaments boasting generous prize pools
  • Explore social islands, forge connections, and form alliances
  • Indulge in captivating mini-games

Operating on its native currency, $CAH, Moon Tropica facilitates transactions within its metaverse, empowering players to trade assets freely. With a fixed supply of 3,500,000 tokens and an inflation-free model, $CAH is meticulously crafted to underpin the game’s economy. Moreover, governance mechanisms will explore burn mechanics, while a 0% tax applies to token transactions.

Moon Tropica guarantees an exhilarating gaming journey, characterized by its diverse gameplay modes and the active involvement of players in the virtual economy. Whether striving for dominance in the arena or cultivating an in-game enterprise, Moon Tropica offers a fusion of action, strategy, and economic simulation.

In partnership with:

  • Bonk!
  • Beam
  • Immutable
  • Ator
  • AIX
  • Chainswap
  • Neo Tokyo…and more!

Moon Tropica serves as a conduit between conventional retail and Web3, integrating an in-game payment system for items akin to digital currency (think Fortnite’s V-bucks) that operates on the blockchain. This integration removes the barriers often hindering participation in crypto-based games.

While optional, in-game aesthetics (providing no competitive edge) are available for purchase, allowing players to express their creativity and individuality.

Character Development in Moon Tropica is not merely a feature; it’s a cornerstone. With a robust emphasis on enhancing your character’s prowess, the game offers a deeply rewarding progression system. Players witness tangible growth in their characters’ abilities as they journey through the immersive world, evolving from novice adventurers to formidable champions.

Rare and Coveted Items are the treasures that invite players to dive deeper into the game. From legendary weapons to elusive artifacts, Moon Tropica boasts a vast array of coveted items waiting to be discovered. Each acquisition not only bolsters a player’s arsenal but also adds a strategic layer to their gameplay. Every player’s journey becomes a unique odyssey, defined by the rare treasures they uncover and the inventive ways they wield them.

Digital Real Estate and Monetization introduce players to a groundbreaking fusion of gaming and entrepreneurship. Beyond mere conquest, players have the opportunity to acquire virtual land within the game. This digital domain serves as a canvas for innovation, allowing players to craft valuable items, forge powerful armor, and even establish thriving businesses. The ability to monetize one’s virtual holdings adds a new dimension to gameplay, empowering players to not only conquer foes but also conquer markets and build empires within the digital frontier.

Moon Tropica is committed to empowering its community, ensuring that every member, regardless of their background or experience, has a voice in shaping the future of the game.

Members of the Metis community will be granted exclusive privileges, ranging from access to coveted content to early glimpses into upcoming features. These perks not only reward loyal players but also foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the community. Whether it’s unlocking hidden secrets or gaining early access to game-changing updates, Metis members are at the forefront of Moon Tropica’s evolution.

Moreover, gamers from within the Metis ecosystem could potentially have access to exclusive prize pools, ensuring that their dedication to the game is recognized and rewarded. From rare in-game items to exclusive experiences, these rewards serve as tokens of appreciation for the community’s unwavering support.

At Moon Tropica, the strength of the community is paramount, the most dedicated and engaged players are given the opportunity to shape the game’s trajectory, ensuring that their contributions are not only valued but also instrumental in crafting the ultimate gaming experience.

Great proposal! Would be interesting to see Moon Tropica connect both web2 and web3 gamers. GameFi is a big narrative for the bullrun with good traction to facilitate growth in both communities. Have few questions;

  1. From the proposal, in game rewards would be in $CAH, what are the strategies to maintain a healthy chart?

  2. Can in game aesthetics be purchased with a card?

  3. What programs do the team have for the Metis community?

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I particularly love your concept but what i would you to answer this

How does Moon Tropica’s utilization of $CAH as its native currency, with its fixed supply and governance mechanisms exploring burn mechanics, contribute to the stability and sustainability of the in-game economy, particularly in the context of facilitating asset trading and fostering player engagement within the metaverse?

Hello, I have reviewed the offer. a few questions for you?

1-What benefits will Moon Tropica, which operates via $CAH, provide to METİS and the ecosystem in metadata transactions? What kind of earning mechanism will it be, especially for users?

2-Game projects no longer provide as much interaction as before. What activities will you do to maintain this interaction and attract users?

3-What did you do to make users trust you when your digital real estate and monetization features came into play? Which security company audited you?

Hey Cujo, Thanks for the questions

  1. Rewards generally come in the form of NFTs: including cosmetics, call signs, emotes etc.
    All rewards are limited to a specific supply and limited time frame to acquire meaning that once either limit has been reached this particular item will not come back into circulation.

  2. We are working on allowing for items to be purchased in our in game marketplace with fiat, meaning credit card, google play, Apple Pay and PayPal. We want to take the barrier of entry away from users that normally shy way from crypto gaming. The onramp and flow of purchasing items will feel similar to purchasing items or vbucks in Fortnite

  3. We are working with the Metis team on exclusive content to ensure your ecosystem is supported by Moon Tropica. We’ve discussed closed tournaments, special cosmetic items as well as early access to specific modes, exclusive mini games etc.

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Thanks Bells for the feedback.

The burn mechanics that are being worked out right now come directly from wagering.

When two players wager in a battle against one another, the MT Foundation will take 5% of the total pool. A small fraction of the 5% that goes to foundation will be burned to create a deflationary mechanic.

We will revisit the burn amount based on a quarterly basis.

Burn events will be held to incentivize users to burn a predetermined amount of $CAH to receive a special item.

Tournaments require payment in $CAH for entry.

When the full scale meta verse project is launched and you’re wanting to travel across lands far and wide there will be toll booths situated for entry into coveted areas.

Crypto Twitter (X) missions incur an entrance fee for the chance to win a special item. These items will have a maximum supply and create excitement and hype each time a mission is released to be the first to obtain these items. Rather than allowing users to grind of rewards, we are rewarding active users that apply skill to earn their special items. They’ll be able to use them, sell them and we are working with a third party to give the ability to “rent” your NFT to another user. So perhaps you want to be extra flexxy on a weekend but never got a chance to earn a particular item that you cannot afford, you can have the capability to rent it and show off to your friends/enemies and peers.

Crypto Twitter missions are timed, and have limited outcomes, so the first to interact and complete the missions will have first access to items that will never again be created thus fostering a feedback loop of recurring users.

Hope that sheds some light on some of the inner workings of our ecosystem

Hey Farmer, thanks for the questions.

  1. Onboarding web 2 users will help provide visibility to Metis to a new audience. There will also be ad space and in game assets that advertise and promote Metis. We also intend on having a liquidity pool as well. The earning mechanisms are play to earn and wagering.

  2. Our core focus has always been a game that evolves over time, adapts to the market and continues to provide content that the user base is interested in. Our philosophy has always been to make a game people want to play, so for us, to continue to create engaging content and take feedback from the community and actually put it to use. Our wagering provides a layer of excitement and adrenalin as you bet on yourself to climb the leaderboards while earning more $CAH. Completion of our crypto twitter missions provides the sense of exclusivity by earning an item that can never be recreated. By holding onto a limited item through several seasons you’ll have all eyes on you when you equip it. One thing I’ve always found to be irritating in web2 is when you purchase an item it’s stuck on your account. My son’s Fortnite account is worth over 10k and he hasn’t played in 2 years. We want to take away that feeling of “waste” and ensure that by creating limited events and items, people will continue to play as the value of their win’s can sustain them through the gaming seasons. Lastly - tournaments will have all the big boys show out to puff their feathers and showcase their skills, winning is just the cherry on top.

  3. We’ve been building this game for 2 years and it’s just about ready to be released for closed beta. Over the course of this time we made sure that we were listening to our community and getting a sense for what they are actually looking for in a game. The difference in expectations between web2 and web3 players is still pretty vast and we want to make sure that we appeal to more than one audience. By breaking the barrier of entry between retail and web3 we have the capability of being the bridge that onboards the next generation of crypto enthusiasts. We have a third party audit by 0xScans which can be obtained by following this link: audits/Moon Tropica Audit Report.pdf at main · 0xScans/audits · GitHub

Hey there, love your proposal.

I’m happy to see more gamefi projects coming in the Metis ecosystem with the likes of defi kingdom already on Metis. Also, I love that that you’re already partnering with top web3 projects like Bonk, Beam, Chainswap etc.

I have a question though, what are your plans for onboarding web2 gamers who are interested in exploring web3 games and how do you intend to make the transition smoother and easier for them?

Looks super cool. Excited for the launch of the game.

It looks like the token, CAH, is on Ethereum mainnet. Is the game have a native chain besides Ethereum? Is Metis going to be your “Native L2”?

Do you plan on launching the game specifically on Metis or are you going through this same process on other chains simutaneously?

Hey Ransome,

That’s a great question and frankly it’s one of the most important aspects of what we are building.

From day one we said we would be making a game that people want to play. When we say “people” we don’t fragment that word, anyone should be able to play, not just crypto enthusiasts.

We are utilizing tech stack from Beam and Immutable to make the barrier of entry next to nil to a retail consumer to play.

While holding the token gives you the opportunity to wager/bet etc, you don’t require to play a friendly match.

Cosmetics, skins, emotes and weapons will all be available in a marketplace with pricing tied to USDT. Purchasing these items can take place in form of fiat (credit cards), Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal thus removing the necessitation to connect a wallet. The transaction will occur on the blockchain however Mommy or Daddy will be none the wiser, thus making it a familiar occurrence. It will be created for you and housed just like your items are saved to your Fortnite account. However, you do have the capability to sell or trade which helps the longevity of the project because you’ll always be on the hunt for a legendary or coveted item.

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Hey Cobi.Bean

We are definitely aiming at making Metis our native L2 and thus unlocking opportunities for the Metis ecosystem to invite more gaming projects to thrive and grow on chain.

We will be a multi chain project in hopes to attract as many different user bases to Moon Tropica as possible.

Our team will work within each ecosystem to bring different and exciting value propositions to ensure we are helping partners that support us grow.

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